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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • aubry1aubry1 Posts: 1
    I too have 2002 Ford Escape XLT, only 3 weeks now, and just experienced this problem with the engine light. Was told it may have to do with oxygen in tank after fill up. did go on just after I filled, but it wasn't totally empty, anyway, it is completely annoying, and I guess AutoZone will run free diag on emissions related issues with these hand held pc's.
  • 97lude97lude Posts: 2
    2002 Escape, the battery light will not go out. I changed the battery, had the altinator checked twice - -no problems. The stays on the entire time the engine in on. During the battery switch I thought the computer might reset . . . no luck. Any ideas?
  • m983312m983312 Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my 01 V6 Escape. I took it to a mechanic and after a week and a half, I got nothing but a bill for a new air filter and $60 in labor. After reading about it on this bb, I got the courage to install a new IAC motor myself. It took me 10 minutes. Once I had the part in hand, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where it goes and how to hook it up. It's right on the top of the engine. If you look just behind and to the right of the big Fod logo on the black cover when you open the hood, you'll see a silver thing that looks like it should be a solenoid valve assembly. Replacing it consists of two bolts and one pluged (aphenol?) connector. Auto Zone, Discount Auto, and Parks all quoted me about $90 for the part and said it would take several days to get. I ended up getting it for about $70 at the local ford dealership and they had it in stock, so I'd start there. My only problem now is that the car is idling at around 2500... without hitting the gas at all, I can get up above 25mph, so I need to figure out how to deal with that. Also, there's a loud sound of air rushing, so maybe a vacuum leak? As you can tell, I'm no mechanic. Suffice it to say, I'll be finding another mechanic, but at least the car runs now with no help from him.
  • lmartinlmartin Posts: 2
    How much is a reasonable price to have the 2 front wheel bearings replaced? :surprise:
  • Change the Idle Air Control Valve, cost around $70, and do it yourself is esasy. Please see massage #3097, I did it and I'm happy now!!
  • glube23glube23 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my new Tribute. Have you found out what it is yet? I was going to go back to my dealer also but I was curious if you've been told what the problem was?

  • mike_amike_a Posts: 1
    I currently have the same problem in my 01 V6 Tribute. The car will not stay idling. I took it to the Mazda dealership; they said it was indeed the "Idle Air Control Valve" (IAC). They said it would cost $250 to replace it and only they could do the repair because the control codes would have to be reset or replaced.

    I am wondering if this is true? and if it is true, can I just disconnect the battery for about 10min. to reset the computer or codes?

    Any responses greatly appreciated as I am having this problem now and must make a decision in the next couple days to get this problem fixed.

  • m983312m983312 Posts: 3
    I'm no mechanic, but the Haynes manual for my 01 V6 Escape gives a little procedure for re-teaching the computer the idle strategy. That Haynes is the same manual as for the Tribute, by the way. I replaced the IAC motor on mine about a week ago and it's running just fine now without any assistance from a shop or any computer diagnostic. After I replaced it, I did just what you said and disconnected the battery. I then did the little procedure from the book, which consists of 1) letting it idle to normal temperature without any accessories (e.g., AC) running, then 2) letting it idle for an additional minute with the AC running. Finally, it tells you to drive for about 10 miles. After that, the PCM has relearned the idle strategy. Looks to my untrained eye that they aren't dealing honestly with you.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    FWIW, I replaced my first IAC on my '01 Escape at about 25K miles, and I've cleaned it with throttle body/carb cleaner once since then. The IAC has a tendency to gum-up and hinder proper operation of it's function. However, since I plan on keeping my Escape (currently 77K) miles a while longer, I think I'll preempt any problem and just change the IAC again.
  • its1964its1964 Posts: 1
    Beside the high pitch whistle, have you ever had a problem with the park brake light coming on and staying on as you go down the road.
  • Just bought a 2005 Mercury Mariner (same car) and just discoverd a vibration when braking while driving on the highway (heavy braking at high speeds). Did you guys find out what the problem is? I guess I need to take it in to the dealer. Were they able to fix it?
  • glube23glube23 Posts: 2
    Took mine to the dealer. It turns out it was the rotors. I was told that cars that sit on the lot for a while develop rust on the rotors that causes them to create a pulsing when braking. If you bring it back early enought, its all covered under warranty.
  • Hi. were you ever able to get this solved. Our 2002 Escape is doing the EXACT same thing.
  • wolf43wolf43 Posts: 2
    Any know where are they i can find it /
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    My wife brought our 2002 Tribute in to a Mazda dealer who we did not purchase the car from. The air bag light is on.

    The service writer said that since we did not buy the car from them, there would be a $94 charge for diagnostics, the repair itself would be covered under the airbag/seat belt warranty.

    Has anyone else encountered this charge because you didn't buy the car there?

    The dealer we bought from moved and it's now a real hassle for me to get the car there.
  • i just got kicked in the rear, because of time i had to take vehicle to dealer (orange park, Fl.) cost $350. 66k and extended warranty of course has expired. I will check with other dealers in the area about the replacement cost. :mad: :surprise: :confuse:
  • My 2002 ford focus has been in the shop for two weeks and they cannot find the problem. Did your battery light get fixed and what did they do?
  • 97lude97lude Posts: 2
    No the battery light has not been fixed. I am just delaying going to the dealer and paying the standard $400.00 charge to fix anything. My wife drives with the light on. Makes me feel like a real man when my wife has to drive a car with a potential problem.
    Our Excape also has the idle problem as well.
  • Escapenut,

    My daughter has a 2001 escape that will intermittently start but immediately die. At other times it starts fine, hot or cold. A local Ford dealer wants to flush injectors and put on new IAD, even though the car would not exhibit the problem while they had it. They quoted over $500!! I'm fairly handy and a new IAD costs about $60 so I'm going to replace it. Now the dumb question. Where is it and what does it look like? Her vehicle has about 55,000 miles on it.


  • Well, I just got back from a long trip that ran the gas tank almost dry (the engine light was on the entire trip), but after filling up (in Arizona) the engine light went out and stayed off until I reached California again and filled up. It went on right after filling up and then went off after driving about 30 miles. I think it is the gas in California with their low emisions formula. Is anyone else that is having this problem from a state that requires low emission formula gas?
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