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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • Thank you very much for the suggestions! The vehicle has never overheated to my knowledge. I'm betting the problem may have something to do with the PCM, but bad coils could be possible too.

    I'll check into the PCM issue, and if we get it figured out I'll post again so that others with a similar problem can maybe get some help as well!

  • Can anyone tell me where the pick up sensor is for the tachometer in a V6 2003 Tribute? I have scoured the internet but can not find anything. Also, have two Chiltons manuals (for different vehicles) but they tend not to cover an automatic transmission in detail.

    My Tachometer is stuck at 3000 rpm with the key in the ignition but the vehicle NOT started. Is there another source for this problem?

  • If your tach is stuck at 3K RPMs I dont think your problem is the pick-up sensor (which probably is the crank sensor). I think you need a new cluster assembly.
  • Sorry, poor choice of words. The tach sits at zero until I turn on the ignition. Then it jumps immediately to 3K and is stuck there. At some point, maybe a half hour of driving it will begin to function normally.

    That is why I believe it is the pick up sensor.

  • I still think is your cluster assembly, because the tach gets its signal from the ECM which gets the signal from the crank sensor. If your crank sensor was bad the check engine light would go on and a DTC would be stored. To me it sounds like the electronics in your cluster may have a short or are malfunctioning, but you are more then welcome to get another opinion.
  • About 2 weeks ago, dropped kids off at day care and car wouldn't start unless I gave a lot of gas. Then today, after being parked outside for 6 hours in the rain (not sure if that matters or not), car would start then die- had to keep pumping gas to get it going. Had to keep in neutral and keep rpms over 1 or it would die. Had to drive home (25 miles) with 2 kids making sure I put in neutral as I approached a stop while braking and giving gas at same time to keep rpms up. Anyone have a clue? Got home and let sit for 1 hour, and of course go to start it and it is fine....

    I appreciate any help, as I am on a very tight budget, Love my car but with two kids under three I can't be stranded let alone afford a tow bill. THANKS!!
  • Thanks very much for the info.

    It could very well be the cluster, which is prohibitive to replace just for the tach function in an automatic. Don't even know why they put a tach in an automatic. My Harley, which should have tach, doesn't.

    Thanks again.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Unlike Harleys, most car engines today are so quiet so need a tach to confirm that you actually started the engine. I've still managed to crank a running engine a couple of times. :D
  • I was wondering if anyone has had or is having the same problem as I am. I have a 2006 Ford Escape. Recently it started giving me the problem of not starting. I brought it to the my local Ford dealer and they ran a diagnostics and could not find anything wrong with it. It does not turn over. I thought perhaps it was the fuse, switch or relay but I am begining to think it is the inginition switch, I have anothe appointment on 9-14-09 and would llike to know if anyone has had any trouble like this.
  • Steve,

    I find it hard to believe I need a tach to tell me the engine is running, if that is the sole reason they put a tach in an automatic; well, there are other means (less expensive) to indicate the car is running.

    However, what I did notice is that I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds or so, and then reconnected. I inserted the key in the ignition and turned it on but did not start it. The tach, cycled up to 3k, then back down to 0, then sat there for about 15 seconds, Then went back to 3k. Suspicious???

    In order for the tach to sit at 3K, it has to have some bias signal at the tach

    I can see some sort of electronic circuit feeding the tach input but am not sure what it could be. For the tach to jump to 3K and then bleed off, and then jump back to 3k (not exactly jump, but ramp up to 3K) is strange. All elicited by removing the battery. Or, is this standard, simply by resetting the car's electronics?

    What I need is an electrical wiring diagram for my tribute. Is there a pdf file or ...... something on line I can look at.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Wiring diagrams are hit and miss, but I've found quite a few online. Try the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide.
  • I am thinking of getting a 2006 or 2007 Escape, FWD, V6. How are these vehicles holding up? Is it the same for the Tribute and Mariners?
  • Bmrich,

    It has been my experience that there is a problem with the transmission in both the tribute and the escape (sister vehicles). Google "escape transmissions" and you will discover what I am speaking off. There are a number of reported issues.

    This was the first time I did all the serice work by the book (typically I do the work myself, but on this vehicle I had the dealership perform the work). Alot of good that did. My tribute transmission died at 60K miles and the dealer does not want to claim responsibility. I took the vehicle to TSI transmissions and had it fixed, I was not going to put another dollar into the mazda dealer pocket. $2500.

    I would request the ford dealership kick in a warranty on the transmission for the life of the vehicle before I would consider buying it.

  • The tire noise is driving us crazy. The service bulletin on the squeaky suspension worked out okay after I told the dealership about it. We were foolish to buy it after the test drive but $ clouded our vision. No wonder it was so cheap. It is cheap! Sad too because I do think it has the best lines of any small SUV.
  • farnfarn Posts: 2
    Hi! Snowman. the car dealers are no different here in the England. i am having trouble with engine mounts on my 2002 tribute 3lt lx auto. over here you can only get parts through Mazda dealerships and they are a real rip off. i can do most things like that myself.but have just renewed the rear engine mount through the nearest dealer and the price was astronomical. have sourced parts through the internet and find that the parts are only a fraction of the price of over there but your shops do not export the parts over here. my main gripe is that at least you have outletets for d.i.y. can anyone suggest any way i can get the parts from over there regards zebedee
  • hwmspec,

    Thanks for the info on the transmission. I read that the Tribute had transmission problems but did not see carryover to the Escape or Mariner. I know they are essentially the same vehicle but I thought maybe the Tribute was a bit different to add its zoom-zoom. I guess I was wrong.
  • ho2who2w Posts: 1
    It's happening to my 2004 as well. Same behavior.

    Started at about 25K. I don't ride the clutch at all when I drive, and my last car had over 120K with original clutch.

    If you notice the problem, let's hope it is still under warranty.
  • mweismweis Posts: 2
    I have on 09' with 8000 on it that I got back in March to replace my MPV. at 300 miles I had to take it back to the dealer because the brakes were not right. They had to redo them. Just before 3000 the battery died completely and had to be replaced. (Could not even be jump started) There is also a vibration i the car that they are trying to figure out. So far replacing motor mounts has not really solced the problem vibration/ noise problem. They told me there was a piece missing from under my hood and that was why my hood was shaking :{ I also noticed a bolt missing from the bumper. I just woner what else might be missing.

    2 questions - 1. How quiete or noisey should my car be? I think our old 98 Taurus is a quieter ride for goodness sake. Noise is all on acceleration.

    2. What is a normal engine temp reading for this vehicle? Mine is sitting right in the middle.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Is your Tribute a V6 or 4 cylinder?
  • mweismweis Posts: 2
    It is a 4 cylinder
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