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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • tomv3tomv3 Posts: 8
    If the noise is coming from a particular wheel then open up that wheel. Sounds like a brake component problem, perhaps a wheel cylinder, busted spring or the like.
  • cbausercbauser Posts: 2
    I have tried using a burned CD-R in my CD player and it just keeps trying to read a disc and never plays. A regular CD works fine. What CD types does the single disc CD Player support?
  • Chances are you burned the CD in data instead of music format. Anything burned in music format will play.
  • cbausercbauser Posts: 2
    I don't usually make mistakes like that but now that you mention it that very well could be a possibility. Thanks for your help, I will post again if I have issues.
  • bmb6bmb6 Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out the problem?? I have the same issue
  • i am having the same problem ut mine is a 2005 hybrid and i almost got crushed by a semi on a nerrow road because it stalled right in the middle of driving and i had no where to turn off. it stalled over 10 times in about a 200 mile spand, any ides
  • It has been 2+ years since I last posted and wanted to give an update on my 2008 Escape V6 Limited. Still idle stalls and more importantly rolling stalls. Rolling stalls comes and goes, but idle stall is pretty regular event. Had the car in the shop lots of times back in 08 and they actually documented that it rolling stalled(whoo hoo!), they changed some parts, cleaned some sensors and things seems to be a little better. Then some bad luck. The Ford dealer I was going to went out of business and with it all of my service history and proof that there was/is a problem. When both stall types came back I was forced by Ford to start all over again with a new dealer and none of my all service records were carried over. I called Ford directly and they said I was sh*t out of luck, your old records are toast and you need to start all over again. At that point I just figured it is less aggrivating to lose power stearing and breaks going down a steep hill than it is to deal with Ford. In the wake of all the Toyota problems I hope someone is listening, but I doubt it, I may make one more push for some type of resolution but will probably end up with me replacing the truck with something else(obviously not a Ford).
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Didn't you keep your receipts where it states the problem, resolution and parts replaced from the delaership you used to use before they went out of business? Those receipts should be the exact same records that the dealership had. Also, if parts were replaced under warranty to fix a problem. Any Ford dealership has access to OASIS which is Ford's mainframe to everything service related including TSBs, recalls and VIN specific performed recalls and parts replaced. Don't take any B.S. for an answer.
  • The Ford dealer was always, "We will mail you the documentation" and of course they never did or it was just a simple "your truck was here for a problem". I figured each time the problem would be fixed so never followed up. I also figured everthing was in a cetral system and could be reproduced later. This is not the case, they record what they did to the truck, but not as much why they did it, that is just classaction lawsuit fodder to include what they were trying to fix.
  • clairebclaireb Posts: 12
    Had problems with ours - would run fine, get us somewhere then would not start again, would have to wait for the engine to cool down and the it would start up again, could never duplicate it at the garage - they replaced stuff quite a few times, never any errors reported on the computer. In the end, we replaced the fuel pump and got it it's 90,000 mile service -so far so good - no more engine starting problems - 1 year later.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    I don't know if it would have anything to do with this mysterious no start after normal operating temperature with Escapes and Tributes. But earlier Hondas, 88-93 Accords and Civics to be exact, would do the same thing when the main relay, which controls fuel pump would get hot whether it was engine heat or outside ambient temperature. The fix was to replace the main relay.
  • branch15_5branch15_5 Posts: 44
    I need to recharge the refrigerant on my 02 Tribute V6. There are two fittings: one is on a larger tube that runs between the condensor (I think) and the receiver drier, and sticks out horizontally.

    The 2nd fitting is on a smaller tube, and runs from the condensor into the firewall (can't see where it terminates), and sticks up vertically.

    I'm assuming that the first fitting above is the low side. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    The line going from compressor to drier that has the fitting sideways is the low side (suction). The high side (discharge) does not have a fitting and it goes from compressor directly into the condenser The line that is coming from inside the firewall (which essentially is coming from the evaporator inside the car) to the condenser that has the fitting standing upright is a liquid line.
  • branch15_5branch15_5 Posts: 44
    Thanks so much. I'm really hoping it's just a recharge issue, and not something more expensive.
  • mjmiller01mjmiller01 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem.

    I have a 2005 Escape XLT with the 3.0

    was still in warranty. Dealer had it towed to the shop, replaced all coils and plugs and PCM..had lass than 10k on it when it happened.
  • rolgonrolgon Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone, any help on this one will be much appreciated. My 2003 Mazda Tribute 3.0L is having a starting issue,first start up of the day (engine cool)starts up and runs just fine. You can drive around all day long it idles perfect at stop lights with a/c on or off, however the minute you turn it off and attempt to restart that is when the problem occurs. It will start up once again however as soon as it starts the rpm's go up to about 1500 (normal) then after a second or so go all the way down and shuts off. It will repeat this a few times and then start up and be fine again.The other scenario is that sometimes instead of it shutting itself completely off the rpm's drop and it stumbles for a second or two and then recovers to a normal idle and be fine until shut off and restart again.As I said it only does this when the engine is warmed up.I have replaced the MAF sensor, plugs, and coils in the hopes of fixing the problem with no luck.Anyone have any ideas or have had the same problem? Thanks Rolgon.

  • rdm925rdm925 Posts: 46
    My wife's 2003 Tribute w/ the V-6 and 96,000 miles had a serious coolnat leak last Friday. Luckily we got to a shop ASAP. They wouldn't be able to look at it til tomorrow.
    Has anyone else had a leak or coolant problem and what caused it? Please let me know. :sick:
  • rolgonrolgon Posts: 2
    OK Mystery solved !!! I decided the next logical step would be to replace the IAC ( Idle Air Controller ) and that did the trick. After the fact I spoke to a friend who is a mechanic and he explained to me that it is not uncommon to have a IAC or a MAF going bad and never see a trouble code on a scanner. I am just glad it is now fixed. If you are having similar symptoms I hope you read this and it helps you diagnose your problem before you go out and spend a bunch of money on buying different sensors and other remedies.Once I purchased the IAC Motor and got it home it took about 5 minutes to replace.Good Luck. Rolgon :)
  • Hi all, I have a 2002 Tribute LX-V6 with 220 000 km's. I'm having an issue with the abs and brake light coming on. Sometime they come on together and other times the abs will come on shortly through the trip then the brake light will come on. I have talked to the dealer and she warned me that this will be an expensive fix, but wouldn't till me what's wrong with it. From previous posts, it sounds like it could be a dirty sensor or even a bad abs module, but there hasn't been any response to these posts as to if they've been fixed. Just looking for info on this before I have to dish out a pile of cash.

  • hwmspechwmspec Posts: 10
    Take it to Autozone and they will read the trouble codes for free. Then you can decide what to do.
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