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Infiniti G35 Manual Transmissions

I thought I would start a thread on the 6 speed standard for all past, present, and potential future owners of a G35. I just got a 07 sport sedan with the 6-speed and I absolutely love it. BUT, it's taking me forever to get my shifts in smoothly. More specifically, I'm having alot of trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd smoothly without letting the clutch out very very slowly. I have gotten used to takeoffs and am fine with anything above 3rd, but I need some help with the 1st to 2nd shift. Any suggestions from fellow G35 drivers?


  • Is the amount of vibration in the stick a quirk or a problem?
  • I've got an '06 G35MT Coupe and I had similar problems. My clutch loosened up around 2-3k miles and didn't feel great until about 9-10k. At 12k the clutch is really smooth and I don't feel any of the tight near jerkiness it had when it was new. :)
  • just made my day. I'm at 1700+ miles and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get this down. Anyway, this spells relief for me. This car is also the first stick I have ever driven...probably not the easiest to learn on, but never the less an awesome car to drive.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 873
    the problem is that the clutch is really hard to operate in a smooth manner. IOW, the take up, and where it engages is in a funky place.

    I haven't driven it yet to know for myself, but does that sound plausible?
  • Yes I would agree. There are a couple of things that I've noticed driving this car for the past 3 months or so.

    First, like you said, the clutch pedal engages really high off the floor...which is awkward for most people. It's almost like you're encouraged to just tap the clutch rather than push it in all the way between shifts.

    Secondly, in lower gears (namely 1st and 2nd), the RPMS drop pretty fast between shifts. This always encouraged me to give some extra gas to compensate. However, since you're playing with a rev-happy 306 HP engine, a "little" extra gas can jolt the car forward.

    The combination of the above factors make it really hard to get smooth takeoffs from either 1st or 2nd gear. It can be done...but it requires way too much effort in my opinion. That's why I was very happy to hear that the clutch eventually loosens up some around 9-12k miles. Personally, I've gotten used a little bit of a rocky start. It bothers me more when I've got other ppl in the car.
  • g35mcg35mc Posts: 9
    This gives me some difficulty at times as well. However, it just takes a bit of practice. The one thing to be aware of is that if your G hasn't been driven for 8-12hours it will be more rocky than normal due to the high rpm idle (1.5-2.5k depending on where you live).

    There's a couple things that will help from 1st->2nd shifts and driving:

    1) The gas peddal in the G35 is most sensitive at the BOTTOM, not the top. While it may take some getting used to and will be a bit uncomfortable at first, try using your entire foot on the peddal (toes at the top and heel towards the bottom). I read this somewhere else here and it made a big different for both low gear shifting and driving.

    2) When shifting from 1st->2nd I usually shift between 3k-4k rpm as the RPMs drop quickly in these gears. When you are shifting from 1st->2nd don't feel that you have to push the clutch all the way in, otherwise it will always be a rough shift.

    3) Pull the shifter down quickly from 1st to 2nd, although it may not be the best way to shift, it definately helps if you pull it quickly down into 2nd as the RPMs drop fast.

    4) I swear the harder I try to make a smooth shift the worse the shift actually is. It's all in your head! The key is to push the clutch in just to the point where it pops out quickly. With practice, good timing, and some luck your 1st->2nd gear shifts should improve.
  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    Are most of you guys new to driving a manual? The clutch is different in every car. I'll admit the clutch in this car is unique. It almost feels like they used a sports clutch but then added something to keep it from stalling too easily. It's weird, because it does feel like a sports clutch, but like I said, it's not easy to stall it.

    Any new clutch takes some getting used to. Take an hour one day and find an empty parking lot and just keep starting and stopping to get used to the clutch. You have to get used to where the "catch point" is and also learn to control your right foot. It takes some practice, but hold down the clutch and push the gas a little and try to hold it at 2000 rpms. Then try to hold the gas down at 3000 rpms. Then again at 4000. Once you can get the hang of this, try to start by holding the gas at 2000 rpms, and then as you disengage the clutch, very slowly increase the gas.

    It's very possible to have a smooth takeoff in this car. You just have to take the time and teach yourself how to do it.
  • bobzgbobzg Posts: 6
    It just takes a little while to adjust to the clutch. On the testdrive I warned the salesman about my coffee spilling, but he insisted it had cupholders. The coffee was spilling before we got out of the parking lot. (good thing I bought the black one) But after driving the G for a couple days it's real smooth and my civic SI feels like the awkward clutch. My pap's says the clutch is smiliar to previous 300Z's with a real low engage. On the civic it connects almost all the way out. The stick does vibrate a little bit, but it's not as drastic as some might believe. So far the car has been a dream.
  • g35mcg35mc Posts: 9
    I just hit 900 miles today on my '07 G35 6MT. It's been a few days since I've driven it, and I noticed today that the clutch /shifting felt extremely smooth. I believe it's starting to break itself in nicely and just the practice I've had over the past month has alleviated all my fears about the clutch and transmission I had before purchasing the car.

    Another thing that I suggest if people are still having trouble with the clutch or jerky shifts is to take your ride out in city streets with a lot of stop and goes. The 1st->3rd gear shifting is the main problem area and again all it takes is practice.
  • pdxgqmanpdxgqman Posts: 1
    Dumb question, but I'll ask anyway: is anyone skipping 1st and just starting in 2nd? I know not to do this when facing hills, but on flat ground it seems to be the best option and two dealerships have told me it doesn't hurt anything.

    Your thoughts???
  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    It doesn't hurt anything. You're perfectly fine doing that, you just have less power so there's less lurch. But this is a cop out. Just practice starting in first, let yourself get used to it and figure out how to do it right.
  • r34fanr34fan Posts: 3
    I'm on my 2nd 6MT (had a '06 and now a '07) and I've got to say my ONLY complaint with the vehicles themselves would be the way that Nissan/Infiniti tuned the gear ratios. This has to be the root of a lot of driver's frustration, especially those new to stick and/or learned on a less technical clutch. With 1st & 2nd being so close together, I almost feel inclined to start in 2nd and jump right into 4th. While devout enthusiasts may love this feature (and in which case should tune it themselves with an adjustable cam gear), those of us who utilize the car as a daily driver are left wondering why it's tough to drive smoothly.
    What gives?
  • I agree the shifting is kind of tricky. I have driven Nissan Altima 1995 5 spd manual transmission for the last 3 years, and I test drove a G 35 6 MT last week. I really couldn`t get a feel for the power and handling because the dealer-agent who was with me during the test drive was very concerned about my shifting and the clutch plate damage.

    But I have read that it takes some time to master the clutch and the shifting and the car itself takes around 2k miles for the clutch to break in.
  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    Okay, so now that I finally got the car I can say that it's really quite easy to get used to. Here's what the deal is: the car has a sports clutch and you have 306 horsepower under your right foot. If you give it much gas at all when you take your foot off the clutch, the car is going to lurch forward. Drivers typically react by reducing the gas and you get a slight bounce effect.

    To learn how to drive the car smoothly, here's what I suggest. The gas pedal pivots at the floor. Take advantage of this. If you place your heel on the floor at the base of the pedal, you have a lot more control of the gas. Then get a feel for the clutch. Find a nice flat parking lot somewhere where you can practice going from a stop. Take your foot off the brake and keep it off the gas, then hit the clutch and slowly pull it up until you feel the gears start to catch. You need to memorize where this point. Just get used to it. Do it over and over until you really get a feel for it. Now because the car has so much power, you really don't need to give it much gas at all when your lift the clutch. Just give it a tiny bit of gas to get it moving, and then when your foot is completely off the clutch you can start to give it more gas. Trust me, you'll take off as fast as you want to and you'll do it much more smoothly.
  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    Oh, and also, I don't know why you would buy a 6MT if you're complaining about the low gear ratios. That's the whole point of getting a manual with 6 gears. It gives you much more control of your power. I'm also really happy about the fact that 6th gear has as high a gear ratio as it does. I can hit 100 mph before I get to 4000 rpms. If the driving is a little rough for you, just take it easier on the gas pedal. I've been taking it so easy on my car and I still end up with the rest of traffic in my rearview mirror.
  • lwechslerlwechsler Posts: 15
    Yes, I have tried it many times. I do not know why you do this, but I do it because it has a rough shift between 1st and second (not from any other gears, up or down).
    Do you have the same problem or you just tired of the very low gears ratio?!

    LW, Miami Fl.
  • lwechslerlwechsler Posts: 15
    2006 G35 Sedan w/6600 miles only.
    Had rough shift from first to second from day one.
    Dealer said (@1000 miles) "Thats OK".
    I dont think so but there is no way to contact the factory.
    The general dealers complaint office in the South East recommends you back to the dealer.
    To avoid ruining the transmission I have installed a mechanical reducer for the accelerator, for softer start-ups with this 300 HP monster. It helps a little.
    Anyone out there with same problem?!
    LW, Miami, Fl.
  • lwechslerlwechsler Posts: 15
    I already left a messege regarding hard shifts to day, however I will go in to more details here.
    Because the shift from first to second is rough 9 out of 10 times, I have designed, built and installed a mechanical accellerator reducer.
    This (relatively simple device) attaches without any drillings to the car. it reduces the ratio to 3 to one for the first 25% of the accellerator's pedal range.
    This allows for softer shifts and reduces wear and tear to many parts of the drive train. after you pass the 25% it works normally. I did this because no one at Infinity is able(or willing) to contact the manufacturer in order to change the Computer Program Software for the accellerator, which should be very simple to do.
    My device (second generation by now) is anchored to the seat bolt that connects the seat to the car, so it does not affect anything on the car except the ratio one depresses the accellerator. This affords much softer starts, yet retains full power, if you realy need it.(When driving to the supermarket and back)
    LW, Miami, Fl.
  • lwechslerlwechsler Posts: 15
    After reading the suggestions in the above email from [nefariousbc)I went to test his theory.
    Indeed if one presses on the clutch half way down when shifting from first to second, it improves the shift by about 50%.
    With that in mind one does need to depress the clutch all the way when downshifting to second or first.
    Very good advice, Thanks

    LE, Miami, Fl.
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