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Jeep Grand Cherokee Security System Questions

1998 jeep grand cherokee laredo . problem the horn goes off for no reason. I suspect something with alarm . Possibly detects door opening . Any easy way to disable alarm?


  • hows your battery. sometimes when your battery is low your alarm tells you by sounding your alarm with everything you do. locking the doors and such
  • I have a broken in the barrel ignition key in a 2004 Grand Cherokee. I have removed the lower cover and can get to the barrel but how do I remove the key?
  • kboneykboney Posts: 1
    how do i dis able alarm
  • ssgkhssgkh Posts: 2
    I bought a 99 Grand Cherokee about 2 months ago and I can't just get out of it and press the lock button on the key and walk away. After about a minute and a half the horn starts blowing and the lights starts flashing. What I've learned to do is upon exiting the vehicle I press the lock button twice and then put the key in the door and unlock the vehicle and then lock it. To recap, I insert the key, turn it to the left and then back right (which locks the doors) and that's it. Then I can walk away. I would really like to know why this alarm system behaves like that and solve this problem. Can someone help me??
  • I have a very quirky 93 Grand Cherokee. Have recently replaced the alternator in December 08 and the battery in August 08 but have always had problem with security alarm going off intermittently for no reason. The problem I now have is that the alarm apparently is constantly engaged and has run down my battery. When I hook up the battery charger to attempt to recharge the battery, the alarm is goes off and runs it back down. I got out the jumper cables to try to jump start it, but the alarm goes off each time which won't let you start it. I have an extra set of keys so I used the spare set to turn off the alarm while someone else started it simultaneously, which is the only way I could start the vehicle but as soon as you turn it off, the alarm immediatly comes back on until the battery is dead. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, is there a way to disengage the alarm completely?
  • How do you disable it BY YOURSELF? We bought it used and it didn't come with the remote and we can't afford to send it to the dealers because they will charge us an arm and a leg.
  • Here are instructions, based on advice I found on other websites:

    To disable the alarm you need to ground a wire that is running throught the drviers door jam wire harness. It is a violet with a yellow tracer wire. It needs to be put to ground.

    On the drivers side in the foot well area just above the hood release mechanism you should see the wire harness that is coming from the drivers door.

    In that group of wires, locate the violet with a yellow tracer wire. Do not cut the wire. Instead, strip the violet/yellow plastic off to expose the bare wire.

    Get a section of new, similar gauged wire (18 guage works), and strip away the plastic on both ends to expose the wiring. Take one end of this new wire and wrap it around the exposed section of the violet/yellow wire.

    Take the other end of the new wire and ground it to the body of the jeep. This will ground the system and should permantly disable the alarm system.

    Here is a link that shows a diagram of what I have described:

    Hope this helps!
  • do ya think this would work on a '91 cherokee??? thanks
  • I did this to a grand cherokee that the alarm would go off every time it was tried to be started, it took care of the alarm,however it still will only run about 30-45 seconds after starting, could this be part of the security shutting it down or another ,different problem? I am leaning toward a different prob. because if you keep spraying start fluid in it will continue to run. thanks in advance
  • pilotdeanpilotdean Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Grand cherokee that was working flawlessly until thes last weekend. My daughter was watching a movie inside while we were setting up for a camping trip. after about 20 minutes of getting in and out we decided to see if it would start. We did this about 2-3 times until we were finished. We went to start the vehicle the next morning and all it will do is turn over, no start though. There is a new icon in the dash now. once all the icons disapear the one that comes back on is the one of the key with a circle and line through it. I was told this is the anti-theft icon and that I was in a "hard theft mode" I have no idea how to fix it. I tried disconnecting the battery for 24 hours hoping to drain the system, I was told to unlock the vehicle manually on the rear and passenger door to reset, But there is only one manual door lock and that is on the driver door. It has no power to the fuel pump, but the fule pump works fine. I dropped the tank and checked as I thought the pump had gone bad. There is power to all fuses and relays. It just turns over and does nothing. I cannot believe that it is the key because it should at least start for 2 seconds then turn off. At least that is what it did a couple of months ago when I had a key made just to unlock the doors. I tried it in the ignition and it started then shut down after 2 seconds. I really need this car to work as it is my only means of transportation at this point and connot afford a dealer fix. Any info would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    try a different key
    use only the key no other stuff on the key ring
    make sure that you are using the key that you know is good still sounds as if anti theft unit is still coming on
  • pilotdeanpilotdean Posts: 3
    The only other key I have is a spare I had made at Home Depot just to get me in the vehicle when we lock our keys inside. I know this will not start the vehicle as I have tried and it is not coded to the vehicle. But back in the day when I had the key made, I did try to start the vehicle and it would in fact start it then it would shut off after 2 seconds. The original key that I still have for the vehicle won't even start it for the 2 seconds. It will only turn over, nothing else. I will go home and try the "spare key" but I am petty sure it will do the same. Am I right in assuming the icon that comes on the dash with the picture of the key with the circle around it and a line through it is the anti-theft light. And if it is still on when the original key is in the ignition where does that leave me??
  • pilotdeanpilotdean Posts: 3
    Also, While I was looking all over for a short somewhere I did notice there is a small hinged plastic covered bracket inside the driver door jamb that slides through a small box mounted inside the driver door. That small hinged bracket has all/most of the plastic broken off of the bracket leaving the exposed metal. What is this for. It does not have enough support for the door itself and I did not see any wires coming from the box in which it slides through. Any thoughts???
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could be the door stop that has all the coating worn off its bout half way between the upper hinge and the wire protector
    yes if the light with the key is on the car is in protect mode some will not start at all once code is set (sorry to say that i dont know how to turn it off )
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    my light comes on while driving, stays solid, not blinking. she still runs but has died on me a few times.... but always starts right back up. did you ever get it fixed?? it points to the SKIM (SECURITY KEY IMMOBILIZATION MODULE) as having a fault..?? but it only happens when the temperature is under 45 degrees. so i am thinking a bad connection somewhere....
  • I have a 1994 jeep grand cherokee that i took the radio out of to put my own in and now the jeep wont start.I know it has something to do with the anti theft security in the jeep. so dose any one know how to reset the anti theft security?
  • gypsyraingypsyrain Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    I had the same problem this morning with my friends jeep ,i not sure what year it is(90 something) but when i finaly contacted her she told me to lock & unlock a few times the passagers door with the key and it worked like a charm :)
  • billy65billy65 Posts: 2
    wow I just noticed that this post is a year old...My 2001 JGC is sitting in a parking lot wher I had to leave it wife and I camr out of the resturant with the key that has no transmitter so we as usually jump in and start it while the horn is honking and it stops when the engine starts this time the horn kept right on going so I pulled the batterie ( neg cable) off and found the horn fuse and removed it. Ok so went to start it up again and it began the 2 second shutdown routine....I discovered that that system has its own fuse-- 10 amp in the 12 position under dash . I pulled it out and as a result engine would only turn over maybe that is your problem the fuse is blown.. I had a friend drive me home to get the other set of keys with the remote so I was able to reset alarm but not the shut off . it wont stay runing.
  • It sounds like ur fuel pump or filter is clogged or not operating..I had a similar problem with this
  • I just bought a 2012 Jeep Compass 4x2 CVT here in Vegas, the #2 city in the USA for car thefts; so obviously I'm a bit paranoid about it. Got a great end of October discount, $20K out the door, even my color choice. Dealer claims he took a $2K loss just to make factory sales incentives. Maybe, but I could not get this price just a week ago when I was shopping around.

    Anyway, local comprehensive insurance rates are sky high so I'm looking to cut costs. After a lot of internet research, I've read about the RAVELCO engine immobilier which claims to have a perfect record over 30 years of NEVER allowing a car to be stolen by driving it away! No protection against towing, obviously.

    Does anyone with this Ravelco system care to offer any feedback about it? I also plan to use a deadbolt hood lock and heavy duty Unelko brake pedal jack lock to layer my security.

    Typical car alarms are ignored. Lojack and GPS tracking don't prevent theft, just track down what may be a stripped or destroyed car, and very expensive. The Jeep comes with a coded ignition key that I've read can be bypassed by thieves using laptop computers and car remote decoders.

    Does anyone have a better solution, short of a 24-hour armed guard, to secure their car?
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