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Jeep Grand Cherokee Security System Questions



  • So I bought my '98 Grand Cherokee Limited about a year or so ago and the alarm system kept going off so I couldnt start my car, I found out how to get rid of that by cutting the purple and yellow wire but now I have to hook and unhook my battery up everytime I want to drive or I leave the car for too long because the battery will die. My dad thinks it's the timer switch and Ive tried two different ones so far but neither worked, anybody know what the problem might be? HELPPPP :(
  • I just bought a 97 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2 nights ago and the alarm sytem messed up and it wouldnt start. I google the info and read your how to disarm and my brother did it and my Jeep started right up. Thank you so much for having that very helpful info on here. Thank you si much.
  • jawstienjawstien Posts: 2
    I was in Indonesia, I have a 1998 Grand Cherokee 4.0, the alarm always goes off and the engine will not turn on. I've tried to lock and unlock using the usual keys and remote key, but failed to stop the alarm. I read a suggestion from the forum to grounding purple / yellow wire.
    After opening the driver door panel, I do not find the purple / yellow wire. I think it's possible for Asia to have different wire colors. Please help me to explain exactly which wire to ground.
  • billy65billy65 Posts: 2
    I had problems with the security system with my 2001 Jeep . I can give you the benifit of my experience . I had to take the jeep to the dealership . I had to replace the PCM . I had some things start working that had never worked quite right before. I purchased the module from a place in Miami Fla. for less than 200 dollars. I could have installed it my self . The PCM is located in the passenger side of the fire wall. Once you remove the cover and screws the PCM just plugs in. It was programed before they mailed it to me . You need to give them your veihicle number so they can program. cliick on this site to order a new one currently on sale but you can always find them for 199.00
  • jawstienjawstien Posts: 2
    Thank you for your answer, I forgot to explain that I also had replace a new PCM few days ago, but still no results
  • I've got the same model jeep V8 5.2. Same problem, did you solve it, and how? Scratching my head in Chicago!
  • I have had jeep cherokee 2005 for 2 months alarm was set off accidentally and when we finally got it off now it will not start any one have suggestions I did the key bob reset and alarm reset but it is not in the remote. Help I had to leave my jeep at the beach and get a ride home
  • Will this work on 94 GC ltd? My alarm can only be deactivated using the key on the passenger door. I recently had a squirrel chew some wiring but that has been repaired, but the car turns over but will not start. I think it might be the security system causing the problem, any ideas?
  • few months ago ,my horn went off.did the key sequense lrl in pass & driver's doors.horn faded out finally morn. car was dead.i got a jump from AAA and drove to walmart. they replaced the battery,checked the charging system all was fine.All was ok for week or so. i noticed there was no horn cherp when i used key fob to lock vehicle. then dead as a door nail,replaced batt.again.Researched alarm probs at diff web sites( finding the factory alarm wire,purple w/yellow stripe and ground to chassis.that didn't work.Then they said to disconnect the security moduale while car is running.its said it was located by glovebox under the dash. followed the steps, took it all apart, could not find it.I have new battery again,but afraid to install.PLEASE HELP!!!
  • xxxalienxxx0xxxalienxxx0 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    The same thing happened to me. I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and after we grounded the wire the light under my hood stayed on and I didn't know it was on and my battery died. You are completely right. Do you know how to properly disable the alarm?
  • Fix/disable alarm:
    This was happening to me and it would be very frustrating with the alarm. I would lock the doors and the alarm would sound once I would go to unlock. I would have to go to the passengers side and use the key to turn off the alarm.

    Permanent Disable:
    This is a simple fix once you know where to look and what to do. Open up the glove box and remove the door to the glove box. Then remove the 4 (7mm) bolts. Once this is accomplished remove the rest of dash on the passenger side. Once this is done look at where the glove box was and there is some wires sticking out off to the left. These wires go to the alarm unit that is held in with only 2 Phillips head screws. Take out those screws then remove the plastic box from behind the dash. Finally start your jeep, ONCE THE JEEP IS RUNNING unplug the alarm. The computer will recognize that the alarm is still there from this point forward.

    Using this fix action you will not have an alarm, but you will be able to lock the doors and not worry about the alarm killing your battery.

    I hope this helps!

    1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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