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Chevy Venture Audio & Entertainment Systems

Can I listen to music in the front while the kids watch and listen to there video in the back?


  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    Yes, but the kids have to use the head phones. If the radio is off, then the sound for the video will come from the rear speakers.
  • Is audiovox standard dvd player or aftermarket?
  • my vcp will work sometimes then it will quit checked all i can has anyone had this problem
  • no the vcp will not come on at all then it will just kick on and work no sound pic nothing
  • i have a dvd player built in to my van, i was wondering if there was a way to have the dvd player play in the back and the radio or a cd play in the front??? any help would be greatly appreciated...
  • Does anyone know the MAKE of the DVD system that is factory installed? I bought the van used and it did not come with the remote and I got a universal but need to know who makes it so I can program the remote?

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Panasonic manufactured the DVD players that were in the Uplander/Relay/etc...maybe they made the older ones too?
  • gb5gb5 Posts: 4
    Has anyone experienced any problems with using the aux inputs to the DVD player? When I connect any device to the inputs and press the "Source" button nothing happens. The owners manual states that any external source can be viewed or listen to, when connected to the aux inputs (RCA connectors) and press the "Source" button. Track 99 should display on the radio, and it doesn't....
    Anyone have any idea as to what the problem may be?

    Additional info:

    I also have a 2002 Venture Warner Bros. Edition with a DVD player that does what the owner's manual indicated. I can connect devices to the inputs without any issues. Therefore, I went ahead and replaced the DVD player in the 05 Venture with the one from 02 Venture and it works. The problem DVD player from the 05 Venture does not work in the 02 Venture. (Yes, I am able to view DVD movies on both players without any issues in both vans.) Here's the real frustration, I also went ahead and sent in the problem DVD player to a repair shop in Massachusetts, they sent me a refurbished unit, and a new unit after that, and both did the same exact thing as the original that came out of the 05 Venture. Only the player from the 02 Venture seems to work as indicated in the owners manual and technical tech specs. Amazing! I am stumped!!!

    The only difference between the 02 and 05 Ventures DVD players is the labeling in front of the players; the one from the 02 Venture has "PWR/AUX" label instead of "SOURCE" as labeled for the 05 Venture DVD players. What does this mean?
  • I have a 2003 venture. I didn't have the foreshight to get a model with a DVD player in it - it just has a CD-Radio. Now the kids are growing up, and need to be kept occupied. While I'm at it, I'd also like to upgrade the sound system for a better quality player.

    The possibilities are:

    - install a DVD overhead player, and use the FM modulator to get the sound from DVD/MP3 to the current radio. I'm not sure the audio quality will be good.
    - replace the radio with an audio player with aux input, and just use a portable DVD player as required. I'll probably need to use the AUX input to get the DVD audio to the speakers.

    I have a bias towards the second option. Venture's door chimes and airbag logic is in its radio. So, I can't just replace the radio. I'll need to buy harness and some accessories worth $200, and leave the old radio connected and hidden under the seat. Apart from the additional expense, it seems like an untidy solution.

    From what I've heard, it doesn't seem possible to just add an Aux input to the existing radio. (It won't improve the sound quality, but it can be good enough for movie audio.

    Any advice? It seems to me that many people must be in this position.

    Whichever way I go, my wife seems to think it's an old car, and is not worth spending much on. (I see a demand for a new car coming up :-) ). I don't believe the car is old - It drives well; and it seems like a waste to get rid of the car with only 65000 Kms on it.

    - sandyr.
  • gb5gb5 Posts: 4
    Greetings Sandyr.,

    I also own a 2003 Venture; I replaced the radio with an after-market I bought at Target. It is a VRCD500SDU for $100 two years ago (installation kit from Best Buy) and it worked great. It has an auxiliary input, usb port, SD card port. Go to to read about the radio, as well as purchasing direct from the company. You can also call the company and talk to them about your concerns. I did not have any issues with door chimes or the airbag logic, or anything else. I connected a portable DVD player, sound output, to the auxiliary input of the radio, and the sound quality was fine. There are different setups as DVD players go, headrest mount is the way I went. Kids didn't have a problem with it.

    You can also go to and find other solutions. They sell interfaces that allow you to connect external devices to your existing OEM radio. Their phone number is posted on their website. I bought a radio and a XM tuner from them for my 2005 Venture and have not experienced any problems.

    You can also try ebay motors, I've seen DVD Entertainment Systems from 03 Ventures being sold and/or auctioned off...If you go the ebay route you will probably need to have a professional installer do the work.

    Well good luck, I hope this helps....
  • This certainly helps gb5. Thanks for your reply.

    It's reassuring to know someone has done it without any issues. You've inspired me to act.

    - sandyr.
  • gb5gb5 Posts: 4
    You're welcome, I'm glad that I could be of some help.
    Again, good luck...
  • jdloughjdlough Posts: 1
    Are you trying to play an audio-only device? Like an mp3 player hooked to the audio RCA jacks? I tried that and it doesn't work for my 2003 Venture. I found on another site a guy who said that it needs an active video input to turn on the aux inputs.

    Here's what he said:
    "I need an input to the, "Video In" jack on the factory-installed dvd player in my 2004 Chevrolet Venture mini van that will result in switching from playing disks to the auxiliary audio inputs.
    I want to play my mp3 player thru the auxiliary audio inputs of the dvd player.
    -- If I connect the, "Line Out" from my mp3 player to the audio phono input jacks on the dvd player and play the mp3 player, no sound sound is heard.
    -- If I connect one end of a cable to the video phono input of the dvd player with the other end open, there is still no sound.
    -- If I connect the video out from my camcorder to the the video in on the dvd player, there is still no sound.
    -- If I now turn my camcorder on, there is still no sound.
    -- If I now press, "Play" on my camcorder, the (mp3 player) sound plays just fine thru the vehicle's speakers."

    If anyone knows a way to play audio only through the DVD player aux input, please do tell!
  • gb5gb5 Posts: 4
    Hi, thank you for the info...

    Very interesting, I'll try experimenting with that and get back to you with the results.
    I thought I tried that before with connecting an Atari video game unit and didn't get video or audio; but I'll try with my video camera and duplicate what that guy encountered.

    Crazy, huh?

    Thanks again....
  • Hi,

    We purchased a used 2002 Chevy Venture WB Edition. While testing the features we noticed an issue with the DVD. We can hear sound, but there's no picture. Does anyone have any tips on troubleshooting this? Is there a trick to gettting the picture to appear. The owner's manual doesn't say. Also, ours did not come with the wireless remote and headphones. Does anyone know a good place to purchase these besides the dealer? We appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  • jbiljbil Posts: 2
    I've got an '03 Venture with the same problem: audio is fine but not video to the monitor. Did you ever figure it out?
  • I have an '03 Venture with factory stereo and DVD system.
    I recently had Best Buy put in a pioneer stereo with MP3, and remove the factory stereo. They informed me I'd lose the DVD. My kids are older so it didn't matter.
    The stereo, (plus $200 in harness and accessories) went in fine.

    My problem is this. I have an overhead console for the rear passengers to plug headphones into, and most importantly control their AC/Heat/Fan. This console no longer works. Unless someone here knows how to make it work, I have no option but to have the stereo removed.

    Does anyone know anything about this? GM dealership is useless, and Best Buy doesn't know.

    Thanks everyone!
  • Sorry, I never did resolve the issue. I tried a cleaner CD for the drive, took out the drive to check the connections and took down the overhead console to check the monitor connections. Everything looks fine. No luck. I'll post a reply if I figure it out. Please let me know if you have any success. Thanks.
  • I have a '03 Venture with factory installed stereo. There is a CD stuck in the player. Does anyone know how to get it out? Is there someplace to put a jeweler's screwdriver, or a way to open it up?

  • I encountered the same problem. What i discovered was you need a video input source (which mp3 players do not have) to activate the rca inputs. So,here is my fix for this. I have a small hand held video game that plugs into the rca jacks. I plug that in and get it running then i unplug it from the rca jacks and plug my mp3 rca cables in and wha la it works. By plugging in the video game you get the video input you need to activate the rca jacks. The only time you need to do it again is if the rca jacks from mp3 gets unplugged or a dvd is watched. Hope this helps
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