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Chevy Venture Audio & Entertainment Systems



  • we just bought a 2002 warner brothers and after purchasing and taking it home we realize we have the same issue. we have audio but not picture on screen? did you figure it out at all? does your rear AC and heater control digital unit in front of the tv work ok? i think that is were the problem lies in ours but un able to find that part anywere. Please keep me posted on you findings
  • Hi all, great site! OK... so minimal problems so far, but sound only through DVD and no picture, LED above DVD player reads " Disabled". Nothing in manual or online, any help? Thanks!
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    Once again...

    Take it to your local car audio shop to debug. The dealership won't know what they are looking at.
  • gericejrgericejr Posts: 1
    Have the 2002 WB edition and recently the dvd player has been selective as to which dvds it will recognize. One day it will play the movie when entered into the machine and the next it will not even show that a dvd has been put into the machine. Has anyone else run into this problem? Gets frustrating on long haul trips across the country.

  • jhdjhd Posts: 20
    while driving 2001 Venture, step on the gas, gets louder. I checked the charging voltage, solid at 14.5. Would it be grounding issue? Where is the radio ground located? I will check at night if lights dim at the same time, not sure yet, acting promptly at the wife's request to do something (married guys will understand).
    Thanks in advance!
  • astra1astra1 Posts: 5
    Chevy does it again, with their security lock out system. This is the problem. The curent AM/FM factory radio has no security lock out. I bought an AM/FM/CD/cassette unit off ebay from a 2000 Chevy Venture Van. I have a dealer mechanic that knows hot to retrive the lockout code. The problem is that apparently the small connector on the back of the radio, is used for lock out. I do not have this connector on my AM/FM radio, nor do I have the wire harness. I went to the junk and, and got a connector, that has two black wires wit a white stripe on each. Is this factory, and can these be grounded, to get around the lock out? Otherwise I scrape the radio, and look for another solution, unless some one wants to buy the radio. Please respond.
  • obogobog Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Venture with the AM/FM CD & cassette player. When I put a cassette in the player starts to play then flips the tape then flips it back and ejects. Whenever I put the tape in it says "clean" on the display. I have tried several means of cleaning the player, bu the problem still occurs. Any suggestions?
  • I don't know what you've done so far to try to clean the player.
    There are a series of rollers and capstans (pins) that need cleaning. Generally a little isopropyl on a clean swab is enough, but sometimes you need to take some 'rubber renew' (dimethyl benzine and methyl salicylate) to resore the 'grip' of the rubber rollers. You may have to remove the deck. If thourough cleaning and renewing doesn't solve your problem, then it's not worth going further I'm afraid.

    Use isopropy on all the rollers, and pins. Use rubber renew on the rubber rollers only.
    Good luck.
  • cassie3333cassie3333 Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2003 WB edition and I've had the same problems with the DVD player being selective. Did you find an answer?
  • johnny,

    I just bought an 03' and I get the "Disabled" message. Have you had a chance to take it in?
  • I too have a 2002 chevy venture WB edition and dvd is very selective. I have cleaned it several times and does not get any better. I say recall. :mad:
    ...So we just went and bought a portable dvd player for the kids. GB
  • lost13lost13 Posts: 1
    this is a setting on the stereo that compensates for the road noise at higher speeds this can easily be changed would have to refer to owners manual online or hard copy
  • sbarefootsbarefoot Posts: 1
    All you have to do is hold down the eject button for 5 seconds and it will reset.
  • Have the very same year! And I have the exact same problem! We have cleaned it over and over, It only plays when it wants to!
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