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Chevrolet Cavalier anti-theft help



  • Being a former GM employee I think GM should cover this DEFECT IN DESIGN ...regardless of the year of the vehicle. We all wondered why GM continued to lose market share..then fall as they did. Things like this theft system issue is one reason so many people shy away from GM after having purchased one of the their products.
  • carltocarlto Posts: 2
    :mad: i have same problem
  • carltocarlto Posts: 2
    i have same problem so... off to the dealer it goes 200. for ignition with key another 45 to program it :lemon:
  • What type of anti-theft system came on my 2005 Cavalier? I have read so many posts trying to find a solution to my problem that I am now totally confused.

    My problem could be in the starter so here is what it is doing. Place key in the ignition and turn to on position and all lights and guages come on. Anti-theft lights for a couple of seconds and goes out. Turn to start and all the guages and lights in the dash go off and out. Car does nothing. No clicking or any other sounds. Would the anti-theft system cause this or am I looking at maybe a starter or starter solenoid problem?
    Any help will be appreciated.
  • Hey Joe. I forgot to get on here and retract my story about putting a bypass in at the stereo. Don't do that it won't work. Your cavalier will have the Passlock II system in it. The bypass idea does work but you have to do it in the steering column instead. Its been a while now since i did it and i just sold my cavalier so i cant go look at it for wire coloring so you'll have to look at past posts to be sure which colors to connect together. Take the three screws out of the bottom of the plastic covering on your steering column. Take off the top and bottom plastic pieces so that you can get to the wires underneath. There is a small wire bundle going directly into the ignition switch that you put your key into. You'll need to pull back the black tape to expose the wires. There should be a black, white, and yellow wire. Again you'll have to check that past post to read which to connect and how. Its the same process wire wise, just in the steering column instead of near the radio. Youll need to strip one and cut another and solder a 2200ohm resistor between them. Be sure that you solder it to the cut wire on the side that goes back into the dash, not the side that goes into the ignition switch. Once you have it bypassed unplug the bundle from the ignition switch and just leave it hanging when you put the column back together. You may have to do the passlock reset afterward to get it to start back up though. Turn the key to the on position withiut starting and leave it for just over 10 minutes. Do that three times and after the third time it should start whrn you turn the key. I hope this helps because i know how frustrating this problem is. Sorry for not knowing the color codes too. I'm writing this from my ohone so i cant look at the past posts.
  • Oh and yes the problem is the Passlock II system. You described exactly what I had happen to my 2003.
  • You can pick up a 5 pack of resistors at radio shack for 99¢. They also have everything you need to solder if you dont have it already. Get a spool of solder and a cheap soldering gun and you should come out under $20 total.
  • So I just brought home my 2004 Cavalier. I love it overall, but the one pain in the butt thing with it is the little button that you have to press on the ignition to release the key. Sometimes it works fine..other times it's a two handed job. And other times still it's a mess with it for 5 mins thing. Really annoying. Is there some way to disable this button so that I don't have to deal with it anymore, or do I just need to deal, or get it fixed? HELP!!
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