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Toyota Solara Care and Maintenance



  • crazedcommutercrazedcommuter Posts: 281
    edited November 2010
    I just replaced the stock Michelin 215 60 16's on my 2008 Solara with Goodyear Eagle GT's. At 38k the Michelins were worn past the wear bars even with 6k rotations. I hit a good sale at Sears and opted to try the Goodyear's since they were $45 a tire cheaper than the stock Michelins.

    First noticible difference was how light the steering felt on my first road test. The car seemed quicker to respond to inputs and stuck like glue through the twisties where the stock Michelins would let loose and squeal. The tread pattern is more aggressive so the ride is a bit rougher but I can't notice any increase in cabin noise. Gas mileage has decreased 2mpg in the first 350 miles. Not sure if it will get better after break in. Ran them in heavy rain last week on the interstate up to 80 mph with no hydoplaning or loss of road feel.
  • Wow... great post! I am facing replacement in the near future ~ will keep my eye on the Eagle GTs. Altho if I get any worse gas mileage with my '06, I'm gonna spit.... :mad:

    Thanks for the info!!!
  • I just had the tires rotated for the second time at the 11,000 mile mark. Handling and traction are still excellent with the Goodyears with very little wear. MPG is still 2 mpg less than the stock tires. They do ride stiff but cornering is much improved over the stock Michelins. I made it through 5-6 inch snows last winter in the DC metro area. We got hit pretty hard but the Solara made it through ok. My son also got these tires for his 08 VW Bunny and has had no issues with traction or wear. Am very satisfied at the 11,ooo mile mark .
  • I just replaced the Goodyear eagle GT tires on the 08 Solara. They were worn to the wear bars at 36,500 miles and losing wet traction quickly. They were rated for 50,000. I decided after researching several sites to go with the BF Goodrich TA Advantage in size 215 60 16. These tires are much quieter than the Goodyear's and my mileage has increased over 2 mpg for the last 2 tanks of gas.

    These BF Goodrich's are also a softer, more compliant ride than the stiffer Eagle GT's. I drove the Advantage TA's at highway speeds in the rain last weekend from NJ to WV and they handled fine. No hydroplaning and no sliding around at the toll plazas. Right now I have about 1,000 miles on them and they are rated as a 65,000 tire. I'll report back after I run some miles on them.
  • I just replaced the front brake pads on my 2008 Solara at 82,000 miles. Am very pleased with the wear I got from the stock pads. Rotors were ok and did not need turning. I ordered the OEM replacement pads and hope to get another 80k miles out of them too. Just changed the oil with 5w20 Castrol Synblend and a Purolator pure one filter. Car is running like a top and averages 30 mpg combined city/Hwy.
  • nikhorsenikhorse Posts: 1
    I need to change the front disk and brake pads out of a 07' Solara and was wondering if any special Toyota tool was needed?
  • I had a coupon for brake service from a local garage plus one for an extra $25 off any service so I had them do the work. I was watching thru the shop door and the pads took approx 20 min to replace and looked like no special tools were needed.
  • I just replaced the factory spark plugs at 92,000 miles. Did the job in my driveway which took about 30 minutes. I bought the specified iridium tipped NGK plugs from Advance Auto along with the boot grease for about $32. The job was very easy if you're careful. Afterward I noticed a 2 mpg increase and quicker throttle response.
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