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You bought the Range Rover Sport. Would you do it again?

I have a discovery 04 which I love. But that SUV is very much a truck when it comes to performance and handling. I am torn between an Escalade and a Sport when I get a new car this year. Also if anyone who has an LR3 reads this would you buy that too? My wife wants a new car when I get mine so I have thought about that one for her. Any other advice such as for the Mercedes GL series would be appreciated. Thanks


  • dmitriymdmitriym Posts: 5
    I had two previous discoveries and now own LR3 SE 2005. While I am not planning to change the car for another 2 years, I am constantly evaluating what I should get next LR3, RR sport or RR. If you have small kids LR3 is the best. It is very different from older discovery and makes it a lot easier to put kids in or out, plus it has very good third row. Third row is useful when you are going with grandparents somewhere or with friends who has kid or two. If family is not a consideration, I would go with Rang Rover Sport. Most likely it is more fun to drive.Cannot tell you much about other cars, I am one car guy.
  • I'm looking into purchasing a 2003 RR with about less the 40,00 miles from a Land Rover dealership but i've heard mix reviews friends telling me its going to break down but test drive the car love it kids love so i'm torn need some good advice on this purchase
  • I would agree with your friends. Buying RR out of warranty is gambling. The dealership labor charges are pretty big, at list in my area, and car is complex. Any small problem will result in hours of labor costs. Most likely no local mechanic will be able to figure out what is wrong. Pretty much you have a choice of getting cheaper car and take a chance on the repair costs, or get newer car and relay on warranty. If you have plenty of cash you can gamble, but if you are starching already to get this car I would not do it. It also a matter of convenience, older car more trips to the shop, more wasted time. I drove couple of 2003 RR (not mine, my friend is an owner of the used car store) and they were in bad shape, granted they had more miles on it. Personally I try not to buy reasonably expensive, computerized cars more than two years old.

    P.S. RR is nice, no question about it.
  • As long as it is a certified Range Rover with the two year 25,000 mile warranty extension I wouldn't be too worried about it.

    Land Rover has 4.9 percent financing available on CPO cars too.

    I wouldn't buy a non-certified Range Rover or a Range Rover at a non-land rover dealer.
  • since i'm getting from the dealers its wil come with two year warranty able to but extended
  • Thanks for your advise do you drive a Range?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Check out his CarSpace page. :shades:

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  • tina20tina20 Posts: 3
    Hi, I am in the market for a RR options right now is a 2007 w/43,000 miles for $36,000 or a 2006 with same mileage for about $33,000 too many miles?...always hear bad things about it worth it..or get a different SUV?
  • dedomandedoman Posts: 24
    Im in the same boat with a 07' RR HSE with 30K on it... What do you guys think? it can be CPO'd for an extra 1,500 which will extend the warranty for another 12K miles or 12 months ?! HELP*
  • I am close to buying an 06 RRS - Fully loaded DVD/NAV/, White/Tan mid 30s - 25K miles/Excellent conditions

    Same here

    I am very close to buy one
    I am looking for an advise on the RRS. What do I have to worry about?
    Should I take the care to an RR service shop to check it?

    I have been reading about all the issues and complaints (electrical/Mechanical)

    is it worth buying a used RRS?

    Should I budget in a 3rd party warranty?

    Please advise.
  • dedomandedoman Posts: 24
    Haa.. Well... I bought a 07' with 20K on it... immediately took it to my local LR dealership and advised them to do a very good "once over" on it. I advised them that I trusted them and appreciated them looking it over thoroughly. I think they realized they will have me as a customer for the duration of my ownership. They took it in and gave it a full inspection for about $125. that was priceless though, since I know all is well!
    You still have the remaining LR warranty. I wouldn't worry about the 3rd party warranty until closer to yours expiring...
    You have a quality product and if your close to a LR dealership.. I think your good to go!
    Im enjoying mine.. were still getting to know each other :) By the way.. this is my 3rd! I keep drifting away from LR.. but always seem to come back.. I think I will stay awhile now*
  • So do you recommend buying the HSE 2006 with 25K+ miles at 35K (asking price)?

    Should I buy it from LR dealership or other none LR dealerships?

    I tend to feel confotable with an LR dealership who can take ownership of their own vehicles... assuming!

    It is such a hesitation to make up my mind. So many cars listed very few in mint condition.
  • dedomandedoman Posts: 24
    Honestly, this model year with 25k miles is pulling about $25,000. at auction. In other words, this is the real value of the LR (assuming your talking about a v8) when its sold at auction, which dealerships look at for trade value ect. This should be your base, to make sure you dont get too upside down in the vehicle. The problem with purchasing from dealership is they have HUGE markup in the veh. for resale. On the upside they have done a full check on the vehicle and will take personnal ownership...but you'll see I go into detail on that later in my response.
    Do I think thats worth 10K ? NO! specifically since its still under warranty! You can have them do a "Prepurchase" inspection, which should cost you about $100. This will eleviat your concerns regarding purchase of vehicle from private source. Event if you bought from another dealership, you should still be getting that inspection done, and that dealership should be more than happy to let you take it to a LR location for pre-purchase inspection.
    Ok.. done with obligatory answer to your question. But just to add a couple more thoughts on that year veh. If I were you.. I would be looking for a purchase price of around $27,500. Which is the estimated retail on that vehicle, considering the condition. If you absolutely must have a vehicle that you fall in love with... the go, at the absolute most, for $29,000 ish ?! I would actually offer this to the dealership! and dont laugh, just walk away if they refuse. They will tell you stuff like "re conditioning" "inspections" "CPO'd" The fact is, you will get all that stuff anyways with your 4 yr/50K transferred warranty regardless *
    Just my 2cents...good luck
  • In response to this message about the wholesale value of an 06 Sport HSE with 25,000 miles selling at the auction for 25K. I am a dealer and I cannot buy a sport like this for no where near 25K. It is more like 30K. If you know where I can get them like that, please let me know.

    The asking price of 35K for a sport like that one is a great price to be paying. The dealer is not making a 10K profit on that car.
  • dedomandedoman Posts: 24
    Hmmm... actually.. you are absolutely right! I had the wrong model year!

    I do stand corrected 07's LR Sports come in at 32,400 ish.! $1,500K ontop of that is a very reasonable price point for this one, especially with the stated mileage!

    Good call and sorry for the misinformation.

    I will standby my advise related to markup usually related to retail price of used at LR dealerships!

    This one seems to be a fair price!
  • Excellent feedback!

    I will keep you posted. I am visiting the dealership this saturday.
  • Would you recommend buying a car from Carmax?
    2006 Range Rover HSE sport
    Loaded including DVD (head rests)
    35K miles
    WARRANTY up to 60 month or 60K miles whichever happens first (including Factory warranty).
    Maintenance will be 50$ out of pocket (anything under warranty) or 75$ out of pocket if the RR gets maintained by RR dealership.
    Car color Buckingham Blue and Tan or Charcole gray and Tan

    It is extremely hard to decide. I heard many people saying that the RR has so many electrical problems.

    We currently have a six year old Nissan Quest with 35K on it. Excellent condition and assembeled in Japan (not in mississipi NIssan US plant). So far not one problem. I just maintain the car regularly (oil + filters + brakes).

    My wife and I are so hesitant to make this decision at this point. The RR is beautiful SUV and has its own wow factor. The car will be driven occasionally and not on Highways. the occasionally part is local trips (100 or 200 Miles far).

    Any thoughts or feedback would really help us. If you can give me a reality check on the electrical problems that would be great.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 86
    great thread as I too am looking at used 06-07 RRS HSE with low miles.I am not finding many(any) in the price ranges quoted here.Most are 07 with 27kmiles for 3995 (no CPO),07 28k miles for 46995.There are some 06 around under 40 (06 w 18k for $37999).
    I called the one RR dealer here in NH ( higher prices) and he explained,correctly,that most 06's are out of the 4yr warreny period.The 07 will have some and adding CPO was $2k !he was also reccomending a after market warranty that they-the dealer will take,@3300 for 2 yr 24k miles.

    Where are you finding these mid 30's RRS 07's that are CPO'd?

    Have a Lexus RX 350 now and a bit spoiled by the reliabilty and wonder if i should go back to Lexus (GX or LX) instead,like the look of the RRS thou.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

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  • Want to buy a '06 but shockingly saw a RRS being pushed off the on ramp to Rte 17 near Ikea. Minor problems are one thing, total paralysis for a $60k, 3 -4 year old vehicle is ridiculous. Was this highly unusual or is the old Jaguar virus back with RSS. (You need to buy two in case one isn't working).
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