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Chevrolet Cavalier Starting/Stalling Problems



  • Daughters 2005's speddo went wacko on her the other day. She was only going 30 mpg, but guage read 80 mph ! Next time she started car, speedo wouldn't register any speed. The next day she brought it over to my house and at idle it read 45 mph. I researched online for possible fixes and was prepared to remove cluster and replace speedo stepper motor. I decided before going through all that hassle, to pull and clean the fuse for cluster and then removed black battery wire for about 5 mins. and reattached battery lead. this apparently reset computer and the speedo now works fine!
  • My 2001 Cavalier had issue with radio working when it likes. We put a new one in it seemed to work. Now it broke down. Have it towed home. Got it running again the broke down again at my sons house. It would start then shut off within a few minutes. Then wouldn't start for awhile. We made sure battery was fully charged. I bought a fuel filter first. Then we got a fuel pump, fuel tank, and a starter. Still same think. Then we got a fuel regulator still same thing. Changed starter out again. It started that night. Next day went to town it broke down again. Same thing starts then shuts off. He tried somethings people said to try but still same thing. Hooked up the machine to it and no codes still. We are stumped what should we try next. I'm about ready to junk it if my son didn't need a car. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: Please help!!!!
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