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Chevrolet Cavalier Starting/Stalling Problems



  • I have had so many parts replaced on my cavalie rand now it will start and when i tdrive or reverse it will go dead and wont start Can anyone help me with this.
  • I have had so many parts replaced on my 1987 cavalier, It will start and when i put it in drive or reverse it dies and wont start, but will in park.Can anyone help me in this.
  • Hi,
    I'm in New Zealand, where we have a lot of Toyota badged RHD Chevy Cavaliers. On my '96 2.4 ltr, for a few weeks when I turned the key on, the gages all flickered and it made a static type sound. I had to turn the key on and off until it worked normally and then it went fine. Now thats stopped, but the engine check light only comes on about every 10th time I turn the key, and there's no way it'll run until that light comes up. Once it does, it starts and runs and idles fine. Looks from other replies that its emissions system related, but is any particular sensor likely to be the culprit. Our GM dealers don't want to know about these cars, nor do Toyota dealers, so I'm not sure we can even run the diagnostics.
  • :) is your cavalier an automatic trans? if so the tcc solenoid could be the problem. the solenoid can be disconnected on some cars. it is a 4 wire plug on the front of the trans. unplug it and try the car. let me know what happens :)
  • Hi, thanks, yep, all the cavs in NZ are 2.4 4stage auto models. I'll try what you suggest tomorrow and let you know,
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Just something to look at, "fuel pressure regulator" !
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Also , check the TCC "torque converter solenoid", these go bad and will cause the engine to stall. If you get your car started, put it in reverse and see if it stalls out, if not, probably the TCC is bad !
  • Ok,i have a 1993 cavalier and after it would warm up it would stall while driving then it was really hard to get it started again. I replaced alot of things from the fule pump to the coil packs,still nothing worked. Just today my mother went out and played around with it and thought the butterfly flap might be getting stuck to the intake. Then i went out to help her and was looking around and found out that my kick down cable was really tight. so,we took off the kick down cable from the throttle and its running great! Befor you go out and buy all kinds of parts to try and fix this pain in the a$$ problem,try taking off the kick down cable that is located on the throttel,the same spot where the gas pedal cable is. IT WORKD GREAT FOR ME. I hope i helped some of you. I know how much of a pain this is.
  • dandak1dandak1 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem. Started with cranking problems then became intermittent stalling when driving. Took it to my mechanic who refused to do any work until he could be certain of the problem. Well, he finally replicated the problem and it was a short in the ignition switch. Got it fixed and haven't had any problems since.
  • cavalier_grlcavalier_grl Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have a 1996 chevy cavalier (2.2L / manual) and for the past couple of days my car keeps chugging and stalling out. When the car is about to die, i put it into neutral and try to reve the engine but it acts like it isnt getting any gas and dies anyway. It only does it once the engine is warm. If I let the car sit for a little bit, it starts right back up and is fine until it gets warm again.I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injector regulator. I am at my wits end and dont know what it could be...Please HELP!!! :cry:
  • knr499knr499 Posts: 1
    I have a 1990 cav with 2.2. Starts easy, idles fine. when you decelerate or come to stop it stalls and sometimes dies. When I get back on gas I can hold pedal to floor for several seconds before throttle picks up. It seems to do it more often at cold running temp, but will do it and hesitate some at hot running temp. There are no codes stored and no engine light. Have already replaced plugs, fuel filter, EGR valve, throttle position sensor, air idle control valve and rebuilt throttle body. Lost now, any advice.
  • change the tcc solenoid in the trans. we had the same problem and replaced a lot of the same parts. when i changed the tcc the car was running great again.
  • I just bought an '04 Cavalier with 54,000 mi on it. However its left me sit 2 times in the last week. Both times I had driven it during the day running errands, then when I shut it off to run into a store and then came out it tried to start, but then it would shut off - Like the fuel wasn't getting picked up? It would turn over, sputter, and then shut off.
    NOTE-When it happened the last time it started right up for them the next morning when they had it towed. They replaced the ignition switch since nothing seemed wrong with it.
    Now I've driven it for 3 days since then with no problems, and then it does it again to me tonight.
    Please help - tell me I didn't just buy a clunker..... :cry:
  • h311mlh311ml Posts: 1
    edited August 2010

    I had several issues with my cavalier, car windows sticking (common problem with this car it seems), and currently I'm getting the instrument panel replaced because my service light, trac off, and ABS light comes on a lot. $500!

    I have another issue with the car that the dealership is researching as we speak, my car when put in reverse sometimes stall or even dies. Usually, if I put it in reveerse and accelerate real quick in drive it won't , but I'm worried about the times I can;t do it fast enough. Any ideas what this could be?? Only has died when in reverse after I just started the car.

    Thanks :confuse: :confuse:
  • I have a 2000 Chevy Cav it stalls when I come off the brake to accelerate also the Check Engine and TRAC OFF lights are on at the same time or just one of them is on And it also hesitates.Mechanic said he replaced spark plugs and fuel filter but it still stalling.Also I get that transmission clank when I put it in Drive.Please help.Thanks.
  • I am literally having the EXACT same issue with the reverse stall/dying thing. My service, ABS, and trac off lights are also on (and off sometimes??) Have you figured anything out, or gotten any helpful advice -- because I would LOVE to know!! :) Thank you thank you! :sick:
  • I had the rough running and stalling issue and it was nothing more than the little hose between the inlet manifold and the pressure sensor that was perished and sucking in air. I also have the clank into engagement, especially when I've just started up. I live with it, but find if I roll forward a bit down my street before engaging drive that eases it.
  • Looking for Help!

    My 2.2 has no fire.
    This is what Ive done;
    New battery, plugs,wires, coil packs crankshaft position sensor,ICM checked.
    No volts on the pulse wire.
    Where do I go next?
    Hooked up scanner 0 rpm no codes.
    All fuses good.

    All info appreciated dont want this jewell to rot.

  • Hey everybody my 90 Cavalier z24 automatic its v6 fuel injected has some problems. First to start i changed spark plugs and did a throttle body cleaner. heres the problem. The car starts and idles a little high a little above 1000 rps. When i step on the gas while car is running but parked black smoke comes out of the exhaust and you can feel that its running crapy. Then when i put it in drive and step on the gas the rpms drop like crazy and it almost stalls. sometimes it does stall when i do that too. Im really comfused any help would be great!!
  • Hi, alsoin New Zealand and have the 2.4 '96 Chevalier. Engaging sometimes,but then cuts out. Other times starts fine. I dont think its starter, but pehaps some type of fuel sensor ? Love this car but dont want to be chasing different theries and $. How did you get on with yours ?
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