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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • I have this on both of my vehicles through Allstate. It is just a rider on my existing coverage. Allstate does not pay the $1000 towards a new vehicle but I have heard of coverage that does. Allstate also leaves this coverage on beyond when you need it unless you request otherwise. If you are financing 100%+ (i.e. tax, tags, title) I would highly recommend it. If you drive more than 15K miles per year you could be upside down for more than half the life of the loan! I would price the option through your auto insurance carrier and do some quick math to see which is a better deal. Its like any other insurance you only miss it if you need it! Good luck. Lee
  • I've got a 1999 K2500 Suburban with the 6.5 turbo diesel engine. I have been wanting to do some stereo work, but don't want it to intrude into the cabin. Anyone here a stereo buff who has some examples of good stereos in their suburban?

  • Steve,
    I've been reading reviews on XM and it's competition. System seems to work well as long as your not around buildings or near any metal stuctures. You know,...kindof like your cell phone. So instead of 'Can you hear me now?' it's a "I can't hear it now' scenario. I don't seem to have ever had that happen with a CD. All else aside, with XM you are still listening to what someone else has decided to program and have to put up with the "wart" on the roof.

    I just got off the phone with the dealer purchasing agent and she stated that I could not order the Bose 6CD changer system without getting the XM as well. I've been an engineer for nearly 25 years and even test driven prototypes for GM in the 80's and I've never heard something as ludicrous as this. I'm sure that the folks that have it give it many cudos at least during their initial free period. Will be interesting to see how many of those same customers keep the subscription after this time.

    Best answer I can give in response to your problems with the dealers is to keep trying. Try contacting dealers via the internet and especially the internet salesperson. Many of the sales persons here are straight salary and have little interest in getting back to you on 'finding' a vehicle. They are interested in selling what's on the lot,.. clearing inventory. I've often gone with recommendations from other business owners and professionals. Ask them who they've used and if they were happy. Also, learn as much as you can about the dealership and the shop usually attached. During my research, I found that the dealership that I had planned on going to for my purchase had several lawsuits, specifically Deceptive Trade Practices, pending against them. As a test and after setting a firm date and appointment time with the service manager, I took my suburban in for what amounted to nothing more than reseting my computer. A five minute exercise that could have been performed by any one armed monkey. I waited seventy five minutes only to have them come back to tell me that they didn't have the right tools. Last time I've been back. Good example of why I should have listened to the advise of others.
    Good luck in your searching. I still think I will be able to beat my best time by at least fifteen minutes.

  • cruthfield has a good selection of radios and equipment. I like the alpine, but have had good luck with kenwood too.
    As for the xm radio, I love it. Best $10.00 a month I spend. Only minor problems with reception, same kind of problems as fm and am have.
  • If you order the truck you can delete the XM from the option list, kinda like how you can get cargo/barn doors and get a credit for lift gate delete. I looked into it at my dealer. You can also check it out at Another thing is that they are doing a mid year antenna change from the loads of customer complaints about the size of the current antenna. The new antennas is only 1.5" tall and aprox.3" square.

    Now to deal with the buildings and metal structures, XM has land based repeaters that are designed to eliminate dead zones in large building areas like New York. These are repeaters that broadcast on a different type of carrier wave that is not as affected by large building or steel structures.
  • I have a '02 Yukon XL with about 2500 miles on it. Just recently I discovered an oil puddle under the engine (front driver's side). Further investigation shows that it appears to be originating from what looks to be an oil breather tube attached to the drivers side engine compartment wall. The tube is black, about 1/2 round and is capped with a black plastic plug that allows oil to exit from the bottom of the plug. Anybody else notice oil blowby from the tube? I cannot believe it's normal based on the amount of oil found under the truck. Thanks!
  • bc13bc13 Posts: 32
    The Tahoe has a 50-50 split 3rd row seat. This does not appear to be available in a suburban. Was wondering if the suburban 3rd row bench could be replaced by the Tahoe 3rd row seat?
  • My 02 Denali (2000k miles) was leaking fluid from the front, but it was a clear/opaque fluid with a vaseline/gas smell. It turned out to be front differential fluid from the front differential breather/vent tube. Easily fixed under warranty. Service manager told me it was a common problem on new Yukons just off from shipping.
  • Thank you all for the advice and suggestions.

    I did call two other dealers who were listed in BJ's Auto Club. At one dealership I spoke to a mgr. who was very nice but he wanted to sell me a 2002 LT 4WD for $1995 more that what the other dealer wanted for a 2003 ($37K). When I pointed this out to him, he explained to me that he has to get at least his invoice price plus $700. It was the same story with the second dealer I called.

    I am going to go back to the first dealer to see if he will fax all the paper work prior to going in and signing. I want to be sure he has no plans to change the price.

    I do not know how Greg obtained the information about one dealer who had complaints filed against him. I called our AG office and they could give me the number of complaints filed each yr. since 1999 but not a breakout of what type of complaint was filed.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    Greg, let us know when you shave those 15 min.

  • Check GMC I was told by my dealer that the 3rd row seat will be available in either split bench or solid bench. I don't know that for a fact tough, maybe it's like that only in Denali XL.
  • My experience on buying a new LT has been a hoot. I have yet to step into a dealership. I arranged my lease financing through a 3rd party (ACS in Cincinnati, and got a very competitive residual and a very low money factor. I have been playing a dealer in Arlinton, VA against a dealer in the Baltimore area. When the Baltimore folks beat the Arlington guys by $500, the Arlington guys said I should take their competitor's price. The guy in Baltimore said it was the quickest sale he ever made (took about 3 minutes). The Arlington guys then called back and tried to beat Baltimore by $250. However, the Arlington guys wanted to charge about $400 in processing fees and taxes that the Baltimore guys were not going to charge. So I would up saving about $900. The final price was about $7700 under MSRP. However, I understand that in the Boston area they are advertising $8000 under MSRP so perhaps I left some money on the table. However, The Baltimore guys will be delivering the unit to my office on Thursday morning. Gosh this is fun.
  • the final price Lobbiest? After making a few calls, I was able to get a much better price. All I'm waiting for now is to who has the best overall price. I've managed to get $100 over dealer invoice, but also found that invoice prices vary widely between dealers. It's the fact that since the plant in Mexico is shutting down for two plus weeks, it may mean that I'm unable to participate in the incentive program currently underway. It seems only fair that if someone orders a vehicle during the program period that they should qualify for the incentives. Called both the GM marketing and customer service center in FL. and they were definitely not the sharpest tacks in the box.

    John, I did see the new smaller antennas. Much better. But I've also talked to several that have the radio and they aren't very happy with the reception. Maybe it's just Houston.

    Cathy, seems you may still be getting taken for a ride. Concerning the dealer info.; research them through the local BBB and online under your county and state dot gov sites. good luck.
  • About a week ago I ordered a 2500 Suburban at $300.00 over invoice. I bought this from the smae dealer as my current 01 1500 Suburban. Only reason I'm buying a new one is that I need the increased capacity to tow my 28' trailer.
    I'm not sure where mine will be built--it looks like there are three plants that produce the Suburban--Wisconsin, Texas, and Mexico. The dealer said I could get mine within 4 weeks, but in looking at other sites the usual lead time is 6 - 8 weeks.
    Did not know about the shutdown at the Mexico plant. gblake1 do you know why they are shutting down? If my truck is to be produced in Mexico, it probably will delay my delivery date. I too want to take advantage of the $2000 rebate. Hopefully GM will renew after Jan 2. With what I have been reading in Automotive news I would predict that they will. I am going to keep in touch with my dealer though and if it looks like I won't take delivery by Jan 2 will see what we can do about it if the rebates aren't renewed.

    BTW, sticker price on my 2500 is approx $50,800--has almost all of the options except for quadrasteer--nice idea but EXPENSIVE, dual buckets second row seats. I wanted the rear entertainment center in lieu of the sun roof.

    My 01 Suburban has been great--in a way I hate parting with it, but this new one should be even nicer. Has approx 26400 miles and has not given me any trouble. Anybody have a lead as to who might want to buy it in the Washington DC area? Otherwise may try selling it on my own or take it to Carmax.

    Steve K.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,985
    I guess you didn't like the trade-in price offered? Try Edmunds Used PowerShopper or eBay Motors if you want to go the internet sales route. If you want to do a local ad, check out the Real-World Trade-In Values discussion for some good ad tips (i.e., don't say "firm").

    Steve, Host

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  • gblake: Here are the numbers: MSRP 46,684, invoice was $41,533 and I paid $39,033 (after deducting the $2K rebate). Like I said, I still think I left money on the table.
  • I just bought a fully loaded 2003 LT 2WD.
    First I must say that I spent hours searching for the best deal and I paid about $39,400 - $2K rebate. I think XM radio is the best when driving around and have never had a problem. I have it in all my vechiles!

    Now to my problem... When I turn the steering wheel quickly, I hear a short noise. I can't seem to pin it down of what it is. Almost sounds like some sort of powering steering noise. It happens on an irregular basis. Any reports of such noise?
    I'm going to bring it in, but you know what will happen... they won't find it!

  • I'm having a hard time in putting in a decent video system in my 2003 Suburban. I have a sunroof.... My wife doesn't want the pop down overhead screen because she says it will impede her rear view mirror. So now my only answer is two headrests systems... Problem is this costs $1900+ installed. Any solutions?
  • Why don't you try doing the install yourself. They come with good instructions, and will only take about 3 hours to install.

    I did a flip down panasonic in my 01 burb.
    I don't believe that the headrest should be any harder to install, just a little more money. I paid 900.00 and the headrests were 1300.00.
  • I just finished installing a headrest video system in my '02. It is an entry level DVD system I purchased from They were great to deal with and they sell a package for as little as $520! For the money it is a nice system. It took me approximately 10 hours to install including installing the DVD in the space where my 'O2 had that STUPID cassette player. I could have saved some time if I had been less creative with that part of the install. I spoke with a local chain (Tweeter) and they quoted me $500 each for their cheapest monitor (probably a nicer model than the Boss I installed) and $300 per headrest labor just for the monitors. I know they may be selling higher end stuff but I could not justify the > $2000 price tag!
  • I own a 2000 GMC Yukon XL 2500 4WD, 6.0 litre engine. It has 43,000 miles with about 10,000 of the miles towing an RV Trailer weighing 8,500 pounds. I bought it new.

    On a recent towing trip I experienced hard shifts into 4th gear while towing (tow haul was on). Transmission temperature was normal. The hard shifting went on for about 100 miles and then went away.

    I noticed transmissin fluid on the tongue and front of the trailer that evening. I took it to the dealer immediately. There was transmission fluid dripping from the transmission casing. They found no problem and no leak. Could offer no explanation for the fluid or the hard shift.

    Now, I am getting hard shifts into 4th gear intermittently, even when not towing. Otherwise the truck runs perfectly and shifts flawlessly. Have experienced no further leaks.

    Has anyone had experience with this problem??

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