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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • pre50pre50 Posts: 1
    I'm considering a 2003 Burb - I have a 2000 4X4. I wanted a diesel engine (better fuel economy). A dealer told me GM said it would be later in 2003 & it's around $3K option. Has anyone heard the same?
  • Does anyone have a '03 with stabilitrak ?What are the settings on the dash besides stabilitrak?
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    If you mean the buttons that are stacked top to bottom to the left of the gauge cluster, then they are: Stabilitrak on/off, AWD, 4LO--3 buttons in all, as opposed to the 4 that are associated with Autotrac. I don't believe you can get both Autotrac AND Stabilitrac options on a Tahoe/'burb/Yukon since Autotrac has 2HI button, whereas with Stabilitrac you get AWD--not that Stabilitrac means AWD but apparently because of the way Stabilitrac functions, I guess you get AWD by default (no 2HI button on a Stabilitrak-equipped SUV)?
  • Thanks tdoh ! So you can have stabilitrak on without AWD ? If so I guess that's like 2 HI, and then stabilitrak on together with AWD would be great for snowy roads .Can it be on with 4LO ?
    You can't have Stabiltrak with Autotrac they are 2 different systems.right now I got a Yukon XL with stabilitrak, but will be getting a Suburban and want the stabilitrak.I had it on a caddy once and it was awesome
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    The mirror is not controlled by a module. It is a direct connection to that sender under the bumper. From what it sounds like a bad mirror. If the dealer won't change the mirror try another dealer, if the sensor was replaced twice and he same thing happens all that's left is the mirror.
  • ted44ted44 Posts: 10
    how I can fix my burb to not be 1 to 2 inches higher on the right rear than the left? It has autoride and I would like find a way to lower the right rear to make the rig set level? I'm thinking that sliding the AutoRide sensor connection that is back there a little to the rear might make the computer think it is high and as a result it maybe it would lower it a little on that side. Thanks for your help.
  • jahuffjahuff Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my 03 Yukon XL D. The dealer replaced mirror. OK now.
  • bc13bc13 Posts: 32
    Hey all, just wanted to get some feedback on the expected life of my burb. its in immaculate condition and has had an oil change every 3 K. runs great and as i have said, it been taken care of. can't afford a new one and used are pretty expensive as well. I've heard they'll go to 150K with ease. What do you all think?
  • Has anyone felt a noticeable vibration between 65mph and 70mph?
    Service techs are having trouble finding problem.
  • 03tahoe03tahoe Posts: 83
    A couple of guys on the Tahoe board reported the same problem. They reported that problem went away by replacing the very CHEAP fire stones with a Mich. ( Better Tire )
  • I have a 01 Suburban and live in Minnesota. There is a problem in the winter time with the passenger seat being much colder than the driver's seat. If I set the heat so that I am comfortable, my wife is cold. If she sets the heat, I am very hot.

    Can anyone with a 03 comment if they still Experience this problem?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    What happens if you switch places (i.e. she drives)?

    There was an issue a while back about a bad seal on the firewall. Does she feel a draft?
  • Yes, my wife does claim that there is a draft. I know that when I bought it two years ago, there were discussions regarding this same problem.
  • jborsjbors Posts: 6
    I'm interested in anyone's experience with the 2500 4x4 8 liter engine. I have an older 1/2 ton 4x4 but likely will upgrade for better towing and high altitude performance. Can anyone provide real-world mileage estimates as the Chevy sales people say this information is not available. I guess my choice will be between the middle engine size and the 8 liter based on feedback.

    Thanks in advace for your comments!
  • I noticed this in my '03 as well. From my findings, the error lies in the tens digit display. The upper bar (top of the 9) stays lit when it should not (when temp in the 40's). Also, the middle bar stays lit when temperatures are in the 70's, making the tens digit 7 look like a crossed 7. Changing the mirror should be the answer, your sensor should be fine.
  • I am in the final stages of purchasing a 2003 Suburban. I have a price of $100.00 over invoice, plus 1 1/2% advertising fees. All dealers insist on the advertising fees. Is this legitimate if it appears on the factory invoice?

    Thank you.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936

    Irritating, but legit.

    Why should I pay advertising fees?

    Steve, Host

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  • I have an 01 LT 2wd with 52k miles, have had the transmission go out 2 times in the last 6 weeks, the dealer said it was a bearing failure. Anybody aware if this is a known defect? Anybody else have trans problems? I have loved this SUV but I am starting to have concerns about this problem.
  • I bought a Surburban 1500 yesterday, will go in and sign final finance paperwork tonight.

    Question, they are offering a GM Protection Plan Major Guard, for $820 for 24 thousand miles. We put about 20-25 K miles a year. Is this a good price for such a plan, I was told by the finance manager that all those plans on the internet are either in bankruptcy or in receivership, so their prices are suspect. Anyone have any insight? thanks...
  • I got an aftermarket extended warranty for my 2000 XL which gives me 5 years 150K miles .
    However I would only go with a GM warranty in the future, as I have has some problems recently and they claim everything is at factory specs even the engine knock, I also have a terrible antifreeze leak which they can't find, and the aftermarket company is not authorizing the dealer to open the engine and find it , where as a GM factory would cover it (at least accoeding to my dealer),Which also answers the life expectancy of these trucks, I don't believe they are well made and thankfully mine's a lease , that i wanted to buy but I guess I'll get a newer one...
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