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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • 13b13b Posts: 7
    Did first oil change at 1350 miles in 03 LT 5.3L I could not believe how dirty the oil looked. Was prompted after reading msgs about metal and chemicals in oil in the first 3K miles. I plan to change again at 3K and every 3K after using castrol. Any better suggestions?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    You can't really tell how dirty oil is by looking at it, although I always smell mine when I check it when I fill up and often rub a dab between my fingers <g>. Only way to really tell is with an oil analysis, and even those are subject to interpretation.

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  • I have '02 Suburban and recently purchased an aftermarket 6 disc cd changer. Can anyone tell me where the factory installs them? It will not fit in the console box between the seats. Under te seats in the back, causes it to be crushed when the seats are down. Can anyone help?
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    williamk2: You might check out the GM Accessories catalog. I saw several GMC YXLs with the cassette/CD in the radio slot and a 6-disc changer in the big slot at the front of the center console (just below the power outlets). Looked like a nice fit. On Chevy LTs the cassette/CD is replaced with the 6-Disc Changer. I wish the GMC arrangement was available on Suburbans since we miss having a cassette player.
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    walter3rd: I don't know that you can tell the setting externally, other than the car would wobble diagonally if one of the shocks was at a different setting than the others. Perhaps the mechanics can tell?

    Sorry to hear about your problems. The Autoride is the one option we did not get on our '03 Suburban LT that I was perhaps regretting, but with the problems you are having you are making me feel better! A friend with a Cadillac Eldorado with similar electronic shocks was "shocked" (sorry about that!) to find out that they were $800 each to replace, so get them fixed under warranty!
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    I see that there is now an additional $1000 GM Owner Loyalty bonus for current GM owners (an alternative to the $500 Conquest bonus for non-GM owners). I don't know if this is additive to the $1000 Oldsmobile Owners bonus (since they are discontinuing Oldsmobiles) for a total of $2000 for Olds owners?
  • p93659p93659 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply glsable. I have emailed the Northern Virginia dealers you mentioned and I'll post their offers when I receive them.

    No Duramax for 2004 although it appears it will be an option at some point in the future.
  • nellcoopnellcoop Posts: 30
    I am currently researching new tires for our 2001 Suburban. We live in New England and the Firestone LE's are horrible in snow with 4 wheel drive. Have been given a few brands and really need advice. I am looking for something with a more "bite" in tread and wonder from other owner's what they have and like. Brands suggested are: BF Goodrich Rugged Trail(saw some reviews that they slip and slide in rainy conditions), Toyo Open Country (reviews are good) and saw reviews for Michellin LXT which were also good but the Tire place never gave me that brand (not sure I have initials in right order) Thoughts, advice, ideas? Need help.
  • csi35csi35 Posts: 28
    Suggest you buy Michellin Cross Country Tires.

    They were standard on my 2002 Denali and go thru snow like hot knife thru butter.
  • Good Morning,
    Anybody have knowledge of what might be causing vibrations at 67-75 MPH.

    Tires are in good shape as far as tread, and have been rotated and re-balanced.

    Did the brakes myself two years ago, including new rotors

    One bad u-joint was found and replaced.

    My local garage guy cant seem to find it.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    A couple of the front suspension components have been known to wear prematurely. The pittman arm and one other similar part, I think. A good front end alignment shop should be able to eliminate these items.
  • I'm back from vacation and just wanted to provide an update on the "issues" I'm having with my '03 Suburban.

    First, the AC belt broke while on vacation--not good in 95 degree heat at the Jersey shore. Took it to a local dealership and they fixed it for free. Turns out that the noise from the engine compartment that I was hearing was the belt. Unfortunately, I didn't know that until I got a new belt, drove away from the dealership, and heard the same noise. I popped the hood and watched the belt while my wife revved the engine. The belt was squeeking and the AC compressor was vibrating--I guess that means the belt is not aligned properly.

    I took the truck in again today to have the AutoRide serviced for the 4th time--they will look at the AC belt too.

    As for the windshield noise...turns out it was the bra I installed on the front of the hood. It was changing the aerodynamics of the car and causing a little rubber piece to flap in the wind. Not sure what the piece is for, but there are two of them, at each corner of the hood, near the windshield. Removing the bra solved the problem--unfortunately, I wasted about $100 on a bra I can't use.

    In other news, I'm following Lemon Law procedures for Maryland and sent a letter to GM requesting a replacement vehicle--we'll see.
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    Man, what a nightmare! Good luck with GM. I have found them to be completely unresponsive.

    As I mentioned a while back on this board, we purchased a 2003 Suburban, the badging on which indicated it was equipped with Autoride... but later discovered it wasn't so equipped. I complained to the dealer and directly to GM. GM was a joke. Their responses took a week and every time it was just the same form letter response: "Please be aware as our dealers are independently owned and operated we may not get involved in sales issues. The options your vehicle comes with are considered a sales issue, and as such must be resolved directly with the dealer."

    I was infuriated... they built the car and claimed it had a $1200 option that it didn't have, and they condsidered it a "sales issue" that they wouldn't get involved in!!!! Anyway, the good news is I picked a great dealer because the sales manager found me another truck with the options I wanted, picked it up 300 miles away, sold it to me on better terms, and let me return the first one with 1000 miles on it! Now that is good customer service... but GM itself was EXTREMELY disappointing.
  • sskirsskir Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a new suburban to replace my expedition (I just need more room for kid stuff). I am in the snow occasionally (in the dry western US). my 2x expedition has a limited slip rear end which handled a snow storm very well. I see the suburbans have a locking rear differential or Stabilitrac or 4x4. Any suggestions on which option might best handle snow driving?
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Openyd, I posted earlier regarding info on dual exhaust for Suburbans. I purchased a 2002 Z71 recently that was at a local auto auction and in turn purchased by a local GMC dealer. The dealer only realized that the Burb had dual exhaust when I pointed it out; it was an aftermarket add-on. I originally wanted to know what, if any, improved performance a dual exhaust can add; perhaps you can tell me. Mine does have exhaust pipes on either side, behind each rear wheel, so it can be done. It has low-profile pipes and is not ostentatious at all; i.e., from the back it looks like any other Burb except that it has a tailpipe on both sides. It has a lovely burble sound, but I can't really tell if it is actually more powerful or faster than other Burbs. However, my preference would be to have both pipes on one side, due to the increased interior noise at higher speeds. This is because, obviously, there is pipe reverberation on both sides, causing a noticeable increase of noise in the 2nd and third rows.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    SSkir, I would suggest that you look into the Z71 model Suburban for the best in snow and loose gravel. I tried out the Denali XL with the 6.0 and full-time auto 4x4, which was nice, but you lack the lower gears. The autoride autoleveling feature is sweet (notwithstanding the problems documented elsewhere on this board), but I'm not sure that it is available for the Z71). The regular 5.3 Burbs are nice too, but I don't believe that you can get rear auto-locking diff on any other model that the Z71. This is a great function; making the Z71 virtually un-stuckable (unstickable?). The Z71 has the locking rear diff, larger standard wheels, off-road tuned suspesion unique to the Z71 which is noticeably tighter than the LS or LT, and underbody skid plates. It's the best model for offroading or snow (provided that you have high-end tires, but that's true for all SUVs). My opinion, but hope this helps!
  • pilkopilko Posts: 22
    Was the Cabin air filter deleted for MY 2003?

    My Yukon Denali XL doesn't seem to have one.
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    Just an FYI, I have an 02 Sub LT 4X4 and it has the locking rear diff and skid plates (I think they are part of the off road package available on the 4X4 models). I added the 17 inch wheels and tires off a Z71 (friend of mine put aftermarket on the day he bought his Tahoe and sold me his cheap). The only thing my LT does not have is the suspension the Z71 has but then again it rides smoother on the highway with the regular suspension. I liked the Z71 but my wife was opposed to it in 02 because it was an LS with the Z71 package and did not have heated seats. She will not have leather in the winter without heated seats. The 03 is an LT with the Z71 package so I would probably go that route now although I like my charcoal gray burb with the Z71 wheels, it looks different from all the others.
  • nellcoopnellcoop Posts: 30
    I posted about replacing my Firestone's earlier but after having a conversation with my brother who is very knowledgeable about cars, he suggested that we just get a set of snow tires for our 2001 Suburban. I live in CT and we go to VT often. The Firestone's with 4 wheel drive are the pits in the snow. Do I go for all new tires like the Michelin Cross SUV Terrain or would it make sense to buy a set of snows? And if so anyone recommend any particular snows that they have and like? How would the snows be on the highway? Thank you for any help that can be provided.
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    We recently purchased a 2003 LT. It is true that the LT can be had with the locking rear differential and skid plates (each a separate option) and it is true that Autoride is not available on the Z71. Autoride is very nice, but as far as I know is of no help in snow driving.

    If I were buying for driving in ordinary snow (i.e., not blizzards, etc.), I would definitely go 4WD with locking rear differential. I actually don't think Z71 vs. LT will make much of a difference, if any. Z71 is half marketing - different wheels/tires, color-coded trim instead of chrome, Z71 badge, different roof rack, etc. It does have a firmer suspension and more off-road oriented tires, but I don't think these will help much in the snow and you do give up a bit of ride quality. On the other hand, even though we got an LT, I would have to say the Z71 looks a bit cooler.
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