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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • glevittglevitt Posts: 30
    I spent the better half of a day trying to get the old cable out from behind the dash and through the firewall to no avail...I couldn't even get a stereo shop or the dealer to do it for a reasonable price. I ended up getting a new antenna and splicing its cable to to existing cable running through the firewall with gold-plated coax connectors, after that I wrapped it in electrical tape and tucked the slack under windshield in and existing wire harness. It works great and it only cost me about $5.00.
  • Hello, I have a 2001 yukon xl denali and I had the same problem. It turns out it was the accelerator pedal and also the accelerator pump. At the time my truck was under warranty, the total cost was about 750.00. I had to pay 200.00 out of that but the problem was corrected.
  • dplattdplatt Posts: 2
    I just bought the latest disc for the 2004 system for about $200 from GM after recieving an add in the mail for the replacement disc. A year ago I tried to get the replacement from the dealer parts department and they wanted $346.
  • well got my gold mist yukon xl yesterday,,,it will soon have it work out,i work in mexico and the roads are not the best in the world,about 50% of the time ill be on dirt roads,so ill be proving it real well,,,i traded a avalanche 2006 for it,,the reason i traded is because of the many problems they are having with the transmission,,i sure didnt want to be stranded down there with it,,,on the avalanche clubs there is some one posting about every day with transmissions going out,,the front sprag breaking,,,so this is my first post and i hope every one good motoring,,,abuelito
  • The 07 Denali (900 model) comes standard with the tow package (at least mine did as per the window sticker). The receiver is hidden behind a plastic bumper cover.
  • Nope. 95,000 miles and only a failed driver's side seat heater failure (fixed under warranty). That's why there are so many Yukons/Denali's out there.
  • i have a new 2007 yukon xl and i would like to change out the arm rest console,,it is the armrest console on the bench type seats,that goes up or down,,well it has no lid that you can open or close,its open with cup holders and an open tray,,,i would like to change it to the type where it has a lid that opens and closes,,its easy to change out just 2 bolts,,,,any ideas where to buy a armrest console,,thank you abuelito
  • you guys know were exactlly are located this temp sensor under the bumper???

    my mirror always display a 0° F
  • Help! We've been trying to register my wife's Yukon for months now. The Service Engine Soon light won't clear and stay cleared.

    First it gave a "small evap leak" code. Found and fixed that. Then it gave a "PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 1 Sen 1) and PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 1 Sen 2)" code. I think that's right. Since my wife couldn't drive my truck so I could take hers to the shop again the shop provided the sensors and I put them in.
    Yay, cleared the code, for 15 miles.

    This time we got "PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 1 Sen 2) and PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 2 Sen 2)". The mechanic said the sensors must be defective. I left the Bank 1 Sen 1 in place and replaced sensor 2 on both banks.

    Cleared the code and the light stayed off for about 25 miles.

    Now it shows "PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 1 Sen 1) and PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc (Bank 2 Sen 2)"

    We've used Denso sensors. Any ideas of causes?
    The mechanic said he recently replaced a computer in an '01. that was $400 used or $900 new. Any cheaper fix?

    Thanks for your help.
  • We have a 2000 Suburban with the 5.3. We installed a Whipple Supercharger when the vehicle was new and have had 95,000 trouble-free miles. It has been the best aftermarket performance enhancement item we've ever purchased. It puts the 5.3 at around 400 hp . - Not sure about the torque.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    That's amazing!! I would figure you wouldv'e blown your 4L60E or rear end by now.
  • Recently our Yukon XL has begun to surge and stall especially soon after start-up and occurs more often in wet/damp weather. It felt like a transmission slippage at first but we had the trannie inspected and it was ok.
    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
    jt : :confuse:
  • Just purchased 2003 Yukon XLSLT 4WD with 67K, my second... the first was a 2001 XL SLE 2WD purchased new. so this is a step up for me. Really wanted a Denali for the 6liter engine but it came down to the AWD which I did not like the ride feel for some reason. So new to the forum and wanted some opinions on a few issues.
    1. Has anyone had an oil smell after driving the truck hard as in mod stop and go and highway traffic. Like when I am late picking up the kids.
    2. Anyone willing to share experience with the cold air and/or exhaust kits would be helpful as I want to give this 5.3 some more low end and maybe help the gas milage. I know...I want my cake !
  • My problem is with a 2003 Yukon XL's transmission. It began to whine at ~80,000 miles and progressively got louder. First the dealer played dumb on the issue (my wife took the XL to the dealer who probably assumed they could bumfoozel her) telling her they heard nothing. I took it in myself yesterday morning and told the service manager to get in and ride around the parking lot with me. He did so and recognized the loud whine right away. Unfortunately, my extended warranty ran out on January 1st and now I'm stuck with paying the bill to replace it!

    Where is the justice ? My first extended warranty and I find out that it terminated on the beginning of the 5th year, not the date of purchase.
  • I was curious to how(kit name, cost?) you had your truck lowered and the pros and cons of doing this when using larger wheels/tires. Now for the vent

    My 03 YXL SLT plush package 4x4 has an occasional "humming" after going over mod speed bumps as I accelerate and I am wondering if rear end is indicating something. Bought used w/ 67k and although an extremely clean looking truck when I changed to the Gibson freeflow exhaust I was appalled at the condition of the underside of this truck. I did not suspect anything as it drove and stopped OK and the dealer assured me this was a truck they had sold and had just taken back in on trade..."has our pedigree"
    When the wheels wre off I checked the brakes and barely got some new pads on before the rotors would have been chewed up. Now it stops like new. The parking brake shoe just disintegrated in my hand.Is it the weight and size of these trucks that make them use more rear brakes atypically than other vehicles?
    So much for the vehicle having the dealer pedigree and passing their 127 point inspection. Why do they lie? The previous owner obviously lived on a farm in Georgia because its caked with mud. If intentional water ever was used I'd be surprised. I was just keeping my finger crossed and now the SIHTF.
    1. Speedo now dead. Anybody had this happen
    2. windows shuddder when you let them down on passenger side.
    3. Factory CD player skips on everything you put in it(as I understand it these radios can't be replaced because they are coded to each vehicle[is this true? or can GM code another one].
    4. Homelink won't set to garage door opener. WHo says buying some type of warranty isn't good so hopefully Premier One will take care of these things. I am used to taking care of my vehicles not just for my piece of mind but because of resale and these are machines. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round right. Any help appreciated
  • I've had this car for 3 years with no problem. Today I go out to start the car and the ignition key will not turn. I also cannot move the gear shift. The internal lights work fine, the security system is working fine. If I turn on the headlight override I hear a beeping sound (?). I am at a loss as to what happened or what to do. The car worked perfect last night. Any help is much appreciated. I am NOT a car person just a woman in need of some 'simple' car advice. Thanks.
  • Wiggle the steering wheel back and forth while your foot is on the brake and you turn the ignition key.
  • i have an 01 yukon xl with the 5.3 liter i am looking to get a fitch fuel catalyst. so i went to the website and they dont have one for that year only 2006-2008.. but there is one for the chevy suburban in my year what is the difference if any .. could i purchase that one and be alright or wat? and does this product actually work? any mods to help the gas mileage and power that actually work?
  • The Keyless Entry feature on my 2007 Yukon XL has quit working correctly. I've changed to the spare keyfob and made sure that the DIC was programmed to original factory settings. Neither tactic helped.
    The entrance door must be opened manually......but once inside, the keyfob will actuate the Keyless Entry system (it'll unlock or lock the doors). When I park the Yukon, the Keyfob will lock the doors as I leave......but will fail to unlock the doors if I'm gone for more than a minute or two. In other words, the system fails if I don't use the Keyfob for a minute or two. So long as I actuate the Keyfob every 15-seconds, it'll keep on working. Anybody got ideas?
  • A funny thing happened the other day to my 2003 Yukon XL. My speedometer just stopped registering speed.The Homelink won't set and the power seat adjustment are confused...i.e. when I push up the seat goes down. My point...the brains on these trucks have got too much on the mind. I disconnected my battery for a change to an optima red top and to install an intake kit and Gibson exhaust last month. and it hit me that thats when things started going wacky. I disconnected the battery again and allowed the brain to reset itself. Now speedometer works fine. Homelink still won't set so it may be my garage door opener system and the seats I figured out. Truy to disconnect your battery for a few minutes and see what happens.
    Does anyone know if I can get the factory radio to turn on an aftermarket amp. I want to add a subwoofer and have been told I can use a output control converter(line output converter) but what is going to turn on the amp. I have the Bose system so something must turn that amp om.
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