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Toyota Camry Seat Belt Questions



  • concernedmom2concernedmom2 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    My 6 year old became entangled in her seatbelt yesterday. The seatbelt continued to tighten the more I attempted to loosen it's grip around her waist. There was absolutely no release of the tension despite my efforts. I ended up having to cut the belt in order to free her from the seatbelt. When I called the dealership, I was given a quote of $148 for the belt and about $200 for labor. I immediately went to the internet and began researching if other consumers had similar experiences and sure enough, I found a few. I took the time to post with the hope that my experience will help another consumer. I am hoping that the dealership will offer to replace the belt for free or at least with a significant discount considering this is obviously not due to human error. Oh.... have a 2007 Toyota Camry.
  • I have had the exact same issue, except they told me the belt was 280 and the labor was 60. I've contacted transportation safety people, Toyota, and among a few other people and haven't received a response. This is a safety hazard and should be completely replaced. Really irritated.
  • momjillmomjill Posts: 1
    This just happened to my 13 year old daughter. The belt kept tightening around her waist and chest and we couldn't loosen it. My husband is a career firefighter and is very distressed at how dangerous this is. We had to cut her out. She is now sporting a pair of bruises across her hips!
  • kaceleekacelee Posts: 1
    This is happening in my 2011 Camry. They have replaced the mechanism once, but it is still happening. Now they tell me it is designed that way because of car seats for children. I will never buy another Toyota product.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    If you pull the belt all the way out, it will lock, just like other cars.


    Don't pull the belt all the way out.

    2010 Camry (same as 2011), kids, zero issues.
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