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Volvo XC90 vs MB M Class vs Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 350 vs BMW X5 vs Cadillac SRX



  • Noticed that the QX4 was missing from you consideration list. I am close to making my final decision between the MDX and the QX4, and I have a offer from the local dealer that expires tomorrow for $300 under invoice on a 39 months lease.

    Curious as to why you aren't considering the QX4, or if you did, why it is not in the running. Would like to hear anything positive/negative from anyone else as well.
  • Lakers Fan - I didn't consider the QX4, possibly a mistake on my part, but I'm too far down a different path now. The QX4 is a very good choice - high reliability and I heard more HP this year (240), which should help the responsiveness. I never drove the QX4, so I can't really comment about it, but I did drive the MDX and found it to be a decent challenger to the X5. However, the MDX lacked an electronic skid control safety feature that we really liked in the X5. Most importantly, the driving experience is totally different with an X5 compared to the MDX (and I would presume a QX4, although who am I to talk if I never drove it?!). Anyway, the X5 seemed to be a "wolf in sheep's clothing", and I liked that....a lot. I already own a large SUV so I didn't want to duplicate that "feel". I think the X5 is exactly what I'm after....and the QX4 or MDX are exactly what you're looking for. My final comment: I'm sure you've done enough background reading and research until you're dizzy. Both SUVs you mentioned are really nice choices. My humble advice: go with YOUR instincts, "pull the trigger" and don't look back. Enjoy.
  • i found your discussions very helpful. i am also an sav/suv seeker and am about to make a decision real soon. i have test drove an X5 3.0 and liked it a lot. i tried the MDX but the dash and interior feel too much like a honda. i am curious about the knocking the 3k off the msrp. was it a fairly good experience or was it an arm wrestling? also, please tell me more about the 1k rebate from joining thc club, thanks.
  • Rick - i would also like to get any details on the $1K rebate from the BMW club. Not sure I went to the appropriate website. Any assistance would be appreciated!
    sjbette - here are my recent experiences on the "negotiation front". We originally pursued one of those "no-haggle" discounts from a club (AAA, Cosco, etc.). This discount is a paltry $1K for the 3.0 and an insulting $500 for the 4.4.
    In retrospect, I don't think I would do this again since it creates a no-haggle expectation on their part. When I attempted to negotiate MORE (yesterday), the response was "it wouldn't be fair to my other discount customers since they just accept the price". (Good point / fair point)
    Still, I thought there was more wiggle room. After a 30-minute no-holds-barred session I negotiated an additional $500 off the MSRP. Simply not worth it!
    Although I'm now in the "consideration stage", I think I'll try another dealer in the area and start over (W/O the discount restriction).
    Other "facts" I learned from the last two days (take these with a GOS (grain of salt):
    1) As of Jan. 30, 90% of the 2002 X5 allocation has already been spoken for. (dealer said this)
    2) February's production order has already been filled and March's orders will be filled in the next 3 to 4 days. This means waiting to have the car MADE in March (delivered in mid-April)...and that's if you jump on this in the next few days, otherwise you may be waiting an additional month!!
    (dealer said this)
    3) An additional wait for the 2003 models does not seem so far-fetched right now.

    Hope you have better luck than me!
  • I believe you have to be a member of BMWCCA for at least 1 year on the date of purchase to qualify.

    I heard from people at message board that 4.4i is a little harder to get due to limited production of 4.4i cause the new range-rovers are using them also I think the 4.4i is being phased out cause of the new 4.5L V8. So the discount on 4.4i is less than 3.0i.
    If your area is supported by many BMW dealers just keep on shopping. I got around $1789 off with some goddies thrown in back in December when I pickup my 4.4i.
    Hope this helps.
  • That BMW dealer is referring to it's particular allocation of X5's, each dealer will be different. I'd check with other dealers, even in other states - I had to go to Flow BMW in North Carolina to get a 2000 Estoril Blue M Coupe a little over a year ago. They had exactly what I was looking for and I got an increadable deal.
  • Does anyone have any info regarding Performance Center Delivery for the '02 X5? Is there additional discounts given for picking up the car in S.C.? or is it just the free tour and airport pickup.

    Please help...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    For a light Off-road Event in NJ.

    A Light off-road event in Southern New Jersey! Come enjoy the trails!


  • mjtianmjtian Posts: 48
    I first test drove the Acura MDX in October of 2001. I placed an order with them that day and it has been almost 4 months and I am still driving my Camry. Oh yeah, there was no room for negotiations I was pretty much forced to agree with the MSRP + $350 for the 2002 model.

    Because I wanted a reliable vehicle along with not wanting to spend over $40K, my search was limited. I ignored the RX300 because it is too ugly and pretty much a jacked up Camry and it costs more than the MDX. I thought the Toyota Highlander might be a good cheap substitute, but the Toyota dealer insisted on the $35K asking price. I looked at the Infinity QX4 and the Mercedes ML 300, they both looked too boxy for me. Also the reliability issue with the MB is questionable. My friend has had numerous problems with her ML 300 and it only has 15K miles!! The BMW also has a poor reliability record according to the Consumer Reports. So I am left with the MDX.

    Unfortunately I am still waiting. Although the dealer did called me twice; once for a 2001 MDX and the other time for a different color. But overall, I think its worth the wait. Even paying at MSRP it is still cheaper than the $40K Rx 300, the $42K BMW X5, the $38K MB with compariable options. The MDX is loaded with standard features. It drives and handles very well. I hope the cabin noise is minimized with the thicker windows in the 2002 model. I guess if you don't mind the wait the MDX is right for you.
  • pvr10pvr10 Posts: 3
    I have had the a problem just recently with the mdx. The dealer took my order and said he will call me when it came in, around may, if i did not want it he would just sell to some else. My price though 39k and change with the touring package (2000 dealer mark up over msrp, no neg). I just leased the lexus rx for alot less. 500 under msrp with a discount - 37,500 with premium plus package. Spending that much on the Acura when I could get the lexus for about $100 dollars less a month and i will have the car in 1-2 weeks.
    For an after thought, I agree with you on the toy highlander. Price 35k and no even close to the ride of the other suv's I test drove.(mb,bmw,lexus,mdx and qx4).
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,590
    There do seem to be some very good deals on the RX300, if you decide that is your cup of tea, especially on the east coast (if I'm to believe what I've been reading in the RX300 forum).

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • Why would you ever buy at MSRP or pay a markup for a car? Remember 2 years ago, no one can touch the RX300 less than MSRP. Now there are deals everywhere for it. I was quoted 35,600 for a fully loaded 2002 black/black RX300.

    Will having this Acura make you feel superior, knowing you're first to have it. How would it feel driving up next to a BMW X5, realizing those drivers know you had to pay full sticker and more.

    Unless you're Bill Gates, shop around. The money you save can buy you those after market accessories. I'm not knocking any Make, but just be smart in your buying decisions.
  • important information about an engine problem that one should aware of if they are shopping or own a Lexus RX300.

  • Here is a link to how Lexus treats their customers with thios engine problem:
  • Well, ironic that the arguably "the most reliable carmakers in the universe" got killed by their own doing. People may think these RX300 V6 engine, since it made by Toyota will run forever even with less than optimum maintenance. Well as you guys been hearing here in Edmunds (other threats ofcourse) on engine sludge that plague RX300/Camry/Siena, those engines just won't run pass 60000!. Now, 3.3million engines recall? that will cost Toyota some pocket changes for sure.
    You know the phrase, pay now or pay later. Do your oil change regularly regradless if it's a jguar or Toyota folks.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Who said anything about a recall?
  • Does anyone have any info about the latest X5 3.0 prices in Northern California? How was your shopping expereience? I would appreciate any useful info.
  • hellohahelloha Posts: 1
    Does any one considering 2002 X5 and ML320.
    The review said MB fixed the poor built quality issue with new 2002 model, and the dealer in NJ is asking 1200 over the Invoice (which is almost 3k less than the MSRP).
    BMW dealer told me that there is 5-6 weeks waiting period for X5, and they are not selling it a dime below the MSRP, which makes X5 5k more than the ML320 model with similar configuration.
    But the Quality Issue of old ML320 really bugs me.
    Can anyone advise on this one?
  • tso2001tso2001 Posts: 11
    I've been scoping this & other sites for quite awhile now trying to decide which SUV to get among these 4 guys (MDX,ML,X5 & RX). After driving these, some for long weekend trips, thanks to my mom's 2002 RX, & sister's 2002 ML, I found that RX is too isolated, has turning radius of a UHaul moving truck, not thrilled w/ its center consol. ML is solid but don't like the minivan look. X5 drives the best, like a sports car w/ all that sequential shifting & stuff, unfortunately has the interior size of a car & cargo space less than that of a car. Was very impressed with MDX's overall capabilities & characteristics, so I ordered one. Thanks for your inputs.
  • You have chosen well tso2001. As an MDX owner let me assure you that you will not be sorry. A site you might like to check out is the I found tons of useful information relating to the MDX. After delivery, post your numbers (price paid) and options chosen on the Edmunds MDX site so others can benefit from your experience. How long is your wait for delivery?
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