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Volvo XC90 vs MB M Class vs Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 350 vs BMW X5 vs Cadillac SRX



  • susanw6susanw6 Posts: 32
    Just a couple of more things...

    Regarding the MDX, has anyone noticed that the adjustable steering wheel does not come down enough? I like to pull the wheel directly in front of me, but I found the MDX does not do this. It stays in a somewhat angled-up position,

    We also drove the Lexus GX470, but that had a strange low console that cut my husbands right mid calf when he drove it.
  • susanw6susanw6 Posts: 32
    I checked out both the Volvo XC and Lexus RX. My husband found the leg room in the Volvo uncomfortable when he drove it. The gas pedal is too far to the right and his knee was smashed up against the console.
    The Lexus is really nice, but I also have 2 kids and would find the 3rd row helpful when carting around neighborhood friends.
    I am leaning toward the Cadillac SRX. It has the 3rd row, is comfortable and luxurious inside and the rear liftgate is remote. How great is that when you are loading packages!! Also, the third row goes up and down electrically. I know it kind of looks like a hearse, but for the price it kind of has everything you need.
  • Your biggest problem is that the RX does not have a third row--like you are looking for "occasionally".

    How much research have you been able to do?

    If you are looking for vehicles with a third row, here are some of your best choices--based on reviews in the press:

    Volvo XC90
    Image Hosted by

    GMC Acadia
    Image Hosted by

    Mazda CX-9
    Image Hosted by

    Saturn Outlook
    Image Hosted by

    Acura MDX
    Image Hosted by

    There are more.
    The Volvo third row is not likely to be comfortable for very long for anyone, but you could probably manage.
    It is very safe.
    You might also want to wait for the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot--all due to be refreshed this year.
    If you are in a rush and want the best right now, there is no question that the Saturn and the GMC are the very best. They are all the rage in the automotive press right now (and incidentally, hey have the biggest third row).

    Two more to consider:

    BMW X5 (small)
    Image Hosted by

    Mercedes-Benz R-Class(cavernous)
    Image Hosted by
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Volvo says their 3rd row is recommended for people under 5ft-3". My wife is that size and she is very comfortable back there for 2-3 hours drives. We do not use the 3rd row very often, maybe twice a year. You are right, the Volvo third row is very safe, as safe as any other seat in the XC90.
  • I am debating between the Cadillac SRX and the Volvo XC90, does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Drive them both and see which one you like better.
    It is very crucial that you find loaded examples of each and drive them.
  • hi, new to these forums, does anyone actually have the srx with the 3rd row, i feel it wont fit 2 adults but how about 2 pre-teen kids.
  • minime5minime5 Posts: 40
    I have been an owner of a SRX for three years now, and have had many pre-teen kids in the 3rd row. No problem there...I've also put two adults ( 5'5" & 5'7") back there on a one hour drive. They didn't mind at all.
  • I'm a sophomore, and am trying to decide between the Mercedes ML320 or the Acura MDX for my first car(Years 2001-2004). I prefer the Mercedes, just for the name, but the Acura is good too. They both seem pretty reliable but what do I know. Thank You.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Of those vehicles and model years, your best bet for reliability would be a 2003-2004 MDX. 2001-2002 MDX's have a transmission design that has been problematic. ML320's don't have a good reliability record by most accounts.
  • suvhuntsuvhunt Posts: 27
    I just got the MDX after comparing to XC90 and RX350. The MDX is best value for the money by far, here's some pros and cons:

    MDX (tech/ent)
    1. Well integrated audio and video and navigation
    2. Excellent voice recognition
    3. Great handling
    4. Very techy with lots of gadgets and toys
    5. 3rd row
    6. Lots of "small things" included like xenon lights, backup camera, bluetooth, aux input on the tech/ent package.
    1. May be too techy for some folks. If you think a blackberry or treo is too complicated, don't look at this car. Must read manual to maximize all the tools.
    2. 3rd row is smaller than Volvo.
    3. Roof rack, trailer hitch, and side boards are all optional (if you care for them)
    4. Ugly grille.

    Volvo XC90
    1. Safe, high crash ratings.
    2. Large roomy 3rd row
    3. Nice factory headrest DVD setup
    4. Nice conservative appearance (my wife likes it)
    1. The 6cyl is very weak.
    2. Poor reliability history ( and thus higher maintenance)
    3. Navigation is really really bad and not worth its weight in paper.
    4. No backup camera, just an optional radar buzzing thing.
    5. Ends up 4-5k more than MDX comparably equipped.

    Lexus RX350
    1. Nice finish
    2. Smooth drive
    3. Nav is pretty good and easy to use.
    4. Lexus customer service
    1. No 3rd row if you need it.
    2. Very boat like to drive. Handling worse than Acura of Volvo. Could be a good thing if you like driving a boat, though.
    3. Its really a glorified highlander. All the interior setup is identical, shift gear box and all.
    4. Hard to find the factory DVD and aftermarket doesn't look so hot.
    5. Costs a little more than MDX even without the DVD.

    Hope that helps someone.
  • kaistringkaistring Posts: 2
    From my SUV hunt, I eliminated BMW X5 (too many friends got lemons or service problems)& Porsche (best looking but poor dealer attitude with too limited warranty for a fuzzy car):

    Benz ML 350 vs Acura MDX Technology

    1. Benz drives with a more solid & safe feel
    2. Benz has a much better exterior front nose.
    3. Surprisingly Benz holds better resale value when I checked from year to year going back to 2000. Plus I bought my premium 2007 Benz for much less than the MDX Technology
    4. Better voice activated Navigation & traffic report in MDX
    5. Much better looking gauges in MDX.
    6. Bigger & roomier interior in MDX

    ;) I would have bought the MDX if I could tolerate the funky looking front nose from the side and from the front. Driving the Infinity FX35 actually gave me a german car feel- much better than the MDX, but the FX appearance and blind spots are even worse than the MDX.
  • i am looking into buying an suv... i don't know whether the bmw x5 or the lexus rx350 is better. can someone please help me out as to which is the better vehicle... thanks
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    It all depends on how you define "better" - what are your most important criteria?
  • i basically want to know the ups and downs of each... i like the bmw, but i also like the lexus
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    My suggestion would be to first do some research (you can start here) on each of the vehicles that you are attracted to. Read some reviews, do side-by-side comparisons to narrow it down to 2 or 3. Then go out and test drive those on a variety of roads, and get a feel for the dealers and what kind of pricing is available in your area. Do not "fall in love" and buy until you have driven all of the models that you are interested in.

    By the way, the BMW and the Lexus are not alike and appeal to different target audiences. You need to figure out which one you fall into.
  • Hi everyone:

    Has anyone shopped the MB M-Class in relation to the MDX? What did you find notably different between the two? In your opinion, which would you prefer?

    I am looking at both vehicles right now, and wanted to see if other shoppers/buyers compared these two vehicles in their research.

  • Hi. I am trying to make a final decision and having a hard time.

    I have two kids so interior room is HUGE factor to me so the Lexus appears too small, is that what the rest of you think?

    I love the ride and feel and gadgets on the MDX, but I think the BMW looks better outside.

    The Mercedes is actually the LEAST expensive of them all I have found, can you believe it. I will be LEASING and they are running a Lease special for $525 a month so it's $125 less a month than the MDX so it's hard to decide.

    Help please!
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I will also have the same dilemma when I plan to buy this year end, waiting for 2010 RX.
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