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Volvo XC90 vs MB M Class vs Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 350 vs BMW X5 vs Cadillac SRX



  • storostoro Posts: 1

    I faced a similar decision recently and went with the 2008 X5 (w 3rd row seats) after owning the RX300 for 8 years.

    The previous generation RX (Japanese made) was incredibly reliable - not a single problem in 88,000 miles and had adequate space for family with 3 kids and dog. Unless you are doing any offroad driving, the performance differences are not significant between X5 3.0, RX 350 and MDX. MDX has horsepower advantage and has better 0-60 but for most daily driving I guess you would not notice. Looked at XC90 also but have heard reports of reliability issues and found the V6 underpowered.

    RX and X5 felt more luxurious than MDX and as a former owner of an earlier Acura car, I spent most of my time with that wishing that I had bought something else
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I think ur decision was good. is it the 4.8?
    Can you tell your experience how it has been till now.
    I have the same problem choosing well off course i am in no hurry for a purchase.
    I like the x5 but since hearing reliability issues i dont know what to choose anymore
    I ldo like the rx but well the design is old and guys don't really drive it much
    mdx well not for me volvo dont consider.

    I am hoping lexus bring a much better rx or a new suv to compete with x5 cayenne and ml
  • jwoodiejwoodie Posts: 16
    As a new car, the SRX takes a tremendous depreciation hit; however, a used '07-'09 SRX (especially CPO) is probably the best automotive bargain in America.
  • Has anyone else compared these two vehicles? We drove the Cadillac last week and really liked the ride and the looks of it. You can get most of the perks of the MDX's advance/ent in the premium for about $5000 less. From what I can tell the only thing we would be giving up would be the third row seat. If we purchased the MDX, the most we could afford would be the tech/ent. For a $1000 more for the Caddy we would get ventilated seats, front/rear park assist, passive lock/push button start, onstar, the ability to fill up with regular gas and two entertainment screens vs one.

    The Caddy could be purchased and serviced locally where as the closest Acura dealer is more than an hour away. They also claim that the new 2010's are selling faster than they can get them in so no discount off MSRP.

    We have an 01 MDX with 145,000 miles that the tranny is giving us problems, so have to do something in the next week or two.

    Would love to hear your thoughts if you've compared the two.
  • cal_92cal_92 Posts: 5
    I'd go for the 2010 SRX. Not only is it a better looking vehicle, but it's also a better bang for the buck suv. Better gas mileage, better gadgets, etc. The only negative would be if you need the 3rd row seat, which the MDX would have. However, the 3rd row on the MDX is really only suited for kids, and you would give up most, if not all, of the trunk space. The SRX would only seat 5, but has generous room in the trunk. Did I mention how much better looking the SRX is?

    We also have an 02 Acura TL with about 140K miles, and the tranny is already slipping. So much for Acura reliability...We are also looking into dumping it for a new car.
  • Yes - I would agree - we have a 2007 MDX with Tech/Ent package and when my wife's XC-90 needed to be replaced recently - we ended up choosing the 2010 SRX over the XC-60, MDX, and RX-350. There were aspects of all of them that we liked. The Volvo is a nice car - and a pretty good value in that you should be able to get decent deals on them - but she was looking for something a bit different. We decided we didn't want two MDX's and didn' t need to have 2 cars with a 3rd row since we already have the MDX.

    I would recommend you test drive the SRX with / without the 20" wheels. Some folks like the softer ride that you get with the 18" wheels - the 20" wheels definitely give a firmer ride and there is no sense in paying extra for that if you are not going to be happy with the change in firmness.

    We ended up going with the 2.8 Turbo AWD Premium - which for that model is pretty close in price to what you would pay for an MDX with all 3 packages. If you are someone who is sensitive to power at takeoff - you should drive both the turbo and non-turbo versions to get a feel for whether the difference is worth it to you. One warning though - the Turbo not only adds several thousand to the cost of the vehicle - it also requires premium gas - so that is another cost issue to consider when going with that model.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Turbo would also mean a detuned/derated base engine resulting in poor hwy FE.
  • After months and months and months of shopping for a new SUV, I finally bought the RX450h. I looked at every SUV on the market. And I do mean every single one. Some we drove three, four and five times over. To the point where I had to go to different dealerships for the same car because I was embarrassed with how many test drives I took. That doesn't include the countless magazine articles, blogs, owners I spoke with, etc. I could spend pages talking about all the ones I considered (and I have the stacks of papers to prove it!), but in a nutshell here's the reasons I went with the RX and didn't go with the competition:

    1. 450h = Lexus reliability (we hate spending time at the shop, causing one or both of us to miss work and such a hassle to rearrange schedules), really liked the new exterior design, interior layout was very nice, rich leather, ample space, velvety ride, ultra quiet, expecially the hybrid version along with 30 mpg gas mileage, remote touch navigation is better than the others I tried, and just an overall upscale feel inside and out. It would have been nice to have a 3rd row option to use in a pinch and ports shouldn't be so hard to get to in the arm rest, but otherwise this car fit the bill in every way. IMO, it's perfect for a family who needs an all-purpose luxury car to commute to work, run daily errands, take the kids to school, take the family on a 1,000-mile road trip for the weekend, and then show up to a black-tie dinner.

    2. Acura MDX/RDX - great reliability. However, while the handling was a touch better than the RX, the ride is not nearly as refined, there's more noticeable road noise, and the transmission is not as smooth. I didn't like the "bagel slicer" front grill and the controls were a bit too busy looking. This was tied as our 3rd place car.

    3. Audi Q series - really nice handling, but that's about where it ended. Reliability was a major issue for us, and although Audi's record in that department has improved somewhat over the past few years, it's not reached Lexus reliability. Interior was not quite to the level of the Lexus. This was tied for our 2nd place car.

    4. BMW X series = on par with Audi in terms of handling, but road noise was pretty loud and interior was not even close to the other brands. Ride was on the harsh side. 3rd row option was nice though. Reliability is better than Audi and MB, but still not a Lexus or Acura. We liked the exterior design, but overall, it was never really in the running.

    5. Cadillac Escalade/SRX - we test drove the Escalade once, and once was enough to know it wasn't what we wanted. Way too big, bulky, and pretty gaudy all around. The SRX was better, but we weren't at all impressed with the quality of the interior, the fit and finish, or the ride comfort. The exterior was a bit edgy as compared to the others, and we liked it.

    6. Infiniti Fx/Qx - As with the escalade, the Qx was just too bulky for us, but it drove a lot smaller than the Caddy. As for the Fx, the design didn't really do anything for us, although we liked the interior and the ride quality. This was tied for our 3rd place with the Acura.

    7. Land Rover - different, but that was about it. Reliability? 'nuff said.

    8. Mercedes GL and GLK -- We really liked both of these. Alot. The GL's exterior is really striking, has an aggressive stance, although the interior could be nicer. Navigation needs to be improved big time. The M B Tex a.k.a. pleather, also was a turn off at this price point. But, unlike the other larger SUVs, this one drove really small for its size. This was our 2nd place car, and we probably would have bought it but for reliability history for the GL (not good, to say the least), and the poor gas mileage. If both of these improve in the next five years, we're getting this car. As for the GLK, if we went with MB, we would have gotten the GL over the GLK.

    9. Porsche Cayenne -- test drove it once, was not impressed with the ride quality, then came back again in a month and confirmed it was not for us. Bouncy ride (better not put any hot coffee in those cup holders), jerky accelleration, just overall not a comfortable ride. I couldn't imaging taking it on a road trip of any significant duration.

    10. Volvo XC series - a few years ago these would be high on my list. Since then, every other car on my list has equaled Volvo in the one category that Volvo used to be the leader in - safety. Who feels unsafe in any of the cars above? Once you get past the safety advantage, there wasn't much the XCs offered that wasn't surpassed by the other cars. Plus, the reliability has dropped off over the last few years.

    11. Other cars never in the running -- Hummer, Lincoln, Hyundai.
  • jac17jac17 Posts: 1

    This is our first adventure into the luxury vehicle market and have narrowed our choices down to the BMW x5 and the Lexus RX350. In truth, we like the X5 better, but do have concerns about overall maintenance charges after the initial warranties. We tend to keep our cars for 10+ years, so interested in any insight regarding past experiences comparing these 2 on what we can expect from charges. Because of past biases, I must admit we are leaning towards the RX350 because we feel that it will be cheaper down the road from a maintenance perspective. Welcome your views and appreciate the input.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    I'll admit my bias right upfront.. I am in love with the BMW maintenance plan.. For four years, you just drop the car off and never pay a dime...

    While the Lexus may be cheaper to maintain and repair over 8-10 years, that is a long time to drive your second choice.. (and, given the four year head start on maintenance with the BMW, that isn't a given)..

    I tend to think of Asian makes as cheaper than the Europeans, as well.. but, I've seen our local Lexus dealership.... they are paying for all those luxury accoutrements from somewhere... I'm guessing the service department is pulling their weight.... ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    While I would NEVER buy any BMW, in a comparison with the RX for wintertime adverse roadbed conditions I would ALWAYS choose the R/awd X5. Open the door to other marques and the Porsche Cayenne wins.
  • My wife had to return a new RX450H. Cabin integrity compromised with burning, fumes -- she was sick, our son quick. OUr contractor at home sampled car and said, "How can anyone breathe in this?" Dealer found no problem but refused to replicate driving conditions -- long drive followed by steep climb to our home in Santa Monica Mountains. We paid dealer $5000 to get out of lease and expected Toyota Corp (for Lexus) simply to reimburse. Isntead ,they stonewalled. So, now we will go to Federal authorities, advise automobile columnists and pursue litigation. We'll probably put in more time than justified, but it's a matter of principle. On prior Lexus, copany was responsive to any concerns. They could have resolved this nicely by simply ot making us eat the loss. I'm assume problem not widespread -- only found few similar problems on Internet realted to a substance used that can give off toxics. We will be raising the profile of this issue to see if others had similar problems that were not resolved. By the way, out of courtesy to Lexus, we even advised corp counsel, and he imprudent bucked problem to a bureaucrat who did not seek closure. We were stunned and surprised at the company's insensitivity and inability the consequences of its failure to resolve our situation.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Are we talking "out-gassing" of material/plastics (new car smell) or mould/mildew odor..?
  • Good question. Beyond new car smell -- actually producing nausea, dizziness.
    Not mold or mildew. Dealer wanted modest amount to offer replacement, but my wife had lost confidence. Regardless, dealer would not test vehicle under similar circumstances.
  • fannanfannan Posts: 1
    This is a terrific post. Thank you so much for sharing the results of your search which is about to save me a TON of time.
  • luiggimluiggim Posts: 1
    With all your respect and no offence but I can tell that everything you’ve said is very personal and subjective. All you just have expressed is YOUR taste about cars, which as normal it’s gonna be deferent to others. Like you may prefer chocolate ice cream and I may prefer vanilla. And when it comes to reliability it happens that I used to be an RX owner, unfortunately a very disappointed one like many others I found in different forums. My RX needed a transmission rebuild at 90K miles and according to the mechanic it was not the first one. I found RX owners online with transmission problems at 40, 50, 60 and 70K, this is unacceptable for the money you pay for these cars. It was funny when I told a Lexus sales person that I would never buy a pre-owned RX again and if I do I would get rid of it before factory warranty expires and that they are just good looking cars, lol… he got kind of mad. And I went ahead and said that not every Toyota/Lexus products are good, they’ve been successful with Corolla, Camry/ES, 4Runner/GX and Landcruiser/LX the rest is questionable, He said: if the Camry is a good car so is the Highlander/RX because they share the same transmission. That is when I understood the root of the problem, Toyota/Lexus are using a sedan transmission on a much heavier vehicle like the Highlander and RX. So after all if you are just gonna drive your RX during the warranty period you are fine, don’t go any further dough, that’s my advice. If you don’t believe me just Google “RX transmission problems”.
    Good luck
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..they share the same transmission.."

    True and NOT.

    The Camry was used as a model, start, for the early RX transmission, but regretably with some serious changes included. Then in about '01 that "changed" RX transmission was (re?) adopted by the Camry and etc, etc.

    It was only after DBW was adopted (RX330) that those new transmissions become reasonably reliable.
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