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Dodge Ram Seats and Interior Issues



  • streffelstreffel Posts: 1
    Has anyone else experienced the discomfort associated with the front seat construction? If feels, after just a few miles, like you are sitting on two metal rails instead of a comfortable seat (and the person's body weight is not the issue). I had the seat replaced under warranty and found the new seat is no more comfortable. It seams they changed the design of the seat and there is only about 1" to 1.5" of foam over the metal frame of the seat.
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    Do you have the 3 button remote seats or the one long button remote? I found that the stock leather seats in the 1500's has more padding but the seats in the 2500/3500 have better adjustments and slightly less cushion. I perfer the 2500/3500 seats comparred to the 1500 seats after trying out both. The 2009 Ram will have new fully redesigned seats and I can't wait to do a test drive in the 2009 1500 when it comes out.

    p.s. NOW is the time to buy a new RAM if you need a truck. Due to high gas prices, they are almost giving them away now. At my local dealer they have a super price, they give you a 50" big screen TV AND the $2.99 gas deal for 3 years!! Not including the lifetime power-train warrantee.

    Prices have come down considerably since I bought mine last October 2007 and I thought I got a good deal. ;(

    Ski in TX
  • Hi, did you or anyone find a way to make your seat more comfortable? i have the exact same issue as streffel. thanks Pete
  • Does anyone else have a problem with a hole developing in the seat of their Dodge 1500? I have a 2004 Quad cab with less than 34K miles, under warranty with the mileage but more than 3 years on the age. This truck has been babied in every way but a hole has developed on the drivers side on the side of the seat, possibly a coil of some kind trying to poke thru. Service department has heard of this issue and will submit a claim with the district rep, I know that song and dance...which basically means take out your wallet and bend over. Anyone else have this problem?
  • The problem is the same throughout all model Rams 1500, 2500, & 3500. The contoured foam and frame suffer a design flaw. Essentially the frame works its way up through the foam. tearing it as it goes due to the weight (no matter how heavy) of the driver. I have a 2006 Ram I bought with 28k miles back in Sept.2008. So as far as warranty, I'm screwed.
    But, I talked to an upholstery man today who says it's easy to fix, you just need the foam cushion (factory/dealer part). The upholstery is easily removed as it's attached with plastic hooks on the bottom of the seat. When replacing the custom molded foam, place a piece of leather or vinyl over the 2 bars the foam rests on. This will prevent the metal from gnawing at the foam. Place the foam and recover the seat and hook at the bottom. Wa-La, but it may happen again as the replacement foam isn't any better than the scrap you just replaced.
    I wish I could find a place that sold the fitted foam as an after market part, but I've scoured the internet and can't find one....Happy Hunting...
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    Anyone else have problems with the comfort of your drivers seat. My dodge is a 4wd with the manual seat adjustment and does sit up a little higher of course than a 2 wheel drive, but getting out of the seat is painful from the way the seat is constructed with the plastic around the base of the cushion. Scrapes your leg getting out most of the time. Also the seat interior rails can be felt. I took it back to the dodge dealer here and they supposedly changed out the foam, but you can't tell any difference. Anyone know of a different year dodge seat that is more comfortable?
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info, very frustrating, the older Dodge seats were so much more comfortable. Thanks again.
  • kf6adikf6adi Posts: 1
    I have those same horrible cup holders in my 2006 Ram 2500 quad cab and have been trying to figure out a solution for some time. As your post was quite a while ago, did you ever find a solution to the problem? A way to make them usable? I really hqave no problem with their placement, just that a 5 mph turn cause my drink to fall out of them.

    Has anybody found a suitable way to fix these cup holders and make them usable?
  • I recently purchased a 2007 Dodge Ram Crew Cab. It has the 60/40 seats in the back, but I cannot get the lower seats to raise up far enough to extend the cargo floor, they just stop when I pull them up a few inches. Does anyone know if I am just doing something wrong, or if there is something wrong with the seats?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Make sure the seat belt buckles or some other obstructions aren't in the way... if everything is clear, then the folding mechanism may have failed.

    By the way, you lhave the Quad Cab, which is the same size class as other brands' extended cabs - Dodge simply chose to use normal rear doors instead of the rearward-opening "suicide doors". The actual Crew Cab was just recently introduced with the new body (2009 for the 1500, 2010 for the 2500/3500).

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  • how do you slide the seat cover over the back of the back seat in 2003 quad cab? cant pull seat forward, not much room to slide cover. anybody got idea to help before kids ruin my seats
  • I've got a '02 2500 Quad Cab, and have never used the rear shoulder belts. I'm now putting my daughter in her booster seat and there is no way I can get the belts (either one) to lock up. I've tried in all extended positions, pulling as hard and fast as I can. The fronts lock up with a simple flick of the wrist or even when I lean forward while driving. The service manual says nothing about testing, etc., only removal/ installation. I tried posing the question to for money and all I'm getting is to look at my owners manual! Any ideas would sure be appreciated. If I hit something my girl would go directly into the hard handles on the back of the front seat.
  • It's easier to do if you first put the covers on then lift the seats. This allows the seat backs to move away from the frame in back of the seat backs so that you can fold them over and then extend the elastic straps underneath to conect to the bottom seat covers.
  • i have went threw the orginal ones and it had the hole developed and then the spring came threw so i went to a salavage yard and bought another one and the console dips down and they have a bad wear on them
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