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Ford Escape

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
This topic is a continuation of Topic 2184....

Ford Escape. Please continue these discussions
here. Thanks!

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  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    I have read that the reason for the delay in the holding area is that there is supposedly a glitch in the automatic transmissions and each and everyone of the automatics have to be given a 40 mile test drive.Also, there are numerous complaints about a fuel smell unrelated to the fuel line "O" ring recall.,
  • cwnutcwnut Posts: 1
    I have the "x" plan. I know that it is 4% above the "a" plan for ford employees. Does anyone know what the "a" plan price is in reference to the dealer's invoice ? Thanks for your help !!
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    I have written Blue Oval News and ask them to investigate the reason/or reasons that 4000 Ford Escapes have been in a holding yard for almost a month and why new owners are still complaining of a fuel smell inside the cabin even after the fuel line "O" ring recall was corrected. We haven't had any straight answers from FORD.It has been stated that there are transmission problems and each unit has to be driven 40 miles {maybe rumor, maybe not}. People at the yahoo Escape Club have even been waiting since "JULY" for an ordered Escape. WHY? WE WANT ANSWERS!
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    I am having trouble with MPG. In fact, it gets ridiculous in city driving. I must get less than 10 MPG when city driving. Highway is OK and I don't do much city driving but it just begs the question why? Anyone with a clue?
  • kymberkymber Posts: 3
    I just rec'd my Wedgewood Blue XLT 4x2 auto/16" wheels/privacy glass and moonroof. I'm looking at a Red Carpet 3 yr lease based on selling price of $21,401 with $500 lease rebate money. The lease rate is the killer----11.25% is what they're saying for 3 years (payment of $443 w/all taxes and no security deposit). Anyone know anything better. I ordered mine and it arrived in 4 weeks but they're built in KC only 2 hours away. Thanks for the help.
  • Does anyone know of an after maket "on line" catalogue for the Ford Escape for such items as, brush guards, roof racks, additional front lights etc...Does anyone also know if there will be a limited or Eddie Bauer verson of the EScape??

    Best Regards

  • I am one of those that have been waiting for my Escape since July. All of this information about Ford holding some of the Escapes is really starting to irritate me. I, along with tronsr, want some answers!! Why is it that I ordered mine in July and do not have it, yet Kymber got hers in 4 weeks!!?? I am also in the midwest. VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!!
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    I have been waiting since Aug 18 and still absoultely no word on delivery. I have traded a car a 1998 ZX2 got a great deal, but I dont want to drive it very much to preserve value, so that is my situation. I don't think I like all these postings re avaliability. Some people get them some don't and you and I are in the latter group
    But if they aren't right I guess we could back out.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    dyl2, what octane gasoline are you buying? These modern engines have a high compression ratio so they also have a knock detector that retards the ignition when it knocks because perhaps you "floor it" in town a lot. You will get lower MPG with regular gasoline because the engine must adjust to compensate for it. See what happens to your MPG with high octane fuel.
  • 10 miles to the gallon??!! something is very wrong, unless your hauling a ton of weight around a very hilly city scape, there is no reason, get the engine checked out!
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Are you sure you are not driving a Hummer? Getting ten miles per gallon with the Escape is inconceivable. You are either have a gasoline leak
    or you are computing the miles per gallon wrong. I, also, strongly suggest a trip back to your dealership.
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    The thing is I don't even rev the truck above 3000rpm so I know I'm not pushing it. Like I said, it's really fine on the highway (about 22-23) but in the city it just gets ridiculous and I don't haul or drive it hard at all.

    In response to the question about octane grade used, I'm using 87 because I don't believe it needs any better. Besides, higher octane fuel burns finer and should give you better performance but less mileage so I don't think that's it.

    Anyways, I gave Ford Assistance Center a call and they told me that I had a recall issue, the fuel line. My dealer told me all had been taken care of but perhaps that was before that particular recall was issued. Does anybody know if that would affect the MPG?

    Again, I must get LESS than 10MPG (Just drove 15 city, 10 highway for a total of 25 miles and it looks like 3 gallons are gone.
  • Can you get the 6-way power seats in an XLT with the cloth seats, or do you have to get leather to get the power seats? We live in moderate hills and I noticed the Escape V-6 shifted alot out of overdrive, does it still do this after they are broke in? My V-6 SOHC Explorer doesn't shift out of overdrive on these same small hills. Thanks in advance!
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    "In response to the question about octane grade used, I'm using 87 because I don't believe it needs any better. Besides, higher octane fuel burns finer and should give you better performance but less mileage so I don't think that's it." --dyl2

    By, there's a lot wrong with that statement. I would guesss the reason that you "...don't believe it needs any better..." is becasue you don't want to pony up the extra 3¢ - 5¢ a gallon and not some great engineering deduction.

    I will give you my experience.

    My '99 Passat Turbo REQUIRES a minimum of 91 octane gas. With a lesser octane, there is a measurable (dynoed) decrease in MPG and Horsepower. The engine is DESIGNED and CALIBRATED to use that fuel best.

    You should ALWAYS use the gas octane that is recommended in YOUR owner's manual because modern engines are calibrated to run on a specific octane. If it is true that you don't NEED to use a HIGHER grade then the manufacturer recommends (and it is true!) then it is also true that using a LESSER grade has a negative effect on your MPG and HP.

    So if the manual says use 89 or 91 and you have decided to use 87 because "...I don't believe it needs any better..." then you deserve your crappy mileage. Sorry for the bluntness.

    It always amazes me how someone can spend more then $20k on a new car then carry on about how much gas costs. The difference per gallon from 87 to 91 octane is about 10¢... in a 16 gallon tank that means an extra $1.60 per fill up. Small price to pay IMO for a cleaner running, more fuel efficiant, better performing vehicle.

    No flame meant, just my opinion. :-)
  • siyasiya Posts: 5
    The owners manual on my '99 Odyessy rate the engine at 205bhp on 87 octane and 210bhp on 91+. First time I've seen it specified.
    Still waiting for Escape xlt 4x2 ordered 9/5.
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    First of all, I absolutely agree that you should always use what if recommended by the manufacturer. That's 87 and what I'm using. I really wouldn't use anything else not because of the extra two bucks but because that's not specified. To tell you the truth, if you said that using 93 would make a noticeable difference in the longevity and quality of my engine, I'd use it but you probably should've checked what the manufacturer's specifications were before you made a reply that really doesn't give me an answer to my situation.

    By the way, I really hope you weren't insinuating that even using a crappier grade of gas (which I'm not according to specs) could account for such a huge disparity in MPG cause that would truly be ignorant.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Relax... no reason to get all offended. I was trying to give you some examples based on my own experiences and knowledge re: Octane, that's all.

    I apoligize for ASSuming :-) you were just being cheap, but I thought the Escape asked for 89 octane, most cars do nowadays. I was mistaken, sorry, but no one is perfect.

    I was also NOT suggesting that using the wrong octane accounted for your ultra-low mileage. I was just trying to add something more to the 5 "answers" above mine that all told you to go to the dealer... those posts didn't answer your question anymore then mine did btw.

    Take a breath, we're all on the same team here. :-)
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    I was just about to post something in regards to our mini conversation, which I must admit may have gotten a little out of hand. I'm sure you know more about cars than I do cause I don't know jack. In any case, my real question at this moment is whether or not the fuel line recall could have anything to do with it. I have to take it to the dealership anyways since it's a safety issue and it's gotta be fixed.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Well, the recall thing would be a good start, but definately tell them about the MPG problem while it's in. Perhaps a bad O2 sensor or Air mass meter.

    No worries on our conversation.
  • Just to let anyone reading this know. I am in St. Louis, Missouri and am getting quotes at invoice and even below from dealers. I did it by getting a firm quote and figures from the Internet then insisting on a factory order, then I started price shopping. Once I had a good price, I sent the figure around to the area dealers. Sunset Ford and Dave Sinclair Ford are taking the prize so far, but Paul Cerame and Bo Bueckman have been close. In St. Louis at least there is really no excuse for paying much above invoice. If you are willing to do your homework, work the phone and fax machine a bit and place an oder, you will get an Escape at an excellent price, like I said, literally, at invoice, or below, and I even got them to wave the stupid "paperwork fee" thing they all like to tag on.

    So, good luck and happy hunting.
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