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Ford Escape



  • I have heard rumors of a totally new Escape in a few years or just a re-facelift for 08' If they are testing that Escape on the street already I would expect it to be ready for the fall or early o7' Also the Edge is much larger than the Escape, and not a replacement. People keep saying that, but, the Edge is about 185 inches the Escape is about 175 inches. They may be cross-shopped against each other but there is no reason to think that the Escape is being phased out, yet. In fact I heard they are going to add another SUV/CUV smaller than the Escape so that camoflaged Escape could be a tad larger than the current one to make room for the rumored smaller SUV. Oh well, I am a big Ford guy so it will be interesting if they come out with that Bronco concept as the small SUV. We'll see.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The new Escape will have to be out by 08 as the current interior does not comply with safety rules that go into effect for the 2008 model year.

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    I just got back from the dealer after having my routing service done, and found out that there will be a '07 and at least an '08. The interesting part is, I was told that Ford will be adding a sport model Escape (unknow if it will be a 2 or 4 door), but will have 3 engines available. It will have the Std 4cyl, and 3.0ltr V6 available with both the FWD and 4WD, but then things get fun, they will have the 3.5ltr 255HP V6 available with FWD ONLY, and only avail with the Sport Model. The dealer also had told me they may have a power rear roof like the Freestyle FX concept (that may also be arriving on the Freestyle) that will turn the from normal Escape body to Sport-trac style body. I'm waiting to see if anything surfaces in the media from this, but it could be a wait. Maybe that spy shot somebody posted earlier, might have been the sport-trac version?

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    How you been?
    I too am now reading there will be an updated Escape for 07. A new frontend and rearend, new interior, lots of standard safety equipment. Hey! Maybe Ford finally listened to the consumer! I have not heard of the 3.5 making its way into the Escape however. I believe the engine factory for the 3.5 is just now really starting to spin up production. I believe the 3.5 will make its way first in the 500/Montego/Freestyle and the new Mercury brother of the Freestyle. Rumor has it even the Ranger will get the 3.5.. I guess we'll see...
    I am however probably going to sell my Escape this summer sometime. It now has over 65,000 reliable miles on it!
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Yesterday my parents purchased an '02 Escape XLT to replace an old and tired '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I drove the Escape back home from the dealer (we live 40 miles away) and I have to say it is worlds better than our former truckish-feeling Jeep. I also believe that we will more than likely get better gas mileage too. Our Escape is fully loaded, with leather upholstery and a sunroof, and we paid $10,500 (including trade-in) with 29K miles.

    I have only one question however: When is the right time to turn on and use the AWD system with the little dash switch? And can AWD be used as a full-time system, just like the Selec-Trac in our old Jeep?
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    The switch should almost never be used. 4 wheel drive is on all the time. Turning the switch should only be used on snow if you get stuck
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The 02 Escape uses a hydraulic clutch to engage 4wd. Sometimes, this does not react quickly enough. For instance if you were stopped on a snow covered hill at a red light. when the light turns green you might slide back several feet before the 4wd system gets the torque back to the rear wheels. This is when you use the switch. Its not good to leave the switch in 4wd because the clutch gets hot and then my disengage to protect itself and it might disengage at the wrong time for the driving conditions.

    You almost never need to flip the switch and you should definitely switch it back when the immediate need passes.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    I personally have only had to use the switch in my '01 3 times.
    1. Going through mud and water that was up to the center of tires after having to back down a boat ramp with a small trailer into the mud / water because the water level was so low to begin with that the concrete ramp ended about 15 feet before the water level started.
    2. a few years back when we got hammered with 4+ feet of snow in about 6 hours. I had to use the switch just to get out onto my side street enought that I could shovel my driveway.
    3. about 3 weeks ago when I had to go up an old dirt fire road to get to an uncles house after about 2 feet of snow (near Punxatawney, Pa) and the road had not been touched. I had only used it for safety since the road has a 8 1/2% grade hill on it and my 2 yr old was with me.

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I use the switch most of the time when I visit the mountains or we get into extreme weather. I can only remember once one we had snow that I had forgotten to engage the switch and the front wheels slipped and the back wheels engaged. The newer than 02 Escapes don't have the switch. It is all done electronically.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,938
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,446
    we have had our '04 for 2 years. i am not the regular driver. went to visit a college with my 'has their permit driver'. gas mileage for the tank of gas, not all this trip, was just under 22, about 80% highway miles. i really filled it up(overfilled it actually). the highest temp on the aftermarket mirror was 37 degrees.
    it can run at 80 mph, no problem. i caught myself doing that a couple of times. usually i tried to keep it between 65-70. there were a lot of hills on the interstate, and it would downshift on most of them, especially with the cruise on. the fastest i drove it with the cruise on was 72 mph. i know there is a point where it won't have to downshift anymore, but it was a higher speed than i was willing to go.
    the tires can be loud, especially on cement pavement.
    sometimes they weren't bad. i find them to be noisy overall.
    for some reason i was more comfortable in the front passenger seat than the driver seat.
    i'll be looking for some new tires.
  • redboneredbone Posts: 11 has this as an 07 and also has spy shots of the Montego as 07 also, which is it 07 or 08?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,938
    Guess we'll have to wait a month until the New York Auto Show to be sure. :P

    Since every other site out there says it's an '07 perhaps you should should Contact the editors. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    I know that's the spy shot for the '08 escape, but it looks an awful lot like the Ford Teritory found down under in austraila. Ford Austraila Site And the Teritory is between the Escape and the Exploder, but not as large as the upcomming Edge.

    Speaking of Austraila, I wish ford would bring a few of their model over here (Falcon {XR6 / XR8}, Falcon Ute {take on the old Ranchero}, Teritory, and Courier {4 dr Ranger}).
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The order guide for the 07 Escape is already available to dealers and Job 1 is in May.

    The 07 is the same as the current vehicle. The 08 will be revised.

    Its easy to figure out what vehicles Ford will have to revise by the 08 model year. Just look at the window switches. Anything with a double push window switch as opposed to the safety push pull window switch will have to change... or go away. I wonder if they have even decided yet what to do with the Panthers.

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    The run of the Escape is just about over... On Fri driving home from work (with wife and daughter in vehicle) the Escape lost all brakes. The ABS had to try and engage to stop the car and the e-brake didn't want to engage. Luckily I was on the campus roads and not much traffis and only doing about 15-20mph, but scary regardless. The dealer (on the way between house and work) to the Escape in immediatly and gave me a '06 Focus as a loaner till they can figure out what happened. I just had full brakes done less than 6k miles. So, wife want to start looking at a replacement and we set a budget for $27-$28k.
    List includes ;
    1. '06 Mazda MPV
    2. '06 Scion xB
    3. '06 Mazda 5
    4. '06 Saturn Vue (wife likes this one)
    5. '06 Pontiac Torrent

  • mario10mario10 Posts: 4
    I have a Ford Windstar and an Escape. I'm trying to locate the OBD-II plug on the Escape. The Windstar's is right under the steering column. The Escape's is at the "Center tunnel under IP"? Any better directions would be appreciated.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Sorry you are having problems with your Escape. I drove the Mazda 5 and its a really neat little vehicle for people that don't need a "full size" mini van. Pretty much every safety feature you could want is standard for under $20k.

    The Saturn VUE and Pontiac Torrent are the same vehicle but Saturn lets you buy a HONDA ENGINE! Thats right, GM realized their powertrains were so uncompetitive, they started buying crate engines from Honda!

    The Scion XB is not a real car.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,446
    are you the one with the supercharger added on?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I thought you bought a newer Escape?
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