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Volkswagen Beetle Engine Problems



  • Ok engine light cane on took it to auto zone had it read they said bad o2 sensor they had to order it . So I drove it on to work bad smell from conveyor ok , then today left work car kinda stalled the EPC light came on the car would not rev up no matter how much pedal i gave it only idle so 5 speed have to drive 20 mph all the way home , Did this bad o2 cause this ? or my throdle body sensor going also please help !!!!!
  • The engine light came on and had it read it said o2 sensor but they had to order it I live in a small town . well I could smell the converter stink but had to drive it anyway . So when I was leavin work today the EPC light came on and the gas would not work anymore only idle so hav to come home at 20 mph will changing the o2 sensor fix this or am i in for more problems HELP.
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