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Tires, tires, tires

I'm looking for some quality tires with good wet
weather traction for my VW Cabriolet. They're 185
60 series 14's and I'm looking for the same. I
really like Pirelli's, the P4000's are nice and
also inexpensive. But the P6000's have a very nice
aquachannel and look more attractive. But they're
$100 more. ANyn\body know if it's it worth it to
pay more for the aquachannel? I live in L.A., and
although it doesn't rain much during the summer,
winter can be hell on wheels with very slick


  • shabutshabut Posts: 1
    I have a sunfire GT and they have p205 55 R16 tire size what is a good tire for this car?
  • shabut,

    It depends on what you are looking for. Performance, winter traction, all-season traction, quiet ride, high treadwear, etc.

    WHat are you looking for???
  • I just bought a new Toyota van. The dealer upgraded the tires to Michelin X-ones. The tires are whitewalls mounted black-side out. The problem is that there is a plastic UPC code on the blackwall side. Can I tear this UPC code off or will it damage the tire? SHould I go back and demand backwall tires so I dno't have to look at the sticker?

    Thanks for suggestions/opinions.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    You should be able to remove the sticker from the tire. They are only on the tire to help keep inventory etc... If it was meant to be on the tire permanantly, they would've embedded it into the tire instead of using a sticker.
  • Just purchased 4 new studded snows yesterday. I ended up with 4 Gislaved Nord Frost II snows. The guy at the store told me these were great tires and I've seen some similar comments on the net in a few places. Anyone have any experience with these Swedish made tires? Also, please advise of any good web sites that might be able to give me more insight. Thanks.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    your car at speeds of 120+ MPH., dg?

    Sounds like a good deal...Alignment included too.. Those gov't ratings for wear, temperature, and traction may help you. I've not heard or read any negative comments about their tires.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    Just had set put on Toyota Camry...they track nicely and balance up nice too. NTB was vendor. They are a little more expensive thanTire Rack....The old lady likes em...If she's happy then I'm happy.
  • Pep Boys Tires used to be manufactured by Kelly Springfield. Don't know if they still are or not. Ask one of their tire guys, they know. Comparison shop at your local Kelly/Springfield Tire store for additional info. I used Pep Boys tires on my commuter car for years, held up OK.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    They will match/beat anyones prices, you can get the roadside warranty for as long as you own the tires (not just 3 years, like Big O does), and I have had very pleasant experiences with them. I haven't heard anything, good or bad, about Pep Boys tires.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Has one of the best warranties on the market. I was driving a rental vehicle when it developed a flat. Discount Tire fixed it at no charge. It seems that if you buy a tire from them, your name is in their computer, and any vehicle you drive, the tires are covered. They made me, a customer for life.
  • Several years back, I bought a set of four tires from Discount Tires Store. A month later, one of my tires developed a bubble on the side wall. Discount Tires Store replace it alright, BUT THEY CHARGED ME FOR A NEW HAZZARD WARRANTY, A NEW BALANCE ON THE REPLACEMENT TIRE. What was good was the hazzard warranty on the original purchase? Since then, I bought my tires from SAM's wholesale club. At SAMS's if you bought the hazzard warranty and the tire develops a defect - any defect including puncture by road debris, as long as your old tire has measureable tread life remaining, your new replacement tire is pro rated and the ENTIRE COST OF A NEW HAZZARD WARRANTY AND TIRE BALANCE IS FULLY TRANSFERRED TO THE REPLACEMENT TIRE AT NO COST TO YOU! I've had this warranty replacement done about four times already and each time the same thing happens. I only buy my tires from SAM's Wholesale club since the first incident. I've never been back to Discount Tires ever again.
  • I used Discount Tires a few times with new problems. Then I needed to buy new tires and called them for a quote. They gave me one, and I then got a quote from Tire Kingdom, who many of my friends recommended. It was much lower than Discount. When I called Discount back to tell them that, they said they would meet Tire Kingdom's price. I went to Discount Tires (several miles PAST Tire Kingdom) and they said no way they would meet that price, no matter who told me they would on the phone. That was it for me. Never again.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    I belong to Sam's but never bought tires (or other car stuff) there. How do they handle installation, balance, alignment, rotation, or do they? If they do some or all of those things, is there an extra charge or included in the tire price?
  • tireguytireguy Posts: 193
    If you're a member of Sam's and you don't buy tires there you are missing out on the best part of your membership. Most clubs don't do alignments, but the mounting, balancing, rotation (with rebalancing), road hazard warranty, new stems, and disposal fee is all included in their installation fee which is usually $6-$8 depending on the venue. The funny thing about this road hazard warranty: it covers everything, including slashed sidewalls. If they can't patch the tire (as they do for free) they'll give you a pro-rata refund toward a new tire. Here's the kicker--Sam's sells tires from in-stock $20 13" to special order $600 20". Whereas most tire shops will either charge $20+ or a significant percentage of the cost of the tire for road hazard protection, Sam's charges the same flat fee, regardless of the price of the tire. Paying $7.50 for full road hazard protection on a $20 is a decent deal, but on a $100, $200... paying that nominal fee can save you a few Franklins.
    They rotate and balance the tires for free every 7K miles. The computerized balancers they use are mostly top-notch, FMC 7 and 8 series, which, in the hands of a trained technician, accurately balance your tires to .10 oz.
    Yeah, I work at Sam's :-)
    One final thought: Buy Michelins.
    Okay, two final thoughts: if you have locking lug nuts, please don't make the guy dig through your glove box/trunk/etc. to find it. We really hate that.
    email me if you have any other questions
  • tireguytireguy Posts: 193
    Oh, and just to let everyone know I'm not soliciting or advertising for Sam's Club, I'm just being completely honest. Sam's is the cheapest place to buy tires. Now, to continue with the honesty... after working there for four years I've learned that most of the shops across the country are staffed with either people who don't plan on staying there for more than six months or people who have been there for ten years becuase they don't have the intelligence to pass the ASE exam and become real mechanics. I would never take my car to Sam's to get tires. They'll probably smash your muffler lifting it and tighten your lugs either too much or too little. Play it safe. Put your car up on jack stands in the driveway, throw the rims in the back of your station wagon and hand over four hard-to-screw-up wheels rather than your $20,000 automobile.
    However, chances are your car will be handled in a professional manner, but this is just what I'd do. In some shops they actually hold themselves to a higher standard than a Lexus dealership, using coated weights and balancing wheels better than they were off the assembly line. In a company as large as that, you get all kinds.
    But this doesn't only go for Sam's, it goes for every retail tire shop where they hire guys off the street with little or no experience, where a "good" applicant is a human being who has held less than four jobs in the past year, has had no felony convictions, and is willing to work Sundays. Buyer beware.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    I have Michelin XGT V-4 tires, 225-60 R16.. What would you recommend that would give a smoother and quieter ride?

  • hengheng Posts: 411
    I bet you'll find out that your Buick ends up eating those tires. I doubt the suspension has enough control built in to prevent rolling onto the outside corners and chewing them up.

    I also live in the northeast and that size rubber is worthless is any kind of snow.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    dgemini, your getting ripped at those prices,
    I just bought 4 G Force KDW, for 103 a piece. But
    its a much better tire than what come on it stock.
    if you want a stock tire, get the BF goodrich VR4 you can get them at 69 a piece from TireRack.

    Additional Comments on Sam's Club. If they don't have a tire you want, "They Can Order it for you!"
    My brother wanted a certain tire for his BMW, and they said sure we can order any tire you want, you don't have to take their discount tires. And the price on those BMW tires he was looking for was better than he saw anywhere else.
  • olegphilolegphil Posts: 30
    Are they any good? How do they compare to the
    cheapest Michelins that are available at SAM's
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