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Tires, tires, tires



  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I'd say your Firestones are OK, just keep an eye on them, like any tire.

    Treat them right, look for nails, cracks, or uneven wear; keep properly inflated, don't overload or use beyond their speed rating (too much); and replace when at the wear strips.
  • toadmantoadman Posts: 39
    Here's a good link for those interested in tire care.

  • robert_carobert_ca Posts: 34
    I would like to replace my stock 225/70-16 Goodyear Integrity tires on my Highlander. I am looking for an all season tire with good summer performance, fairly quiet road manners and with decent winter traction in moderate snow/ice conditions. I have narrowed my choices down to:

    Bridgestone Dueler H/L
    Michelin Cross Terrain SUV
    Michelin LTX M/S
    Nokian WR

    Of the listed tires the Nokian WR is the only “4 season” SUV tire to earn the severe service emblem, but I have not been able to find any reviews on them.

    Any suggestions on the above listed tires would be appreciated.
  • fxsfxs Posts: 50
    scroll up to message #1492 about a RAV4 re-tire, then read responses. I'm biased toward my LTXs but I drive a Tahoe Sport 4x4 that now rides smoother than it did when it was brand new. Call the folks for their opinions and read the customer reviews on the website. I was also interested in the CrossTerrain but my local Discount Tire guru steered me to the LTX for the added strength. He has personal experience with both tires- LTXs on his chevy p/u and Cross terrains on his wife's Jeep GC. His wife likes the SUVs but he prefers the LTXs for both applications. I was sold after inspecting what his co-workers had on their personal Pickups - all LTXs! I'm not sure if they had a 5 finger discount but I'm happy with my choice.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Anyone out there have experience with these? Particularly in winter/snow? Looking at them for my Sienna (225/60/15).

    Thanks in advance.
  • phatratpakphatratpak Posts: 12
    I'm sure you all have answered this question a million times, but please make it a million +1. I just purchased a 2003 acura tl type-s and it comes standard with 215/50R17 V-rated, all-season high-performance Michelin MXM4 tires. My question is, am I going to be significantly impaired in the snow (I live in Washington, DC but will be making trips in the winter back and forth to upstate/central NY [ithaca region])? Thanks in advance for your input.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Several years ago I had a Capri RS (Mustang GT clone) with 50 series Goodyear Gatorbacks. Great car in the good weather. First snowfall hit and that was it. Parked it. Totally useless to try and drive with any amount of snow accumulation. I suggest a rich guy like you (assumption of course, buying that car) can probably afford a set of Alpins or Blizzaks on steel wheels for the winter. Avoid 1 little incident (ditch or fender bender) and you will have saved the cost several times over. My opinion of course.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Since the 17's on that TL are "summer tires" they will perform terribly in the snow. A second set of wheels and tires with a good snow tire would be ideal if you can swing it. Every year Tire Rack offers combos like this so you can literally unbolt the summer wheels/tires and bolt on the snowies.

    Another idea is to pick up a used set of 16" TL wheels off of E-bay and buy snowies for them. Could save some $$ that way.
  • nd4speednd4speed Posts: 1
    I recently bought a used Nissan Maxima w/ aftermarket wheels on it. Originally the Maxima GXE (base model) came with P205/65R15 tires. The owner bough aftermarket wheels and put P215/60R15 tires on it, which are stock for the Maxima SE model (sportier model). I have to buy new tires now and am wondering if I should get the P215/60R15 even though my speedometer reading would be about 1.3% too fast at all times, or if I should get P225/60R15 tires, which would give me a slightly more accurate speedometer reading. And also, should those tires fit on my wheels? And what would be some positive or negative side effects of this? Thanks.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I have been shopping around for some tires for my 2001 Mazda Protege ES. It came with Dunlop SP Sport 5000m in P195/50R16 83V. I was considering these as replacements:

    1. Dunlop SP Sport 9000 in P195/50ZR16 83V.
    2. Dunlop SP Sport FM901 in P195/50R16 84V.
    3. Toyo Proxes T1-S in P195/50R16.

    I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about these or any other high performance tires in small, front wheel drive sedans. TIA.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Don't forget to make them taller and narrower than your summer tires, especially if traveling in deep snow. Ground clearance under your car will become an issue.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Those 4 sound like real truck tires. Are you sure you need to limit yourself like that with what is basically a big Camry/minivan?

    Do you really haul heavy loads or do rough off-roading?

    Just trying to help.
  • robert_carobert_ca Posts: 34
    I agree that my HL is really just a tall Camry station wagon and I will not be doing any rough off-roading. Did a search at Tire Rack and the only other passenger tire in the 225/70-16 size besides my current Goodyear Integrity are the Michelin Symmetry and judging by the user reviews they are not any better than what I have now.

    Any other tire suggestions?
  • phillyguy3phillyguy3 Posts: 88
    My wife's 02 Altima just came in. It has Continental All Season tires. Another ,same model, has Bridgestone Turanzas. Any advise on these two would be appreciated. Noise,handling,traction,etc. I have a few days for delivery and,if justified, I could ask the dealer to switch. Thanks.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    We need to know exactly what tires you are talking about before offering any kind of opinion. Have a look at them and let us know; we'll try to help.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I guess the question I have is, what's wrong with the Integrity's? If there are specific things you do not like about the tire then I'd understand the reason behind a switch. But based on your description you want a smooth all-season tire and that's what the Integrity is. The other choices are rather "trucky". I'm thinking the sacrifices you'll make for them will more than offset any winter traction benefits.

    If it were I'd buy a set of good winter tires and switch at first snowflake.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I agree with bretfraz. That, or just stick it out. Isn't the Camry/Highlander AWD?

    If so, you might even be OK for snow as is.
  • phillyguy3phillyguy3 Posts: 88
    The Bridgestone Turanza is EL-42, Continental is Touring??
    Hopes this helps.
  • malachy72malachy72 Posts: 325
    might want to know this. A few years ago, I asked my wife to get the tires rotated on our '98 Ranger. The quick lube place advertised the service but wouldn't do a truck. My wife went to BJ's club and asked about rotating the tires. Although we had not bought the tires there, we could buy the tire service. They re-mounted and re-balanced the tires while performing the rotation. We were entitled to the lifetime rotation service (every 7k miles) as long as we owned the car. The service cost about forty bucks.
    I thought it was a pretty good deal. Never cashed it in, the truck was totaled about 6 months later.
  • mickeywdwmickeywdw Posts: 12
    Oue minivan oem tires are size 215 65 16 and I need to buy 4 replacement tires. We are looking for safety and good tread life. Any recommendations?

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