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BMW X3 hesitation on acceleration



  • I was looking at the X3 but the transmission issue has got me to look at the Subaru XT Limited. Faster for $10K less.
  • I got an 2007 X3 with the stick. Don't know if that is an option for you. Mine of course has NO hesitation since it is a stick shift. :-)
  • I am leasing an 05 X3 to be turned back in December. I am thinking about an 08 X3 nut worry about the transmission problems everyone has mentioned on the 07 models. I did not have the problem with my 05 3.0 X3 Was this problem particular to the 07 models???
  • dwgadwga Posts: 1
    WOW! i'm really shocked and disappointed. i had my heart set on getting my first bmw. just was about to test drive and pick out colors.from all the info on this website you all helped me make a informed decision thanks guys.sorry about your headaches.
  • trr1trr1 Posts: 10
    I received my replacement 2008 BMW X3 last week. This was due to the 2007 X3 transmission issues we had since lease inception. Its early going but for 200 miles this car has been awesome! The transmission is like I would expect from BMW. Dont know if the issue was with the 2007's in general or it is hit or miss. The car has a completely different feel to it. I will post once we hit about 1000 miles.
  • We leased an 07 X3 last December. Since then we've only put about 3400 miles on it. I was hoping the transmission would 'adapt' eventually but it has not. While pushing the gas peddle at any time there is about a 2 second lag in the acceleration. The tach will rise from roughly 2k to around 5500 before anything actually happens. Also, while laying off the gas pedal there is a noticeable slow down in the car, as it almost lurches forward, its more noticeable at lower speeds. The lag is what is of most concern. One cannot reliably drive this car in any type of aggressive situation. Be it pulling into traffic or passing on the highway. I also own a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe. Driving that car, and the FX35 I am considering, is insanely different than driving the X3. Infiniti has their transmissions worked out, they are head and shoulders above our X3. It disturbs me that a car from a company like this would perform like that. I am going to take it to the dealer tomorrow. It is great that I found this board today as I will reference it while talking to them. Hopefully I can get them to give us a 2008 X3, as we enjoy the car, as long as we're not pushing it too hard.
  • BMW's put out a couple of software updates for the X3's that are affected by the acceleration issue which a lot of folks are having good experiences with. You can go to to the X3 forum and you'll see lots of posts about it. There's an official service bulletin out to the dealers from BMW so they should be able to update your X3 to latest software version through a service appointment.
  • i'm reading alot of 07 trans. issues,are there any 04 or 05 trany issues. i just bought an 04, certified that is and i love it so far. i haven't experienced any issues yet.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    The latest version came out in January. I am picking my X3 up today, so I'll see if it helped..... The previous revs made it worse.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    An update came out in January, which was just performed on my X3. Picking it up this morning, so we'll see if it helped. Supposed to be for both the engine and DME, which I presume is the engine management module. I'll update.
  • akw8akw8 Posts: 3
    I got the computer fix last month and it has been a different car ever since. Get the latest upgrade.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Well, it drives much better, but is not as smooth shifting as I thing it should be.(compared to my last BMW). At least I don't feel as though it will stall every time I step on the gas.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    OK, I'm sold. It is a hundred times better than before. Not 100%, but I'll take it. Still kinda lurches off the start, but shifts happen when they should, and actually happen!. If you haven't had it done, DO IT!.
  • We've taken our 07 X3 in 5 times to get the dangerous transmission problem fixed. The first 3 times, the service dept said they couldn't duplicate the problem (hesitation, lack of response to increased throttle, jerky downshifting, surges after a decline/incline transition) and did nothing. the 4th time, the software update was installed. The shifting is still erratic and jerky. All should check out thread about this. Many X3 owners are reporting the problems to NHTSA and BBB as their dealerships and BMW-NA are unresponsive and passing the buck. Absolutely incredibly disappointing lack of customer service by BMW and an awful vehicle for $40k. This is our 5th BMW. Unlike the first 4, this is a total :lemon: :lemon:
  • Don't waste your time with the SIB updates. After spending over $40k on this vehicle and having multiple updates done it still is unpredictable in its shifting behavior. Report it to the NHTSA complaints and recalls. Many of the owners are now having their vehicles bought back or traded out to avoid Lemon Law documentation. Dont Let BMWNA stall any longer. This issue has been going on for over a year. Ask BMWNA to take back your vehicle. If they stall or refuse get a Lemon Lawyer. :lemon:
  • edsurf3edsurf3 Posts: 1
    Experienced the same issues with my 2007 X3 and took this back to dealer 4 times....after the fourth time they offered to buy it back...I did not even ask....that tells me this is a major known I am negotiating as they want me to pay $$$ out of pocket.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Thanks for the info. I have an appointment with the factory rep Friday and hopefully they'll get me a new vehicle. I was hopeful with the last SIB update, but it has gotten almost as bad as the first time I took it in. Wish me luck......
  • gmacpanygmacpany Posts: 3
    I now have a 2008 that replaced the 2007 BMW bought back.

    Now I am writing to NTHSB and going to the local media here in NY area...this car is dangerous, unsafe, horrible, gross and disturbing. The transmission is the worst in any car I have ever had in 30+ years of driving.

    BMW will regret I ever leased one.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    So, I couldn't tell if the 2008 is better than the 2007?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Nice posts here I've read many of them. i am already nervous with bmw problems you guys just made me a little more. :sick:
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