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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    I have the dealer documents that Toyota Corp provided to dealers about this program. I cannot post them to this site, but if you need them email me at , I have been through the whole process and now am driving a 2008 Tacoma Acces Cab! But it was hard to locate a base model 4x4 so be prepared. With the additional $2000 I got in rebates, I couldn't pass up the deal.
  • toolztoolz Posts: 2
    Does this or does anyone have the vin numbers or models for the Tacos being recalled?
    As stated earlier my local Toyota dealer told me mine was not included.
    2000 x cab 4 x 4
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    If you email me I can send them to you. They are in the documents I have.
  • bpenley9bpenley9 Posts: 1
    How can I e-mail you? I couldn't find your address. I noticed you had the documents, and was looking to see them. I have a 1998 Tacoma 4x4, and am looking to do this trade-in deal. Thanks!
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    Here it
  • donnyxdonnyx Posts: 2
    Not sure how many are involved but the rust issue does exist on some 2001s, perhaps especially on early ones such as mine, manufactured in late 2000. You should look under your truck to see if the frame rails look excessively rusty. If so you can take a hammer an (a little more than) lightly hit the rusty spots (especially raised ones) repeatedly to see how much rust comes off and if holes develop. If the rust is coming off in chunks, more than just a little dust then your truck may have the problem. If holes develop you should call them and insists that your frame looks unsafe and describe the holes etc. They will get you in, be persistent.
  • dunleav1dunleav1 Posts: 1
    Can you post what kind of incentives Toyota offered to you to buy another Toyota?
    New and Preowned certified Toyota?

  • tam1216tam1216 Posts: 2
    We have a 1998 Tacoma X-tra cab 4x4 with believe it or not ONLY 39,000 miles on it.
    We bought it new and with my husbands job, he has a provided vehicle, so this truck hardly ever gets driven. I am dreading getting it inspected. Looking at losing this and ending up with a car payment makes me ill! I hope we don't have to jump through hoops to explain the low mileage. Just put 4 brand new tires on it last fall. Will make the call tomorrow and see how long until we can get in to get it inspected.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    With that few miles you might be ok. At the very least if it doesn't pass, find 4 crappy tires and take your new ones off. I know of a few people that have done that.
    Remember, toyota has a 15 yr war. on the frames now. You are covered for awhile.
  • tam1216tam1216 Posts: 2
    Was everyone sent a letter about this, because we never received one. Just curious.
  • No letter sent to me whatsoever.....and I bought my truck from a dealership. Its complete bull crap that they have not sent letters to all tacoma owners. My buddy did not know about this buy back program and he just bought a pre-owned tacoma b/c his would not pass inspection. He just let 10 maybe 12 grand fly out the window b/c toyota did not make him aware of this program. He tried telling Toyota about this and they already sold your truck and bought a new one. Toyota has done a lousy job getting the word out there. Any inspection garage should know about this in case they run into it as a reason for failing inspection. Its criminal. The more and more I think about this the more and more I feel like i'm getting ripped off. Sure they are buying back my truck at a good amount but now I can't find a base model to get into for the amount of the check. I almost certainly will have a truck payment. I rather had them build my truck right and still be driving it instead of this run around. Also.....its now been day 14 and no word from toyota or the third party. The guy at the dealership said somebody would call me withing two days :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • rusty98rusty98 Posts: 4
    Incentives are:

    1000 rebate if you buy a brand new Toyota truck
    500 rebate if you buy a brand new Toyota car
    500 rebate if you buy a "certified" Toyota used vehicle from a Toyota dealer.
  • rusty98rusty98 Posts: 4
    Rebate is after taxes. :(
  • lariatsamlariatsam Posts: 1
    Just had my 97' Tacoma inspected. Perforation in right rear (over axle) and small hole in front. Amazing since I live in Vermont, (road salt 7 months a year). I expected worse. I've checked with a local certified welding shop, no problem fixing. This is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned, and I've had a ton of them. Toyota corp., (bless their hearts) are super cool about the offer, but I've decided to keep my rig. 237,000 miles and this truck still looks and runs like new. Don't care too much for the new Tacoma's, staying with the compact years. If you can fix 'em, they'll last for years to come! No regret's.
  • rav4framerav4frame Posts: 1
    Since it's not a Tacoma even though 6 independent mechanics say this is not at all normal wear, Toyota Canada and our dealer refuse to pay. You'd think someone would have seen this since the RAV4 was at the dealer 2-3 times a year for oil changes. It's like it wasn't ever rustproofed prior to it's initial install.

    Sorry I won't post the whole story here since I already put in a lot of work getting a site together on Toyota frame rust problems.

    You can see pictures and the whole story on id=26
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    what state are you in? we are in massachusetts.

    we have the same 2001. i emailed toyota and they got back to us right away (that was the only time that happened). everything else has taken a long time and they still have no answers. they did inspect the truck. they said if there was no rust we would have to pay for the inspection. the rust was worse than the inspector had seen on many. we were told we would have to get a secondary inspection done but it just so happened that a regional inspector was at the dealership doing the same inspection to other tacomas (one even an 02) that day. they told us we could not drive the truck. we parked it at the dealership the next day. someone from ca. toyota headquarters called us right away. we got a case number and a free rental car. that will be four weeks ago this coming friday. they had given us a corola. ha. when we get the rental renewed we are going to tell them we want a truck! another dealership told us they would give us one if this one didn't!!

    a salesperson from the dealership called a couple weeks ago saying that a rep from toyota was there that day and it looked like we were going to get 100% of book for the truck. like that was a good deal. NOT considering that older trucks were getting the buyback of 150% regarless of condition. we also had a supercharger put on the truck when we bought it NEW.

    our "case manager" from toyotal headqtrs called today and gave the same 100% speel. however, we have yet to see a written proposal and told them that wasn't acceptable. she said she couldn't give us 150% because that wasn't within their guidelines. whatever that means.

    we did file a complaint with nhtsa. i haven't contacted the attny general. that would be a good idea though.

    i would like to know if you have gotten any where with your case. please post again.
  • toyojoetoyojoe Posts: 3
    Just took my taco to dealer last Sat. He rented me a brand new Camry from Enterprise renta-car after inspecting my frame and finding perforation. Pretty nice treatment. I said, "You mean I can't drive my truck home?" and he said, "We'd prefer if you took the Enterprise." Next step is a Toyo Rep to review it. I went to get some stuff out of the cab and found my truck parked in a bone yard of several tacos - probably all in same boat. My truck is beautiful and has been my baby since new. It is a 4x4 ext cab SR5 and I put an ARB on it with a really excellent custom made ladder rack (stainless) and a custom made rear bumper - my son helped me make all this and I also have 3" spring helpers. This truck is just a GREAT truck. I've done SO MUCH with this truck that I can't stand the thought of having to get rid of it. I don't care how good a deal they MIGHT offer me. It is really a great truck. I have put over 2300 pounds of stone in it...I've hauled so much firewood that I could heat a small city...I've punched through so many snowdrifts and NEVER got stuck...I've gone on rock crawls that I thought I'd need to get winched out of but not needed (lockers!). My son once took a video of him on a rock crawl I would not do myself but he just HAD to do it...and on the day of the filming my Taco was the ONLY vehicle that made it unassisted! I have used this truck to trailer big loads buddy has a dual axle flatbed trailer that we often used instead of his V10 Dodge because my truck was more maneuverable and we NEVER had problem hauling with it. I once drove 15 hours with a Honda Magna in the back while ALSO hauling a car trailer with a Toyota Camry on it! I did have to do some downshifting on hills but I got an HONEST 17mpg on that trip. My truck just rocks. I could go on and on and on. I'm glad Toyota is coming to the table on this the right way...who the hell else would do that...and this crap about this costing them $100 million or more...they need to realize that this recall is a HUGE marketing event for them if they play it right. I'm a huge Toyo fan and I'll always be one...Frankly I'm hoping they tell me that somehow they will be able to repair my truck to my satisfaction. I'd love to bring her home. I feel like my family member is in the hospital for God's sake. I bought that truck ON PURPOSE to keep it forever. I'm 50 years old and I was really hoping to drive it until I was put into the earth. It runs so strong, I've done everything right regarding maintenance. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking...but this is like a champion horse getting a deadly disease that she ain't coming back from. I'm heart broken.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    not to be a downer but you should ask........don't be disappointed if they don't give you anything for any of those after market custom things.

    good luck
  • jbclimbsjbclimbs Posts: 6
    especially about all the Hauling you've done. Toyota might be doing the right thing in some cases But I'll be they will look for any out they can. And your story, though a great review of what you (and I) can do with a Taco. It could also be used by Toyota as a excuse that you may have "abused" the truck.

    I do "feel your pain". I had intended to keep mine forever as well. And it when places no other would go before. It once Pulled a Plumbers Dodge Van up our mountain side drive in a blizzard! Not only was I peeved when I fail my state inspection. I had to dish out 1200 bucks to fix the frame so I could get an inspection sticker. I found out about the buy back a week after I sold the truck (with full disclosure about the repair).
  • Toyojoe,
    No offense....but you got to get a life. I'm not saying that Toyota makes crap trucks but in the case of the frames for the years of the buyback....they failed their customers greatly. What if people don't want a truck payment or worse yet...can't afford one. There are no more base models of these trucks left around here. They have all been bought up. Yeah we are going to get a chunk of money for the truck...but its not going to cover the replacement. I think toyota dealerships should be asked to haul in as many base models as possible.....from southern states so that their loyal customers can afford the truck they use to own outright!!!
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