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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • Well, I took it in, as suspected they failed it...The people at the dealership have been criptic and have the same "case-by-case" reply..They did give me a rental and didn't say how long i can have it or when Toyota will get back to me..
    Pretty frustrating...I would be happy as a clam if they did the 150% and am going to be [non-permissible content removed] if they come back with the 100%.

    Anyone get a hard offer from Toyota on an 01 buyback? Can you negotiate the price?
    If so, how long did it take?
  • dvincentdvincent Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I bought a 2001 Tacoma a few days ago from a dealership (now I know they're crooks). I thought it needed shocks and took it to be looked over at my garage. Frame is rotted and has been patched in the past. I went right back to the dealership and they wouldn't make good on the truck. They insist the frame is just fine (even though I can push right through the steel in places. I'm sick. I'm going to a Toyota dealership tomorrow. I don't know where to turn.....I now have a loan for junk. Pieces (chunks) of rust were falling off while I was driving down the road! I never noticed it while test driving the thing.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    omg! what state? check your lemon laws. threaten, bager and nag. complain to the attorney general and whoever will listen.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23

    lets get real people! on the 01's and newer. who has ideas on what we can do to make some noise? and make a difference! we need to assemble. does anyone know an attorney that would point us in the right direction. i can't keep listening to these stories. toyota knows that they used bad stuff in the 01 frames and they know exactly what trucks they used it in. it is not a coincidence that all these 01s are failing inspection.

    i have said before. everyone should file a complaint with nhtsa and the center for car safety and their states attorney general.

    we have been without a truck since may 13. it seems more and more people with the 01s are logging on every day.

    we should be able to do more. my friend suggested contacting tv stations. i might just do that in my area.
  • jbclimbsjbclimbs Posts: 6
    Ah? because they are older and not worth as much?

    So you don't think it's fair that someone that's driven their taco longer and further, or might not have the options others have should get less then those with newer vehicles where people have paid more for them. The fact that Toyota is taking responsibility for this may be marketing and in the long run may make them more money. It's a very smart move on their part. Please don't condem them for attempting to make money and save as much loss as possible. That's the way commercialism works! Oh wait, I'd bet your an Obama voter!
  • Okay.....Just got word from the third party rep. $12,000 for my 1999 tacoma short bed 183K. Just signed my offer and scanned and e-mailed it back to the rep. Should have check in hand in 7 to 10 business days.

    I have no idea why you guys are getting the run around on the 01's and later models. If anything shouldnt you be getting more money than someone like me????
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 815
    I've followed the complaints of frame rust since the beginning. It took a while before Toyota announced the recall on the 95-2000 models. If your 01 is still safe enough to drive, my suggestion is to hold off for a bit while Toyota decides what to do with the 01+ Tacomas. If the extent of the problem is as wide as it is with the 95-2000 models are, they may extend the 150% buy back to these as well.

  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Offer letter signed and faxed back yesterday for $15,900+ to buy back our 2000 Tacoma xtra cab, off road package. Truck was inspected w/130k+ miles on it. We should have the check in 7 to 10 days. They moved pretty quickly, it was only 3 business days between the time we had the truck inspected and the offer letter arrived (they called us on day 2 and left a voicemail message stating they had overnight the offer letter). I hope the speed of this process continues to travel in this same path and we'll have the check by the end of the week. We already have a new Tacoma on deposit. Although my husband LOVES his old truck and planned on having it for another 100k miles, he can't wait to take the new baby home. Course my daughter is disappointed, she's been trying to talk him into buying a new truck for 2 years so she could take the old one back to college with her. It will probably be another 3 years before he lets any of us drive it (that's what happen with the last one).
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    recd word today that they are still working on our claim. this is the 3rd msg of this type. and that the person handling our claim will be out for a week. well oh joy!
  • mehuntermehunter Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard of any 2002 Tacoma crew cabs being recalled?? I was wondering if I should schedule an inspection for my truck.
  • halifax69halifax69 Posts: 1
    My '01 extended cab has wicked frame rot (and in the rear bumper and tailgate) ... 150k miles, was expecting to go another 100k at least ... I hope Toyota takes care of us.
  • me and my husband sent our last payment in on november of 07 for our 2000 tacoma acess cab,extended bed,tow package,4x4 with 101k miles.(took so long because it started as a lease,and then bought it.BIGGEST MISTAKE we made,ended up paying a whole lot more)anyway we didnt know anything about the rust issue until are local news reported about it.WE NEVER RECIEVED ANY LETTER. so we took the truck to local dealer for inspection on june 17,was schocked it failed. We have no problems with truck in 8 years,besides oil changes and plugs once. but anyway they said that toyota rep would contact us and sent us home in our truck. Asked person if it was safe to do this,he said oh yes. We were not offerd a loaner or anything, we didnt sign no waiver either. My husband is driving it to work every day.I worry something might happen.Anyway I was wondering if they let you drive your truck after it failed.I hope we have a smooth transation as you did.
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    Iam under the impression that you should be issued a loaner for 30 days (which you could probably have extended if they haven't completed the buyback). As far as driving the car, I was given the option of either driving mine home or accepting the loaner (I chose the loaner) but was told that I would need to sign paperwork if I was going to take it. If you are worried, I would get back in touch with them.
  • kelokelo Posts: 5
    Yes. We did drive our truck home and was given the option for a loaner. We needed the truck for some pre planned items so they gave us a waiver to sign and we'd have the longer waiting for us next week. If all goes well, we'll only need the loaner for a few days before the check is ready. Go back and question them about it. You should of been offered the loaner and signed a waiver if you took your truck home.
  • donnyxdonnyx Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Tacoma for which they've offered me kbb + $2k plus 1000 to buy another Toyota of any kind. Almost 3 weeks since they told me it would be about 2 weeks to finish this. Not thrilled with the offer but stuck in needing a drivable vehicle and needing to get this over with since it started in April. It seems now that they're only now offering Kbb + 0? Hard to believe that they've lowered their lower offer now but they've dicked me around enough that I suppose I can believe any stupid thing they do. I guess they think 2001+ owners are stupid or sheep.

    Best idea I've heard about for fighting back beyond lawyers and filing complaints is picketing dealerships. I've heard this worked against Toyota in cases involving engine sludge failures. Picketing can hurt sales and maybe get on tv too.
  • cgranbergcgranberg Posts: 23
    did anyone catch the news tonight on channel 4? good job channel 4 for re-reading the toyota press release. where is the news in that? i guess it gets the word out there to owners who don't already know but really only half the story. what about all the owners of 01s and 02s etc? they should have told people that just because their tacoma wasn't in the buyback years doesn't mean that it isn't possible that the frame isn't rusted.
  • stormpupstormpup Posts: 2
    If you opt to take the 30 day loaner, then complete the settlement in less than 30 days, can you keep the loaner for the full 30 days? Or, must you turn it in after receiving the check?
  • stormpupstormpup Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 tacoma which i have had frame rot repairs done twice prior to 3-08. This was pretty costly, about $1,700 , and was needed to pass
    NH state inspection. Just wondering if anyone else has had frame rot repair bills and was reimbursed for them by toyota?
  • where did you take your truck?
  • how bad is to bad you thiink for them to buy it from you?
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