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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • jpk1200jpk1200 Posts: 1
    Toyota Tacoma Owners! I have a 1998 Tacoma LTD with 193,000 miles on it. My Toyota was inspected by a local dealer today and sever frame rot was found. I was asked to surrender the truck on the spot and Toyota provided me with a free loaner Rav 4. Toyota is going to buy back the truck at 1.5 times the maximum Retail value regardless of the condition. Toyota has just implemented a New Buy Back Program on 1995 - 2000 Tacoma's that have any frame rot due to the safety and liability that it posses.

    My truck was ralistically worth $4,000, Toyota is going to give me aprox $14,000 for it and an additional $1,000 if I buy a new truck and/or $500 towards a certified pre owned. If you have one of these Tacoma's I strongly suggest you take it to your local dealer and ask the service manager about this buy back. Toyota has really stepped up and doing the right thing to get people out of an unsafe truck regardless of mileage or condition.
  • Hello all,
    I had posted this 1999 Tacoma Problem back some time ago as did Tom Miller. Thank you all for making complaints with the NHTSA. I unfortunatly had to give up my Tacoma in April 2007 because of the frame. It had broken and was unserviceable. The book value at the time was 14,000 and I was given half for trade due to the frame. I contacted Toyota at the time and they had said it was unfortunate, but not their concern. Hopefully everyone gets the compensation that they deserve.
    Good Luck,
    Brian Berdine
    Endicott, NY
  • You should talk to your attorney to see if there is any recourse. You should be compensated for the damage. At the very least I would consider arbitration since they are bound to abide by that forum.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    I just got the extended frame warranty for my 95 Tacoma in the mail. As mentioned previously, the warranty is for 15 years unlimited mileage. It also says Toyota will fix or buy back (at their option) the truck at 1.5x KBB value.

    Here I was worried that I may have one that rusts out, now I'm bummed that I may have one that does not rust out. Oh well,

  • bandit10bandit10 Posts: 27
    I've read several stories from you Tacoma folks, and it's disgusting how the Dealer and Toyota turned their backs on you, and this serious problem. I got help with my Pontiac. I brought it in for a head blown headgasket. 2 months out of warranty. They replaced the head. But during reassembly the mechanic striped my valve cover bolt in the rear, and they charged me for the repair of this perfectly good valve cover bolt. They said they were not responsiable for parts breaking during the course of repair. I called G.M they were of no help at all. Then I called the Better Business Bureau, they gave me the number for their Auto-Line divison that deals with our mutual problems. I gave them all the paper work and names of the people I spoke with including G.M. in Deroit, and Calif. It took 5 weeks and I recieved my $465.00 from G.M. for the re-tapping threading of the valve cover bolt.
  • cozmo354cozmo354 Posts: 1
    my buddy just got a letter in the mail the other day. He owned a 1995 Tacoma extend cab. Well after a trip to the dealership this morning he is now driving a 2008 Tacoma. They gave him $11,500 for his old truck and he is pretty happy right now.

    His uncle also had a 95 Tacoma and he went in on Saturday and also left with a new truck.

    I guess they cant let you leave the lot with the truck once you get there so go planning to buy or leave with a rental car
  • dale853dale853 Posts: 2
    I, too, have had this problem with my 1998. Unfortunately I had to trade it in in Sept.2007, could not drive it at all, frame was gone. Has anyone heard of any
    compensation in this circumstance. I have paperwork from the dealer stating it was
    unrepairable. Thanks
  • I just took my 1998 extended cab into Toyota(State College pa) and they sent the hammer through the frame in 2 places.I painted my frame yearly and apparently it didn't help. I am getting almost 14,000 for it and I just picked up the replacement for it.A 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi..I will surely miss my Taco..
  • I just took my 1998 extended cab into Toyota(State College pa) and they sent the hammer through the frame in 2 places.I painted my frame yearly and apparently it didn't help. I am getting almost 14,000 for it and I just picked up the replacement for it.A 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi..I will surely miss my Taco..
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    I left my '98 Tacoma (75,000 miles) at the dealer over the weekend since I needed to have the check engine light looked at.

    The rust on the frame, like others have said, looks like huge pastry flakes and I'm sure I could pop through in places with a screw driver or hammer. The rust is far worse than I'd expect to see.

    I got a call this morning that said my truck is *not* part of the recall / buyback and would not be covered. Only a small number of affected trucks were made each year, so not every Tacoma for each model year would be covered.

    I asked them to inspect the frame anyhow. I'm assuming I'll get a "yah, it's fine" and plan to take it to a third party for another inspection.

    At this point, I'm very disappointed. I'd planned to continue driving Toyota's and was going to get another Tacoma, but that idea is quickly losing ground.
  • drive95tdrive95t Posts: 2
    I just had my '95 Tacoma inspected at the Toyota Dealer and they didn't find any problems. They think the rust problems are more prevalent in the upper east states
    where there is more salt used on the streets. I have 2 more years left on the "rust warranty" so I will have my truck looked at again before that expires.
  • drive95tdrive95t Posts: 2
    Yeah, get another opinion, or call Toyota at 1-888-270-9371 (customer service)
    and tell them how it looks and see what they say.
  • My husband just heard of the "recall" yesterday. We had to have a spot on our frame patched because of a hole last June, else we wouldn't have passed inspection. We're taking her (the truck) in for a Toyota "official" inspection over the weekend. It's sad to think I'm not going to have this vehicle when she rolls over 300,000 ... right now we're at 249,244 - and she runs like a top!

  • My Taco's frame ( 96' extended cab 4x4 ) was in very bad shape, the rest of the truck looks like new! I brought it in for inspection and they deemed it unsafe. They kept the truck and gave me a rental, a small suv (they couldn't give me a truck). After not hearing anything for a week, I contacted toyota which got the ball rolling on my case.It has been two weeks now and I haven't heard how much or when I'll be getting a check. Although I am greatfull Toyota is stepping up, I'm am not happy about very poor quality of the frame on this truck and how long it is taking for the buy back from Toyota. If you bring one in for inspection and it fails, be prepared to be without a truck for a while!
  • Does anyone have a copy of the letter they would share. I'm being told although the frame is bad they won't cover the truck because I have a reconstructed title. The only problem with this truck is the deterioration of the frame. I would really like to see what the letter says. Please help.
  • race1949race1949 Posts: 1
    if you rec a copy of the letter can you forward it to me. i have a 1997 witht he same issue. rear springs are ready to come off the frame and a hole threw the frame.
  • I am supposed to get a letter in the mail in a bout a week. I'll, try to get you a copy when I do
  • I have a copy of the letter. I just received it today. I was shocked but not surprised. I had my frame welded last year as it would not pass inspection. Every year I tried to scrape the rust and make it look half way decent. This year there are a few more "spots" i could put a screw driver through. I always thought there was way more rust and breakdown then there should have been. Huge flakes etc. Even when you tap the frame in a few places it doesn't sound right. Almost a "thin" sound. I will take my 96 to the dealer Monday. The truck has 156,00 miles on her. Other than the frame it runs like its new and looks great. I am really disappointed that I might lose her. It has been a great truck! I will keep you posted.
  • tjv1tjv1 Posts: 3
    Mine is the same way. Is there any way you could send a copy of the LETTER to my email address @ I am the 3rd owner of mine and have not recieved mine yet. Thanks TJV from Maine

    Click on the link above or paste into your browser

    Also google...tacoma frame rust. Something along that line will work. There is becoming alot of information out there now.

    I will scan the letter and send it along to you.
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