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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • amo5516amo5516 Posts: 2
    Hey Heywood, I live in Milford PA, I was wondering about where you are in PA? As I have a 2001 double cab special edition TRD 4x4 6 cylinder. And I agree with you that Toyota is doing everything to eleaviate there problem with the Tacoma's. Thanks for your help
  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    Toyota bought my 2000 standard cab 4 cyl 5 spd manual with 39500 miles for $15,585. With the $1,000 coupon and getting the dealer down a couple of thousands from sticker price($29809.00), I have less in this 2009 Tacoma double cab V6 SR5 with towing pkg than I paid for the 2000 Tacoma ($16,320.00). Toyota is even running a special on financing for the month of Aug. 2.9% for up to 36 months. No problem going with Toyota again, GM, Ford, and Dodge would never consider such a solution to a problem like this. Until these guys (domestic auto makers) wake up and quit producing the vehicles they have been putting out there for decades, they will remain in trouble. I've owned new Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile and Ford. Nothing but mechanical and cosmetic problems (leather door panels in Buick Regal falling off, even after replacement under warranty), brakes on all GM cars, and the Ford rusted up even with rustproofing by Ford. Finally I purchased first new Honda in 1997 and all these mechanical and other problems disappeared. Couldn't be happier with the deal I've gotten!!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    I'm in Pittsburgh. Dealer was Baierl Toyota in Wexford and the service manager there was very helpful.
  • I got my money $13,130 in 3 weeks (99 with 170000miles) and had to turn the loaner in after signing off on the old truck. I was told the old trucks will be ground up, resold and NOT PARTED OUT. My issue with Toyota, they will not help you out and sell you a new truck while having your old truck locked up. "VERY STRANGE"
  • We just found out that our 1999 Tacoma is rusting out, too. Toyota is offering us $15,700 for it and my hubby is VERY upset because it is in excellent condition and feels that it is worth more...he's even talking about ditching Toyota altogether, which troubles me because I am a "Toyota kind of girl". How did you get the $1000 coupon? I'm thinking that that might make my hubby a little less sore over the whole (pardon the pun) deal. Did they just send it to you with the check for your truck? Thanks!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    The $1,000 coupon toward any new Toyota was separate from--and in addition to--the buyback. I believe it is being offered to all affected owners of '95-'00 models. Mine was 2001 and out of the official extended warranty, so I just asked because I knew others were getting it. I think most owners of 2001's are are being offered this now. I had gone ahead and bought a new '08 Tacoma before waiting for the official buyback offer, so in lieu of a coupon, Toyota sent me a check for $1,000 separately and retroactively.

    I don't know the exact model or mileage of your truck, but $15,700 + $1,000 for a 9-year-old vehicle seems reasonable to me. (I wouldn't pay that much for a 9-year-old Tacoma with a GOOD frame....)
  • Hey all, apparently misery loves company. Toyota just confiscated my 2001 Taco due to frame rot. Toyota Corp said, I have to sit and wait for them to get thru all 1995-2000 claims first AND that I won't be getting the 150% buy-back program because my Taco is a 2001 and technically not part of the program. Apparently frame rot is different on a 2000 truck!!! I mean I thought rust and deterioration was all the same. I am guessing Toyota doesn't want any more publicity on this little issue, especially as it is now apparent on newer vehicles.

    Does anyone have any pointers for me, as I am just starting the Taco Wars?
    I am a Toyota advocate but frankly, in the last 48 hrs I have considered other options. But, I LOVED my Taco.........the truck was/is awesome. Practically new, it only had 46k miles when they took it away from me!!!
  • Oh, and did I mention they gave me a Camry rental.
    Which, don't get me wrong, is a sweet car..........but honestly
    a Tacoma VS. a all can understand!
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    Hi I also have a 2001 toyota tacoma Custom work and mint condition except for frame rot Are you sure they will give you 1 1/2 kbb value because I have been reading that 2001 only get 1 x kbb and no 1000 coupon
  • 2001taco2001taco Posts: 14
    I got my check for my 2001 and only got book value extra 1000.00 and no 1.5 times book value...I would not count on any extra ...They told me in the beginning I was going to receive the 1.5 times book...But when the check came in they said that was all they were doing for the 2001 owners...So I bought a Chevy Silverado and love it...Thanks Toyota!
  • hi, oh of right now we haven't even spoken about payment. But Toyota Corp was nice enough to tell me not to expect 150%

    they are so nice.....really.........NOT!!!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    You have the right to keep your truck, but why would you?
    My '01 (4x4 4cyl. SR5 w/ auto) had 39,000 miles, and I received $15,336 + $1,000 toward a new Toyota. Process took seven weeks.
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    What level do the use in kbb Wholesale? My truck is mint and loaded but I have 235000 miles on it I dont think I will get very much
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    for the older trucks they are using kbb "retail" and "excellent condition" regardless of the condition of the vehicle. I would assume they ae doing the same for the 2001's but only giving 100% not 150%. Have any 02's been failing?
  • bigbebigbe Posts: 17
    I haven't seen any yet but it is a matter of time as the 2002 frames will start failing
  • I had my truck taken on May 31. This was a month after it passed NY inspection (don't reccommend to anyone taking it to a Midas in NY) and if failed at Toyota. I received my check on June 26 along with a $1000/$500 coupon towards a new truck or used/new anything toyota. Didn't do it. Went and bought a hyundai Elantra as it was bigger than the civic and a better price.

    So, I notice on carfax today that my truck as of 8/21/2008 was retitled back to the manufacturer and listed as junk/salvage title issued. I looked this up and it states that means the vehicle is unsafe to be on the road and gets that kind of title if it will have to have more than 75% of it fixed to be road worthy.

    I thought for sure they would strip what they could as Midas put in a brand new exhaust manifold for me the month before they took it and I was pretty pissed over that and I am still pissed at Midas for passing the frame when he knew there was a problem. and to boot, for the first time since the Midas by me did my inspections, this year HE DID NOT report it to carfax. Wonder why?

    I told hubby he ripped me off for one last repair job figuring money in his pocket. I think thats kind of lousy and want to report him to the Better Business Bureau as he knew about the frames. I heard all repair/inspection stations in NY were told in March to send the people to Toyota when presenting for inspection for NY after March 17, 2008. And he didn't. He took my money, got me for 3 new belts and a new exhaust manifold and never even reported he inspected it on carfax. What a bummer he is. Hubby won't let me report him as he still uses him for his 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. And doesn't want me causing trouble that he won't do the things he needs done.

    BTW...I did get $1000 more than what the KBB was on my truck, but I think it was because last Oct we did frame work and painted the frame after the work. Plus the whole truck was repainted.

    My husband is very annoyed we didn't get a letter in March when letters started going out. I got mine May 20, 2008.

    I will never buy from Toyota again. And they gave me lousy service too and were not very nice about having to take in our truck. They are the only dealership around here and they were loading those Tacos and getting rid of them before the checks were even issued. I had to get my plates from them before my check even came. Well, I am very happy with my Hyundai Elantra. Its nice to be able to have extra (cruise controls, power items...etc) And I would never have been able to afford another Toyota used or new. They hiked up the prices by us as soon as trucks started to come in knowing that the people with trucks would need a vehicle. Totally unfair. I think the dealer by me took advantage of the fact people might use the extra money certificate Toyota gave with the checks. They even had the nerve to call me and ask me what kind of vehicle I wanted them to look for for me and I said no thank you.
  • I have owned and loved my '96 Tacoma since '99. When I 1st got the recall notice I just put it away. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago my Toyota mechanic friend called me and said it would be a good idea for me to get it checked. He remembered how bad rust was an issue for me on the truck.
    Took my truck to my dealer last Tuesday, proceeded to watch them take a hammer to the frame (I literally had to walk away) and the service manager came out and gave me a "thumbs down" sign. Words can NOT express how upset I was. I am one of those anal Tacoma owners, take the best care of the truck, have ALL the extra bells and whistles, it is disgusting clean all the time, my truck has hauled my horses and I to several horse shows over the past 8 years, it has taken care of me in several snow storms, it has let me "play" with it in the mud, it has ALWAYS started for me and the thought of letting it go is honestly breaking my heart.
    The service manager wanted me to leave my truck there that day but I told him I wanted to take it home. I signed a waiver that I took the truck and now have been checking out new Tacomas and know exactly the truck I want. Now its just a matter of waiting on someone from Toyota to call me to make the arrangements to buy back my truck. My understanding is I will get 150% of KBB at excellent condition (which btw it IS in excellent condition) plus another 1k cause I am buying another Toyota. I figure close to 13k.
    This whole thing sucks for me because of all the extras I have put into my truck over the years, a 500.00 hard tondeau cover, the BFG All Terrian T/As dont even have 2k miles on them, I just had a brand new rear bumper put on less than 6 months ago because my old one was rusted so badly (shock!) it looked like crap. My trailer hitch, the tinted windows, the bug shield, the taillight covers, the 400.00 CD player - all things that will have to be left with the truck when we part. To top it off my truck only has 130k miles on it, a pup in Toyota terms.
    Im upset because I adore my truck-Im upset because I havent had a car payment since '03, Im upset because I wanted to have my truck until it hit 200k.
    There was NO doubt in my mind I would get another Tacoma, NONE. Taking a couple for a test drive definitely sealed that deal-wow! :)
    But I am not upset at Toyota by any means. I can't see ANY American car company paying their customers 150% KBB for one of their cars/trucks if they were recalled. I am thankful Toyota being so generous to us, and I am still a tried and true Toyota fan.
    I also own a '94 Geo Prizm which is a Corolla engine, it runs like a champ, I love that car! :D
  • hey.. another bumper ruster!!!!!!!!! My bumper was totally rusted out in 2003 and I reported it to Toyota and sent them pictures. Didn't ever hear back from them. I didn't have a payment either since 2002. I have a payment now, but not that big as I put a lot down on my Elantra.

    Now, I am not saying all car dealers are bad. I just wonder why it took Toyota so bad to do this recall. After I found this website, I noticed people complaining a year ago.

    Just for the record. The Hyundai Elantra I have is a "beta" engine PZEV. And was first tried out in CA last year and now this year hit the East Coast in some states.

    And not knocking Toyotat for this safety issue, but in July of this year when it was the hottest, the fuel pumps starting going bad in the 2008 Elantras. My hubby bought one too and his Elantra stopped in the middle of the road doing 60 miles an hour. I filed a safety report, joined the Hyundai Elantra forum and all of a sudden people were writing in the same thing was happening.

    Well, needless to say in TWO months Hyundai already put out a recall on all Elantras from November 2007 - June 2008. Apparently ethanol causes a problem with the fuel pump as it is a Beta.

    Now, its not American, but darn.... Toyota took a yr for a safety recall from what I read here. I get my fuel pump changed this week. My didn't do what hubby's did.

    Now I am glad I didn't look at cars at Toyota. It looks like Toyota better hop to it with the serious problems. There was no excuse to let a yr go by before they did a recall on this and I bet they knew before a yr ago too. That is why I got pissed so much.

    Like you I took excellant care of my truck. And I got totally upset when they told me it failed inspection and the rude girl handling the issue had the nerve to tell me why get upset. Its only a truck and you can replace it. I replied to her...just a truck..not to me. I busted my butt as a single mom to make those truck payments on it and I never let anything go on it. I too had extras put on.

    Toyota might be ok for some to go back to, but just keep in mind there is a safety issue now with the new trucks accelerating and causing accidents. I read where one guy was headed to the dealership to have his problem fixed and crashed from the engine accelerating on the way there. I wouldn't feel safe in a new truck now after reading that.
  • Didnt I read one of your earlier posts that you live in NY? Upstate or the "real" NY? The only reason I ask is because Im from Flushing Queens and in the 21 years I lived there I dont recall ANY salesperson ANY where being nice. Thats not a knock by any means, I am still a native NYer and have that same attitude which honestly scares people here in Ohio! :)

    I owned an '88 Excel (what a piece of crap that car was) a '93 Hyundai Scoupe and that's what I traded in on my truck. I wouldn't touch another Hyundai for personal reasons (they eat dogs) and mechanical issues (hubby owns a Kia Optima which is the mirror of the Hyundai Sonata) and what a piece of crap that thing is.
    Although nothing as bad as a transmission dieing at 47k miles on his Ford Ranger several years ago and Ford saying "too bad so sad" .... nice!

    My hubby and I took my Tacoma to the barn last night and every time I hit a bump he was holding his breath. I planned on driving it to work and back until Toyota got with me with a drop off/get my check date but have had a couple people advising me not to do that. I just didnt have the heart to leave my truck at the dealer last week :sick:
    Ive already taken tons of pictures of just seems such a waste to crush it up into a little box.
    I talked to one of my Tacoma neighbors yesterday, it is quite obvious that he never washes his truck (the paint is completely ozydized (sp?) he told me his truck passed the test but he was upset about it. He said the dealer (same one as mine) told him 50% of the trucks are failing. He went on to say that he loves his truck, admitted the paint looks like Hell but loves his truck.
    I can so relate!
    I cant help thinking that the outcome of the test will depend on where you live. Obviously being in Ohio we get tons of snow, tons of salt, tons of rain. I am sure that has something to do with my frame's demise, maybe even all the times I washed that truck. I would like to hear from some Californians to see if they are having as many recalled as some states are.
    In as excited as am I about getting a new truck, the sadness I feel having to say bye to my big baby breaks my heart. I literally almost cried yesterday driving it again.
    Thank God I didnt use it to haul my horses to any shows this season, instead hauling with a friend and splitting gas. Phew.
    I'd hate to think that Id look in the rearview to see my frame attached to my trailer moving down the highway by itself! Wouldnt that suck?

    As for all the Toyota bashing---
    I know as for me, if I always see tons of 1990's Toyotas (even some T-100s) running down the road. I see at least 5-1 older Toyotas compared to American made trucks.
    LOVE my Tacoma, will love my new Tacoma and will stand by Toyota. Period.
  • This complaint is in regards to a defective frame on my 2001 Toyota Tacoma pick-up that was purchased used in February of 2007 with 102,000 miles. A NYS inspection was performed upon purchase.

    The truck now has 130k. September 6th, 2008, while installing new struts at a local tire and brake shop, the tech noticed serious frame rot on the back passenger side of my truck. The shop manager informed me of a voluntary Toyota buy-back for 1999-2000 models, Warranty Policy Bulletin POL08-03, dated 3/7/08. I contacted Toyota and had the truck immediately inspected by Lia Toyota Service of Colonie NY. I was informed the frame was seriously rotted, and the truck no longer safe to drive.

    I was told the following to rectify the situation:
    1. 2001 models are not "usually covered" in the recall.
    2. If covered, I would not get a loaner car
    3. If covered, I would not receive the 150% value as is standard for 1995-2001 models
    4. The dealership could not 'go to bat for me' to assist me with dealing with Toyota for a recall request;
    5. I had to call 1-800-Go-Toyota for more information

    This is a SLAP IN THE FACE. Why should the 2001 models be excluded from the warrantee and recall coverage afforded by the 1995-2001 models? My truck is NEWER - yet it has THE SAME FRAME ROT. The fact that the dealer refused to assist me with this process is additionally infuriating.

    I don't know if Toyota will pay me 100% of the value of my truck for March of 2008 or August of 2008. The blue book value of my truck has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY since the recall was issued. Toyota’s customer care center representatives keep promising me that my claim will be handled “the next business day,” though Toyota has yet to contact me via the case manager they should have already assigned me. My situation is not unique. A simple Google search, and a check of complaints on the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration home page has revealed this problem is affecting owners of post 2000 model year Tacomas

    What will happen to drivers when the frames of 2001 and newer Toyota Tacomas star to fail? A broken frame could result in a serious accident as the frame is the most integral component holding the vehicle together. 2001 and later year Toyota Tacoma owners were never sent notice of the manufacturer’s defect causing frame failures – therefore most of these owners are driving around with potentially dangerous vehicles. If an owner of a 2001 or newer Tacoma were to sell a truck with a rusted frame, then the frame failed, would the previous owner be liable for not informing the new owner of the defect?

    Defective frames are not exclusive to the 1995-2000 model year Tacomas - so why is Toyota excluding newer models? This is dangerous, perhaps even criminally negligent. Toyota should be recalling Tacoma trucks manufactured after 2000 that are experiencing massive frame rust - without doing so the company is endangering the lives of Tacoma owners.

    I've contaced the NHTSA and my local paper. Next on my list is the NYS attorney generals office, DMV, insurance institute, and owners selling these dangerous trucks.

    I've also set up a resource for people to share thoughts and experiences in real-time

    Check it out if you've had problems, can offer advice on the buy-back, or just for general info about this frame issue.

    I paid $12,000 for my truck in February of 2007 and now it is worthless. Thanks, Toyota. :(
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