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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    Bru5: It sounds like your Tacoma is covered by the 15 year extended rust warranty program Toyota instituted in Fall, 2008.

    Beginning March, 2008, Tacoma owners were notified to have thier 1995-2000 Tacomas inspected for frame rust. Toyota repaired or bought back about
    10% of the 1995-2000 Tacomas having more frame rust than Toyota considered
    to be "acceptable". They offered and in many instances bought back trucks at 1 - 1/2 times "excellent retail" Kelly Blue Book. That is what happened in my case - I had a 1999 with moderate amount of rust,.

    The original "buyback" program was supposed to end October, 2008. However, Toyota recieved so many complaints about frames that they extended the warranty for all Tacoma frames from the standard 3-years or 36,000 miles to 15 years with unlimited mileage for the rust problem.

    Even though you haven't had your Taco inspected under the original program, since it is a 1995, it should be covered through 2010.

    After selling my ' 99 Tacoma back to Toyota, my brother brought his '98 Tacoma in for inspection. It didn't qualify, but due to the extended 15 year frame warranty, they told him to have inspected once a year through 2013.

    So yours should be covered through 2010.

    Contact a Tacoma dealer and advise them you want your Taco inspected ;under the 15 year frame warranty Toyota instituted last Fall, 2008.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    One clarification... rust is not the criteria for having the truck removed from service... it's full rust peforation (aka, a hole in the frame). The frame must rust completely through to qualify for buyback.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • Brought my 2001 Tacoma X-cab V6 with 65,000 miles in to the dealer last week. Frame looked in great shape but they found a fist size hole in the frame on the passenger side. What i'm wondering is what others have had to spend on parts that Toyota didn't cover with the frame swap. Lost my job about 6 mths ago and going to school right now so i really don't need a big drain on the savings. Also if they did trying to get you to pony up did you have any way to get Toyota to cover that part seeing as the part wouldn't need to be replaced yet if the frame wasn't being swapped out? Thanks for your input.
  • I guess this threads so long it finally died.
  • Toolman,

    To complete my story, i did get my check from Toyota - dropped the truck off in exchange - and received $12,375...i think morethan 1.5x KBB. Anyway, since i am in syracuse, NY, where vehicles take a beating, i went on autotrader and found a 2003 tacoma (extended cab) with 55K on it. The truck had never been north of NC. Man, it looked brand new underneath. Nevertheless, it was well maintained; i put $500 deposit and provided it to the private owner.

    I then scooped up a flight for $100 one way, and closed the deal. The vehcicle is in great shape and i paid $12,900!

    So i upgraded from a '99 to an '03, and from 170K miles to 55K miles, and from a beat up truck to one that looks brand new.

    I won huge on this, and i commend Toyota for stepping up to the plate and addressing the problem.

    Regardless of the frame problems, i will always buy Toyota. There product is exceptional, and there commitment to owners is unparalleled.

  • Been following your thread. Sounds like it worked out all right for you.

    Now before you do anything else, have the frame inspected by Toyota and coating for corrosion. As you probably know, the 2001-2004 may have a problem with the frame. With proper care, your Tacoma should not have any problems.
  • i have a 1999 tacoma that has rebuild stamped on the title i purchased the truck about 3 years ago from a guy that brings just tacomas over to canada from the U.S as rebuildabels my truck was in very good condition with very minor body damage and know i see that my frame is in very bad condition around the rear spring hanger and i am wondering if anyone knows if it would quallify for the recall program that toyota is offering .i have gone to my local dealer but they say that because of the rebuild stamp on the title that it doesnt quallify does anyone know if this is so. thanks in advance
  • From what I understood at the time, the program began in March, 2008. Toyota required owners of affected Tacomas to have owned the car before then.

    I would contact a Toyota dealer with the specifics.
  • rachelfrachelf Posts: 12
    So I was the first test monkey for a new frame at my dealership.....6 monthe later, my two front tires are so worn on the inside ,that there is NO tread left and it is dangerous to going in next week for round 1.........any other frame people see this or any other gliches?
  • Hi

    I outright refused the frame replacement for this very reason. (not being snarky)

    You can not take a truck apart, replace a frame, and expect it to be 100%. Especially inside of a week.

    I told them I would park it outside the dealership with a sign on it saying 'ask me about my truck?'

    Instead we came to an agreement on a VERY aggressive 09 price. Aggressive based on this, market conditions, and what was soon to come with car sales.

    I feel for you, I was also an early bird in the 2000+ problem ( I was a 2002). I had a rental for a month and my 09, 2 months before the "hey guess what?" email ever came from Toy Corp.

    I also missed the KBB thing by about 60days.

    Oh well, is what it is... fight them hard... and if you talk to Corp, Ms. Bishop will be of little help ...if she even calls you back.

    Good Luck
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28

    My dealer told me either one of these 2 circumstances qualify:

    1. A single hole - anywhere, of rust perferation completely thorugh the frame,
    2. Rust on the outside of the frame - in an amount more than Toyota deems acceptable - percentage unknown.

    But either case is considered grounds for the buyback.
  • are they going to start buyin the 2002 back like they did the others
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    Unlikely while replacement frames are still in production by the supplier (Dana).

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma p/u brought it in a week ago for the recall and was told by the service dept that it was unsafe to drive, thay put a salvage not for sale sticker on it & said it was rusted through gave me a loner & said a middle co would be in touch to buy it back. I received a call today from the service mgr stating a second person an FTS came out & said its not rust through give it back. The dealership & corporate will not give me a letter stating that it is safe to drive they said bring it in every six months & we will check it?? I really dont want to drive it now or let my son drive it, no one will give me a letter? Any input? thanks, karen
  • We recently found out our 2001 Xtra Cab Tacoma has a whole in the frame. From what we have heard the primary problem area is on the driver's side, just across from the gas tank....which is where the problem is with our truck. We contacted Toyota and they offered to replace the frame. Keep in mind, the local dealership has never replaced a frame and don't even know WHEN they would be able to get one in stock. In the meantime they have offered a rental vehicle. We heat with wood, use the truck to haul wood, REFUSE to drive it now for fear the frame will fail completely. We are not interested in a frame replacement because the truck will never be the same and Toyota is not willing to put anything in writing stating that there will be no further problems. We have contacted the National Highway Safety Board and the Attorney General to lodge a complaint. We feel this is negligent on Toyota's part because they knew the frames were the same as the '95-'00 models. We are considering legal action...has anyone else had any luck with repurchase on the newer models or can someone steer us in the right direction.
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    If it were me I would complain long and loud to Toyota USA about this.
    A dealer stated it was unsafe to drive - said it was rusted through - put a salvage not for sale sticker on it - then gave you a loaner to boot. Do you have any documents from that visit? Make copies and send copies to Toyota.

    I would request a service history copy of that visit if you don't have one, any sticker they put on it, any paperwork from the loaner - anything that backs up what happened when you went to have it inspected.

    Toyota extended warranty for 15 years for ALL Tacomas so yours is covered until 2010. Every six months sounds like it is close by their estimation to needing replacement. In the meantime, you might have it inspected by an independent garage to feel safe about driving it
  • Hi there I own a 2001 toyota Tacoma that I bought back in 03. My truck only had 27,000 miles on it when I bought it and now it only has 74,000 on it!! I have recently had some frame noise coming from the drivers side right beside the gas tank. It was bracket connecting the bed to the frame and it looks like a pile of rusted dust and the bracket is only about a 1/16th of an inch thick anymore. The frame looks terrible!! I took it to toyota and I have an appointment set up for the 20th of october. I would like to know if you find anything out about your toyota and I will let you know the same with mine, maybe we can get this nonsense to stop. Thanks!
  • In April 09, I received a letter informing me of the so called "Customer Satisfaction Program" relating to frame rust issues in 2001-04 Tacoma's. I scheduled an appointment and could not get an appointment for assessment until Janruary 2010 (imagine that!!). Anyway, last week, Oct. 15, I noticed a hole in my frame while repairing an exhaust leak. I reported the problem to my local dealer. They said bring it in immediately, which I did. Upon inspection they told me the truck was "unsafe for the road" and that they would forward pictures and a report to Toyota Canada. I immediately spoke to the Service Manager and asked about the process. I also posed questions regarding the "frame replacement" vs "buy-back", warranty of repalcement work and if there waas a written guarantee, loss of resale, etc. He could not answer my questions however, did suggest that the frame would most likely be replaced instead of me being offer a buyback, like the 95-2000 owners. The truck was taken off the road and I was given a rental.

    I expressed my concerns to both the Service Manager and Toyota Canada only to get a run around. A couple of days later (according to Toyota Canada) apparently Toyota Japan made the decision to "replace the frame" on my truck with out consulting me what so ever nor could I get a copy of the criteria they used to make the decision. I was told yesterday that my frame would be replaced and that the parts were ordered. I am not interested in the replacement option however, they are telling me I have no choice. Have it replaced or not. What an awkward position to be in. In my opinion, they are forcing my hand. They have deemed it "unsafe" and have taken it off the road and placed me in a rental. Yet, tell me I have no choice but to accept the frame replacement without any written agreement what so ever. It appears I am accepting the risk for Toyota's poor quality control. I am risking a lower resale value after paying a premium. No guarantees accompany the replacement other than the extension of the corrision warranty to 15 years on the frame. What happens if there is an issue with the workmanship? What recoarse do I have?

    I have proposed they buyback my truck and have the amount applied to a new Tacoma as a trade. That way the my truck is off the road, I remain a Toyota customer and the dealership gets a sale. This could be a "win - win" for all involved. But, Toyota Canada would not consider it despite them saying in the letter that I recieved that it was an option, albeit Toyota's option. Is anyone out there experincing the same problem and have you had any success in recieving a buyback? Any info would be greatly appreciated...
  • Good for you,dub,"ask me about my truck"- lmao- you're giving some good advice in my book, no matter what kind of sunshine a dealer blows up the customers pantsleg, buy-back is gonna be a and in dealing with corp. the customer had just as well forget civility, your safety has been compromised, go in all guns blazing. I don't have time or inclination to read the many posts on this thread, I joined today after hearing about the frame problem on the news, and that as a tie-in to the floor-mat dealio. I saw this first page here, that's enough for me. I don't own a Toyota. Just joined to say this.
    I feel, and fear, for you all. It's this simple- thru-perf or not, whatever the degree of scaling on the frame of your vehicle, the stiffness of the frame that your life (and maybe your kids ?) depends on in a collision has now become a big fat question mark. That frame is your first line of defense, and if it caves in like a cheap pup tent, you have to fall back on the passenger safety systems. (airbags,belts, and the accompanying control systems) And if the manufacturer in question is so proud of the passenger restraint systems they're installing, why don't they go ahead and give the public access to Event Data Recorder information via the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System NOW instead of waiting until 2013 ? With such incidental items as frames and floor-mats poised to send you to your maker, wouldn't you buyers like to know a publicly available database of the performance of the safety systems is being developed ? So you might throw that out to corp. while you're negotiating this frame thing.
    My p/u of choice ? Ford. And reason # 1 ? The frame. The newest vehicle I've owned I just bought last January, a '97 F-150 4WD. It had 275k mi. at the time, it's sweeet, sound as a stone, and as I drive down the road with my kids, I don't have to ask myself if I've compromised my own or my kids safety by being trendy or saving a few bucks at purchase. How 'bout you guys ? Doesn't anybody remember when Toyota p/u's all looked like rusted out Tonkas ? Actually, my Tonkas held up better (wasn't shopping for chick magnets at the time)
    BTW, I'm not employed by Ford and never have been.
    Ya can't help but wonder how their submarine force lasted as long as it did....
    Best of luck to you all...c ya
  • found hole rusted in my frame 12' behind sterring arm wonder if toyota will do anything about this problem
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