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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • You need to call Toyota, have your VIN ready. They will check to see if you qualify for the rust program. 800-331-4331. Good luck.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    No, you do not need to call Toyota. All you do is go to your nearest or most proficient Toyota dealer and they will bring your truck up there computer immediately by using your vin number. This will enable them to tell you on the spot if the rust inspection or rust proofing was completed by the previous owner. If not, they will schedule the inspection for you at that time. If it passes fine, if not they will schedule your truck for a reframe at no cost to you. This is good for any subsequent owners of the truck, you do not have to be the original owner for this service. There are no buy backs for the 2003 Tacoma's. My dealer reframed my 2004 Tacoma at a cost of $11,000.00 to Toyota no questions asked and they did a tremendous job. It was like getting a new half of a truck. Good Luck and keep us informed!
  • If your Toyota dealer passes it. Take it back EVERY 12mo. . Mine passed 1 1/2 ago then failed completely last Fri.
  • Good job Irv. Gotta love those dealers though...huh? You can save $300 if you go online & request quotes for the manifold. just Google...used auto parts & fill out the request. All you really need is the yr. & engine size. You'll receive quotes from all over. Some crazy high....some not. Some downright cheap. Honestly though, unless you notice a drop in power, or hear a ticking that's getting louder....,I wouldn't sweat it. My '97 had the same cracked mani. yours does since i bought it 3 yrs ago. You can see it. But it never got any worse & affected nothing. Mine just failed last fri. & they offered me the buyback for my Taco. Yes, I'm taking it. It passed last spring so in 16mo., mine fell apart. Let them treat it...,say "thank you"& be sure to have it inspected again in 366 days. You have 15 yrs from the manufacture date. Their "treatment" will not stop the deterioration of your frame has already begun. It eats the frame from the inside out so most can't see it. I would never have known if i hadn't gotten out my little hammer & gone a "tappin'" on my frame. I encourage all 1995-1999 owners do the same ,AND TAKE IT BACK every 366 days till your 15yrs is up. CUDOS to Toyota for doing this though.....bc they did not have to. My daughters '97 Isuzu Rodeos' frame rusted & broke in half 2 yrs ago. She got zip.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I encourage all 1995-1999 owners do the same ,AND TAKE IT BACK every 366 days till your 15yrs is up.

    I'll go you one better, I suggest every Tacoma owner 2004 and earlier have the frame inspection performed every year until the warranty expires (15 years), until it fails.
  • I was told by the Toyota dealership that when I accepted the rust corrosion treatment (undercoating) it ended my warranty even though my 15 year warranty should not expire until 9-10-12. I don't know if this is true or not but that is what they told me when I was there at the end of Aug. I doubt if they would have volunteered this information but I asked them about when my warranty would expire and this is what they told me. I think there is a lot going on with this program that people don't know about.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    edited September 2011
    "Should a customer's vehicle experience this condition, they will be requested to present it to any Toyota dealer for inspection. Upon confirmation of rust perforation, Toyota will, at its option, buy back or repair the vehicle. If it is determined that no rust perforation is present, the extended warranty will be in effect for 15 years from original sale."

    Above is an excerpt directly from Toyota explaining the warranty, your dealer is wrong or just misleading you.

    Don't know how you could say there is a lot "going on" about this program that people don't know about? All you have to do is search "tacoma rust" and there are hundreds of websites that explain the details of this problem and solutions very plainly. It almost sounds like your trying to blame Toyota for something when in reality they have gone above and beyond what they would have had to to remedy this situation for Tacoma owners. Sure they sold a defective truck, but they wouldn't have had to spend millions of dollars to make the customer whole buying back and reframing Tacomas at a very expensive cost to them. Would Ford or Chevy do this? I think not! Okay, some might say that Fords or Chevys don't rust, no but they don't last as long and are not as usually dependable as a Toyota either.
  • Well I called toyota today and my 03 is covered under the frame rust problem. They advised me to call a dealer and have the frame checked. I called Kenny Ross of Moon Twp,Pa and have an appt. for wednesday. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is ok and if not they put a new frame on. I would hate to get rid of this truck since I've only owned it for less than a week! I will keep posting my results. ;)
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    edited September 2011
    Either way why would you get rid of it? If it passes you don't have a rust issue, if it fails, you get a new frame? Sounds like a win-win proposition to me. The best bit of advice I could give to you is make sure the dealer is well qualified to do a frame replacement if your truck should need it. All dealerships have sent two techs. to school to learn how to do this extensive frame replacement, but the job depends on the individuals who perform the 40 hour replacement job. Ask how many they have done. My experience was wonderful from my local dealer (Krause Toyota) in Allentown, PA. But I have also heard some horror stories from other dealereships where this replacement has gone horribly wrong for some Tacoma owners. I even heard of the cabs being put back on the frame 4" higher on one side than the other. Ask how many frame replacements they have performed before entrusting your truck to them.
  • I agree it would be a win win for me. This is all new to me and I really appreciate all the great advise I've been given here. Thanks for that info on the frame replacement, I will definitley check out their experience. Well tomorrows the day....wish me luck :)
  • Ok had the inspection done today on my 03 Taco, everything went well. Normal surface rust and is scheduled for rust proofing/undercoating on 9-29-11 and I get a rental. Thanks to all of you for the great advice...Love my Tacoma :shades:
  • Toyota just bought my 1999 Tacoma for $16,200. Driving a 2011 4Runner now. End of story.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Good for you, enjoy!
  • Nice, I got 12k for my 99. This is my last post. I am tired of hearing people reply about thier paranoia that Toyota is up to something. Toyo makes a great product, but they used an inferior frame and are making it right. Where or who else would pay 12-16k for a 12y/o truck. Thanks Toyo i am enjoying my newer(but still old) 4runner on you dime after driving my 99 for 6 years.
  • I just took my 2002 Tacaoma to the dealer for the rust inspection. The frame needs to be replacedl. The cost is covered by the recall BUT I'm responsible for any parts that break when they are removed. I call Toyota and they refuse to cover any broken parts. Seems a bit odd that I need to pay for anything related to the rusted frame
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    That's total bulls***, I just had mine replaced two months ago and if they damaged an item they removed, then they replaced it, no charge. That being said, if they discover a worn out part or something they feel should be replaced while they are doing the job and it's not related to the frame rust then it's there obligation to ask you if you want this item replaced at your cost or reinstalled as it was before.
  • I'm okay with paying for a part that needs to be replaced just not something that was damaged during the frame replacement. What dealership did you have the work done at ?
  • Just picked up my tacoma from the dealer after having the under coating applied to the frame. Everything went good and it looks great. They told me that it would be covered until 12/2018 for any more rust. I was confused about the time length of coverage and the dealer explained that it starts from 15yrs. from the purchase new date. So I get 7yrs...better than nothing. Can anyone tell me what was the original length of time for the rust corrosion when tacomas were purchased new? I'm guessing 3yr/36,000
  • Does anyone know where I can get the tailgate emblem (TOYOTA) for my 03 Tacoma? They are individual letters. I actually need the Y & O.
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