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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    It is an arguable point. I asked spcifically, and I was told 15 years from the day it gets inspected for :" the buy back program". I was VERY specific on this, and i have the names and phone numbers of all I spoke with, trust me, I'm not getting screwed on this.... I inspected my truck myself and with my mechic, there no holes, BUT there sure will be VERY soon! It may jut not pass its annual inspection in July.
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    I just picked up my new 2008 Tacoma after finishing the buy back program! They took my 1999 with 71000 miles on it and I got around $13600! You also get an additional $1000 voucher toward the purchase of a new Tacoma. The is in addition to the $1000 consumer rebate that is going on. So I had about $16000 towards a new one, it ws a no brainer to get it. But beware, they are getting harder to locate smaller base models because of all the buy back cases out there. Also, once inspected they are suppose to offer you a rental for up to 30 days as you consider alternate transportation. I had them email me my offer letter which speeded up the progress. Also it is correct that there must be perforation holes in the frame. They are suppose to swing a hammer at it while inspecting. I SAY TRY TO GET DONE SOONER AS THE WORD OF THIS PROGRAM SPREADS IT IS GOING TO SLOW DOWN AND TRUCKS WILL BE HARDER TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! Let me know if I can answer any more questions.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Wow, Great for you!!! I have a 96 reg cab that I am waiting on. Probably wont get 9000, but a good down payment for a taco upgrade. Should know within a few days. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • tmiller159tmiller159 Posts: 25
    I have a 99 Tacoma SR5 4x4 with 2.7L automatic, Rhino bed liner, towing package, 10 disc CD changer and in dash AM/FM/CD player, fender flares and stone guard on hood, twin Hella LOUD electric horns, tonneau bed cover, 140,000 miles, dark green.
    I received an offer of $13,792.50 and accepted same by signing and returning the paperwork they sent to me. Once they pay off my existing loan, I will get a check for the remaining $9022.00. They also give you a certificate good for 60 days for a new truck at $1000 below dealer invoice and $1000 cash back. I was also loaned a Toyota Corolla for 30 days at no charge to me.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Don't forget to take off that aftermarket stuff!!!! :)
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    Where did the above poster get that the $1000 is for $1000 off invoice? I assume it is just $1000 off the price you and dealer agree on.
  • nbtacoma1nbtacoma1 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Tacoma 3.4 that is showroom mint condition with only 68000miles. It was sprayed twice with oil since I bought it new so I figured there is no way mine would be bad. I crawled under it today to check the frame with a ball pin hammer. All seemed good until I got just in front of the drivers side rear spring shakle. There are no holes but you can tell there is a soft spot there(bottom side of the frame). I'm sure if I would have used a welders pick hammer it would have made a hole. I have not recieved a letter to bring it in to the dealer yet so I'm still waiting. I love the truck and have mixed feelings about loosing it..... :cry:
  • tcmatcma Posts: 8
    Thank you for the info. I went to three different dealers and got three different stories on how they are doing the inspection and buy back. Mine is scheduled for inspection on 5-5-08. I do have holes on my frame by the leaf spring bracket. It is about 18 inches long and 2 inches wide and smaller holes in several others places. Again, thanks for the info, very helpful. I was told that if there are not any holes but there is a lot of rust they ( the dealer) will schedule it for repair or protection from further damage do to rust. The guy at the dealer was reading this right from the recall policy he had in front of him. thought i would pass that on.
  • rusty98rusty98 Posts: 4
    My 98 Tacoma just got inspected last week @ the dealership. They told me that the matter was now between Toyota and me and they were out of it. I am still waiting to be contacted by someone. I have spent in the neighborhood of 3000.00 on the frame
    of my truck in the last year to keep it on the road. Does anyone know if we will be
    reimbursed for frame repairs as part of this buyback deal?
  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9
    I am in the same situation with my 1998 Toyota Tacoma, basically without going into alot of details, I bought my truck with 49500 miles in 2003 and it lasted me 85000 before it was unsafe to drive(the problems were reported in early 2005 and continue today). Toyota will not work with me and basically told me to eat as they have offered me less than 1000 for any reconcilation. I am trying to get as much info as possible from anyone else having these problems maybe in regards to pursuing alternative solutions. The reason why Toyota wants everyone to quickly resolve this issue is so that a class action can't be filed against the Toyota Motor Corp. If you are interested please email me at
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    ISG called me today with an offer. 8632.50 for my 96 taco with 160,00 miles. That's 50.00 less than the KKB retail price (150%). Yup, I am going after that 50 bucks. They made the rules, not me. Petty??? Ya probably, but thats a tank of gas (sort of)! Supposed to get the letter in the mail in the next few days. Oh yea, my 96 is a SX model reg cab, 5 speed Manual. Look at a 08 ex. cab today, just the basic one with a 2.7, 4 cyl. Got a quote of 22,452.82. That's tax and everything. Seem high to you out there? No haggling yet. Also, I was informed that the 1000 voucher is after taxes are added. Am I being snowballed? I hate the process of buying a new or used veh. I feel as I walk in the dealership that the broom has already been shoved up my [non-permissible content removed] and the salesperson is ready to break it off. Am I crazy!!!!! hmmm, probably!!! :surprise: :mad: :)
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    They say they will but you will get much more on the buy back i wouldn't worry to much about it.. You get 1.5 times the Kelly Blue Book excellent condition value. Mine was real close to what kbb said. You can figure it and than take 1.5 times that value and thats what you get. Now if your truck in permanently fixed (doubtful) and you don't want the buy back, they will reinburse you for your repairs.
  • Faxed the signed repurchase agreement to them last Monday and got a call this morning to bring in the truck and pick up my check tomorrow morning. 1998 Tacoma with 103,000 miles on it and getting $11,850. Hate to see it go, it was a good little truck. Bought a 2006 Sienna to replace it at a real good price. I'm happy.
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    I don't think you can negotiate the buy back, it depends on options that the dealer filled out for you when he did the inspection. Also I just got an Access Cab 4 cyl , 5 speed no options for 20900 out the door AFTER both rebates. And I was told by one dealer that the voucher does come off after the taxes. But when I got mine, they took $2000 off in rebates right from the price. (we have an additional $1000 rebate going on here) not sure if you do, that is where I came up wih $2000 in rebates
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    The voucher is good for $1000 reabte off fianl price not invoice. If you have $1000 rebate going on, you would get that also. There is nothing off invoice.
  • bigo5bigo5 Posts: 8
    I have found the actual documents the dealer recieved on the program, but can't post them here. I can email you if anyone needs to see them. They were helpful to me as I knew what the dealer should be offering me.
  • tmiller159tmiller159 Posts: 25
    You will not be reimbursed for repairs. You will get 1.5x KBB value for your vehicle in excellent condition, regardless of actual condition. I got $13,800 for my 99 Taco 4X4 SR5. Just remove your extra equipment.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    As always....good advice in here!!!
    I emailed bigo 5..I think that these docs. will help me.
    I just don't trust car salesmen (sorry, nothing personal). Knowing that there is an extra 1000 off, just makes me think that they can screw with you more. I hate feeling this way, but..............
  • tmiller159tmiller159 Posts: 25
    Trust your feelings, Luke. The Force will be with you!
  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9
    I have experienced the same problems as you have with your Toyota Tacoma. Mine rusted out and broke in half. I was wondering what kind of success with Toyota? I am getting no where and my issues have been documented since 2005. I am possibly looking at alternative ways to deal with Toyota whether its tv programs like Dateline or class action. If you could give me some feedback that would be great at I would definately like to give you some details or try to help. Its definately frustrating the lack of corporate responsibility here.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
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