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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • doug70doug70 Posts: 4
    I have a 98' with 118,000 miles. Extended cab and it looks new. It is completely rusted underneath, and both leaf springs recently rotted straight through. I brought it in for the inspection saturday and they passed it, saying that it was solid! They also said that it might not be too long until it rots through. which one is it?
    This puts me in a tough postion b/c the truck needs some work, and now there is a question of how much longer I will have it. I love the truck but I drive it up and down the NYS thruway, how safe is this thing. obviosly selling it is out of the question also. Do I need to wait the full year to bring it back in for inspection?
  • ern3ern3 Posts: 2
    If you have yearly inspections thru your state, maybe you could get a state inspection service station to inspect it and if it fails, you could go back to Toyota and let them know it didn't pass? I am shocked at how few toyota tacoma owners know about this problem! I only found out about mine when I took it in for a check engine light problem.
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    Hi All,

    PLEASE PLEASE, do your OWN Inspection BEFORE you take it to Toyota. My annual Safety Tag inspection is due in a couple months. My Taco is NOT going anywhere till it is thouroughly inspected by MY Mechanic and Myself WITH PHOTOS. Toyota does not care abouy leaf springs, they are looking for preforated FRAMES, other than that YOU will be spending $$ on an inferior part of your truck wasting time & money. Preliminary inspections of my frame, is " it's ready to go"..... so Please take it in for an oil change and get under there yourself. I am hearing MORE and MORE that certain "conditions" are arising. Keep on Taco'ing!!! :P Cheers! NH- Gal ~
  • berdman21berdman21 Posts: 8
    Well it seems as though a lot has gone on since I started this topic in March of '07. I originally started the topic because of the perforation problem on my truck, and the fact that Toyota customer service told me it was not their problem. I had to send my truck to auction and got $8000 for it when the blue book value at the time was $15,000. Now that Toyota has said it was in fact their mistake by not properly rust proofing the frames, I contacted them once again. I gave my old case # and they asked what my intentions were. I stated that I would also like to be compensated for my loss due to the perforation problem. Toyota asked me to send in proof of ownership, proof of perforation and something that showed how much I got for my truck. I did this and 6 weeks later they finally called back. I was told that they were not going to compensate me because blue book value is now $6,300 for the truck. Well I just looked and KBB Retail is $11,000 for the truck. Soooo I called and asked about it and apparently if you no longer own the truck they will compensate up to TRADE IN value. Since I received more than the current TRADE IN value for the truck they said they wont do anything for me. I still feel that since I had to get rid of the truck because of THEIR PROBLEM with the frame not being safe, and I lost money because of THEIR PROBLEM, I should be compensated for such. If anyone knows of a current lawsuit, or an attorney willing to take on such a suit, please let me know.

    Brian Berdine
    Johnson City, NY
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    I feel for you. i would be sooooooooooooo pissed! :mad:
    You got screwed big time. Go to Handel on the law (it's a talk show), good one at that.
    Try it...some lawyer might take it up. Worth a shot. There is a link in the upper right of the homepage "ask a lawyer".
  • acer3acer3 Posts: 3
    Has anyone had any luck haggling the price $$ Toyota offers you? I just a call for $11,000 for my 97 but I'm just curious if u have to say yes or has anyone had any luck negotiating the price up and if so how?
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818

    Your dealer is giving you bad advice. Reread the letter Toyota sent. The statement in BOLD letters in the box clearly states:

    "The warranty extension is offered for a period of 15 years with no mileage limitations from the vehicle's in service date, for perforation of the vehicle's frame caused by rust corrosion."

    If they did warranty for 15 years from the data of inspection, then my warranty for my 95 Tacoma (13 years old so far) would be extended until the truck was 28 years old!!. And since I haven't had mine inspected yet, (the letter says nothing that I have to do it right away) I'd be better off waiting 5, 10 or more years before I bring mine in for inspection.

  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9

    For anyone that is getting a hard time from Toyota in terms of the Toyota Tacoma Frames rusting out please try this website The Center for Auto Safety It has alot of valuable information on it and you can file a complaint if you wish. Another website is Home | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) | U.S. Department of Transportation file a complaint and they will start investigating your complaint. Hopefully this can help alot get many of these defective vehicles off the road and correct corporate irresponsibilty.
  • hunter60hunter60 Posts: 2
    I just brought my Truck in to my dealership and it failed and I got my rental within 10 minutes. They kept it saying it had pretty bad rust holes and it actually sat slightly tilted to the left. It's a 1996 4wd x-cab with a matching cap which they told me to leave on for now. This truck believe it or not has 423,299 miles on it and I was on the same clutch and never really had any major problems in 12 yrs. Changed the oil every 4,000 and was hoping to get to a half a million miles, engine still runs great. My problem is now even though I'll get a new truck I'm going to have payments that I didn't count on with 2 kids in college because there frames are they take any of these things into consideration...should I remove the cap and sell it on my own?? How much can I expect to get ETC any info will help :mad:
  • hunter60hunter60 Posts: 2
    Can you apply the buy back amount to a good used truck that a dealer has????
  • doug70doug70 Posts: 4
    I believe you can apply the check to anything that you want. If you want to make some extra cash pull the cap off and anything else that you could possibly sell.
  • bostontacobostontaco Posts: 1
    Brian from NY,
    I am sure there will be a class action suit along the pipeline soon if not one already.
    There are Lawyers out there waiting to hop on this kind of anger train against such a huge corporation like Toyota.
    Your next step should be searching for a class action suit, finding the Lawyer who filed for the class action suit and emailing or old school writing he/she a letter about your case.
    The point? He or She may want to direct you to someone (or take it on aside from CAS) who will fight to get you the monies deserved and possibly more.
    Just a suggestion.
    Good Luck and I hope you get what you deserve! :mad:
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    I finally decided to call Toyota regarding the recall. Seems the dealer I took the truck to and their service department were full of it.

    After asking for a rust inspection last month, I got the run around. I was told my truck was not part of any recall and when I asked if the rust on the frame was any concern, the service rep said "no, no concern." They did not inspect it, would not do anything and didn't have time to listen to my concerns, so I left ... and dropped the issue for a month.

    Yesterday, I called the Toyota help line and asked what "certain trucks" meant in the letter and if my VIN # was part of the "recall." The answer was overwhelmingly "yes." The "certain trucks" line appears to mean "any truck that has rust on the frame." So, yes, I should have an inspection at the dealership.

    Anyhow, I'm supposed to get a call from my dealership now which should lead to a real inspection for my Tacoma. We'll see ...

    So, if you're getting the run around, call 1-800-331-4331 and navigate the menu till you get to talk to a rep. I had far better luck talking with them than with anyone at the dealership.
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    so I got a rental car and two days later the letter in the mail with an offer for $10,000.
    I faxed my stuff to the places and we will see how long before I get my money. I will keep you informed. Has anyone gotten their money? if so how long did it take after you got the offer from Toyota?
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    I'm new to this forum, and found out about the Tacoma problem this week. I had my truck in for some regular service work at my a local garage. The service mgr. called to say they started to work on the truck, and noticed the frame rusted through. They stopped work and advised I don't invest another dime into the truck. I called Toyota dealer and have appt. for inspection tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Anyway, I hate to be a consipacy theorist, but yesterday I looked at Kelly Blue Book and my truck booked for $7,850. Today I plug in the exact same information, and the truck books for $7,585. WTF? Does Toyota have any pull with KBB?????? That just cost me about $400 bucks under the buyback agreement
  • I did. The dealer failed my truck on Friday, April 27 and I got a call the following Monday from the company that handles the buyback. They emailed the acceptance letter to me and I signed and faxed it back to them. Got another call from the the following Monday, May 5 and I brought the truck to them the following day, signed some more papers, handed them the keys and received a check for $11,850. Bought a 2006 Toyota Sienna the same day. I wanted another Tacoma but they had a long waiting list for a new one.

    Toyota is standing on their heads to make this right for everyone effected. I got $2000 less than what I paid for the truck used 9 years ago plus another $500 because I bought a used Sienna from the dealer.

    Try to get GM, Chrysler or Ford to do that.
  • rcoolercoole Posts: 10
    Anyone with a 2000 Tacoma that has failed? I've noticed a lot of rust on the frame of mine for the last several years and just found out about the buy back from the local parts store owner. Have an appointment with a dealer on the 15th of May. The dealership that I've had this serviced at for the last 8 years said that the soonest they could inspect it would be Aug 8th. I called another dealership and got the 15th of May appointment with no problem. Understand from sources that some dealerships aren't very cooperative with scheduling. The Aug 8th dealership said they were only allowed to do 2 to 3 inspections a day. If this one fails, won't consider buying from this .dealer. West Virginia driven truck.
  • A good dealer will stand on his head to make things right for you because he knows you will probably buy from him again. If you get a bad one, like the Aug. 8 dealer above, let him know about his lousy service and that you would never buy from him again. And tell him that you'll let all your friends know also.

    They'll get the message.
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    Well I can only tell you what has happened with me. They offered me $400.00 less then the KBB value I looked up. If you have any extras,for example a cap, bed liner, cd player,etc they WILL NOT take those into consideration when determining the value UNLESS these things were on the truck when it left the MANUFACTURER. NOT THE DEALERSHIP. Maybe this is why there is a difference in the prices. I am almost done so if you have anymore questions let me know. This girl did not mess around and called toyota company first thing not the dealership and so far the process has taken no time at all. Let me know how you make out.
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