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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    also remember no holes = no money.
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    I see you got the number for toyota. Make sure to ask for Mike. He did everything for me and made my process move quickly. He was great. I have an extension number if u need it. Good Luck
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    I would love a copy of that. My e mail is dealers tend to think girls know less then they do so any ammo would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    If anyone has replied to or asked me questions I have just got on and gone through them all and answered them. From now on I will check this site everyday. I was not aware how little info was out there for our little toyota
  • rachel518rachel518 Posts: 3
    I heard earlier in the week from a friend that this was going on. Normally I don't just jump on the computer to search something but in this case I certainly did . . .

    I made my appt. right then via email for the following Tuesday, and I called back after a second thought to reschedule it for today at 7:30. It was an in-and-out sort of thing, and I'm feeling a little in shock right now because my truck failed. :sick:

    I guess I'm glad that this is happening now, because my tailpipe is disintegrating and my muffler has holes in it - new brakes were in the new future, too. But I'm so sad about my first truck, and having to say goodbye!
    Mine is a '98 4x4 single cab (I wonder if single cabs get a considerable amount less?) I will probably just end up getting another Tacoma, maybe something new and shiny, EXTENDED cab this time., but it's all pretty sudden since they got me right in there and now say I should get a call from Toyota in 5-7 days?
    I'm going to check in on this forum daily now - everyone else's stories are helping me figure out what to expect. I kind of feel like I need that support!
  • rachel518rachel518 Posts: 3
    I forgot to mention that the guy said I have 4 holes in my frame, but then away they send me! After reading everyone else's it sounds like most people were sent away with rentals? I was putting the pressure on a little bit because I was going to be late for work, and at that time just assumed I'd be driving away with it. But 4 holes sounds pretty major now that I think about it. Maybe I'll get the rental next week.

    Believe me, I'll keep you all posted, and everyone else do the same - this is a really bizarre feeling!
    I wonder what other car companies have done this buy-back thing? I've never heard of it.
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Its a little overwhelming for alot of people. You are not alone. The salesman that I talked to said that most people are feeling like this. I shouldexpect my check next week. I am going to get a 2008 ex. cab. I guess I have to look at this as one hell of a good down payment. All of my other extras I will pull outta the truck and put on ebay. ;) . I too, have a 96 reg cab. 160,000 miles. Was offered a little over 8600.00.
    I told the salesman that I wasn't into this process, like you I was hoping to keep my truck for another 3 yrs. Also, I (no joke) just made my last payment on my harley. So, guess what, new payments.....great!!! :(
  • vogrinvogrin Posts: 1
    :lemon: I too like everyone else on this site has Tacoma problems. I own a 1997 Tacoma extended cab 4x4 which I bought new and now has only 61,000 miles on it and is in SHOWROOM condition!!! I inspected the frame myself and yes, there are a few small rust holes in it, destined to fail Toyota's inspection! I have a May19th appointment to take it into the dealership for them to inspect it. The service manager told me on the phone that if my truck fails inspection that I CANNOT DRIVE IT HOME AND THEY KEEP IT! What do I do then? Is this even legal? I never even received a recall notice from Toyota! I was hoping to keep this truck for at least another 4 years because of the super low miles. I also owned a 1987 Toyota 4x2 which had the truck bed and doors rust out after only 5 years! Are you people INSANE who are considering buying another Tacoma "rust bucket"??? I can't wait to see what Toyota offers me for my truck! Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another Toyota!!!
    I agree with other angry owners on here, there should be a class action lawsuit against Toyota Corp. to FULLY compensate all Tacoma owners! I just spent over $450 on tires,have a $1000 cap on it and paid my PA. state registration fee last month for $58. Will the corporate cronies at Toyota take these expenses into consideration when offering me a buy back check...I doubt it! :sick:
  • nikshedecknikshedeck Posts: 8
    I had a few holes too and they sent me away with my vehicle so I called toyota company,not the dealership. They advised me to call the dealership and ask for a rental and that I was entitled to one, so you should call and tell them you want one,
  • hockeyeasthockeyeast Posts: 43
    Well, lets hope the 2008s are protected properly. WTF, if in 15 yrs or before the frame rusts through, another buyback. I can't imagine this happening again. But, you never know. I did test drive a 2006 nissan frontier (15,000 miles), loaded. Nice truck at a good price, but it's hard to not get another toyota. Still hemming and hawing here. Ugh!!!! :confuse:
  • badsparkybadsparky Posts: 1
    My friend's husband at work just turned in his Toyota. He took it in for inspection and they wouldn't let him drive it home. They always made fun of me and my Fords and how crappy they are.... who's laughing now! Toyota must really want these off the streets to offer 150% of value for them! They love Toyota so much are buying a H3 this time around. Another guy tells me how great Nissan is - I just reply "if they are so great- why don't you have one". Get the best GM/Ford you can for the money Toyota gives you - you can get a lot more American car than foreign for the same money. Don't finance!

    I have driven many different vehicles but I always have owned Fords (and one Jeep) and never have problems with them. They only time I was left stranded was the time I was driving my old boss's Toyota (engine block split down the middle)
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    Well I like most others have lost my Tacoma. So sad. A 99 with 185,000 miles that was in near perfect condition. My truck went in Thursday for inspection, and failed. I was told under no circumstances was I leaving with my truck. So I asked the dealer for a box and collected up my stuff. They had Enterprise show up with a 2008 Dodge Dakota for me to use for the next 30 days while I shop. I live in upstate NY, and was told by the dealer that of 200 Tacomas that they have heard inspected in our region, ONLY 5 have no rust!!! 195 failed. Unbelievable. I was in Canandaigua NY this weekend looking for a new Taco, and behind their dealership looked like a boneyard. This is a HUGE problem for Toyota, but everybody I know keeps telling me what a "gift" this is.... I know what they are saying, I'll end up with a check for more than I paid for my truck when I bought it 7 years ago. BUT I had a great truck and NO payments. Struggling between new Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. Guess there will be some sleepless nights for the rest of the month.
    Good luck to the rest of you.
  • tylorkittytylorkitty Posts: 18
    HI, I would be VERY interested in knowing what the buy back amount will be they extend to you.... mine is a 2000 extended cab in excellent condition with 161k on it........
    do you mind letting me know? I will be bringing mine in very soon, I already have seen the gaping holes in my inside frame........ and like you not happy about letting it go. I estimate they will give me about 14k.........
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    I'll be glad to keep you posted tylorkitty. I'm in waiting mode for now until I hear from ISG.
  • Mine is a 99 tacoma short bed.....reg cab....185,000k 4x4. I put it into Kelly BB.....I put in excellent conditions and retail value as another post said to do......being careful not to add things like grille gaurd, and the cd player I installed. I got a retail value of 7,655K. My question. If my truck fails the rot test is THIS the amount I can expect.....or is it 150% of this amount? Thanks in advance.
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    > I got a retail value of 7,655K. My question. If my truck fails the rot test is THIS the amount I can expect.....or is it 150% of this amount?

    You'd get 150% based on the blue book value determined. If it's $7,655, you should expect to get $11,482.
  • kowitzkowitz Posts: 7
    > I finally decided to call Toyota regarding the recall. Seems the dealer I took the truck to and their service department were full of it.

    A follow up on my experience. After calling Toyota (1-800-331-4331) after getting the dealer run-around, they called my dealer and I had the inspection. My '98 Tacoma failed an initial visual inspection ... no hammer needed. There were holes clearly visible on the inside on both sides near the front tires.

    I now have a loaner and am awaiting a callback / offer. The run-around from the dealer cost me a month and during that time the KBB value has declined. What would have been a 12.5k offer now stands near 11.5k. I intend to argue the point and get the highest value they'll agree on.
  • What do people think is the liklihood that my truck will fail the rot test and be eligible for a buyback? Its a 99 reg cab 4x4 tacoma, 185,000 miles. I drive two hours a day with it in Upstate NY. Salty roads......bad weather etc. etc?
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    Your truck will fail. I also had a 99 reg cab 4x4 with 183,000 miles and drive it two hours a day in upstate NY. The frame had a section over a foot long that had no metal left in it. The dealer I spoke with said that about 99% of the trucks that they have seen have failed. My advice, don't wait. Get your truck in before there is a huge log jam ahead of you. I am already having trouble finding a new truck that fits what I want, and with a lot of Tacoma owners without wheels, finding a new ride is going to be VERY difficult in the next couple of months.
  • tcmatcma Posts: 8
    My Tacoma was a 1997 ex-cab 4x4 198300 miles. ( THEY DO COUNT THE MILEAGE) 2.7L 4cylinder. They dont count any after market items you put on the truck. Mine was inspected on 5-5-08 got a call on 5-8-08 that they received my packet and on 5-12-08 was offered 10,100 dollars. Guess i will get a car that gets good gas mileage. I have not had a vehicle payment in 7 yrs. Oh! By the way gas just hit 4.45 a gallon in Ohio as of 5-12-08. can you believe it. :cry: ">
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