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Chevy Suburban 5.3L coolant leak into engine



  • You may want to check your heads to see if they are casteck heads. There is a document out there # 06-06-01-019b put out to gm mechanics to let them know about bad castings of these heads. they have porosity in the metal whick is leaking thru to the lifter area but evaporating because of heat leaving a sludge mix oil.
  • I have a 2004 Tahoe LT with the 5.3 flex fuel engine, that I bought new. I have the very same problem that you have described. At about 40,000 miles, I noticed that coolant was always being added when I had the oil changed at a 'quick lube' shop. This got worse by 80,000 miles. The dealer did a pressure test and found no leak or drop in the pressure. I am having to add about a pint every 200 hundred miles. The lube shop suggested a Radiator shop and they suggested to replace the coolant reservoir cap. THAT, has fixed the problem.
  • I see so many here talking about coolant leaking in the 5.3 engine, well people, the 5.3 engine is designed so no coolant can leak into it! 5.7 is different, they had serious coolant leak into engine issues, but those with 5.3 are not having issues with coolant leaking into the engine via intake because this cannot happen!
  • Please explain your comment.

    I have a 5.3 which is burning coolant. The exhaust smells of coolant and I have to add coolant daily. I don't have any coolant puddles on the ground anywhere I park. I am not a mechanic, but assume coolant must be getting into the engine somehow or it wouldn't be coming out the tailpipe as smoke.
  • When your saying the 5.3L engine is designed not to leak coolant into the engine, I am not sure what you mean about that. I have a 5.3L engine losing gradually coolant over a period of time. I am reading about the head casting problem with the 5.3L and 5.7L engines. I don't see water in my oil, but I presume its burning up. Just curious, what you what different in the design of the 5.3L engine that makes is different? thanks.
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