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Prius Owners w/50K - What We Think Now



  • I'm always surprised that hybrid SUV's fail to get a significant improved milage over conventional SUV's per the additional cost factor of Hybrids. My '04 Prius is closing in on 80K and I'm still amazed that it has been literally a problem free car. Several friends have joined the "bandwagon" and I'm pleased to say, they too are happy buyers also. I've owned over 50 automobiles thru the yrs and the Prius is, without a doubt, the most impressive vehical I've ever come across. I look forward to the 3rd Generation Prius and hope that it will achieve the same quality standards that I've come to expect from Toyota.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Along with railroadjames I too have to confirm that the vehicle has been flawless. Day in and day out it just does what it's supposed to do.

    Tires replaced at 50,000 mi exactly
    Tires rotated every 10K ( 7 times ) @ $29 each rotation
    14th oil change just done ( all free )
    Windshield replaced from 2 rocks and a 'deer attack'
    'deer attack ' and 'lady attack' repaired under insurance

    Total cost of maintenance/operation through 70000 miles
    4 new tires $380
    7 rotations $200
    Fuel: 70000 mi @ 47.9 mpg = ~1400 gal x $2.50 Avg/gal = ~$3500
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Surely only six rotations unless you rotated them at 50,000 miles and then scrapped them.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Good point but since Toyota 'recommends' a 5000 mi interval I did my first at 5000 but then at 10000 swithched to 10K intervals. 10K is about once a quarter for me.
  • I have gone over nearly 53K this week I have an 05 prius I bought used in 06. it had 10K on it then. I have had it about a about a year and a half and have had no major issues with it. I drive 86 miles round trip to go to work daily on the highway and have recently started going 5 miles under the speedlimit. I am averaging from 48 to 50 depending on the weather conditions. I have noticed that in colder weather my milage does go down a bit. I have replaced 1 set of tires and my breaks are still in good shape. I do a lot of coasting whenever I can. I live in Arizona and have taken a long trip to Abilene and Dallas Texas last year and it ran great. Although going uphill to Texas did cut my milage down some with my car fully loaded with stuff I made it up on my way back down to Arizona. It was a comfortable ride all the way. I keep up with the regular maintanince and it still runs like a dream. I'm hopeing to make it last to about 300K.
  • little_pogilittle_pogi Posts: 148
    My 04 have gone past 110k miles. I am averaging 45 mpg which is better than the 43 mpg I was getting when I hit the 60k mark. A major repair was done on my fuel tank. I hit a large rock that ruptured the tank. Thanks to the bladder design of the fuel tank, gasoline did not spill and create a fire hazard. The engine check light did turn on due to the loss of pressure inside the fuel tank. The whole tank needed to be replaced.

    I recently check the linings of my brakes. The front brake pad shows a 50% wear and the rear brake shoes showed more significant wear. I estimate that I may need a a brake shoe replacement at the 120K mark.

    All rubber components on the car still looks good. Axle and steering boots, brake hoses, suspension bushings, coolant hoses, belts, etc.

    The original Goodyear Integrity tires lasted 50K. The Goodyear Assurance I put in might still get me past the 115K miles. One rear shock absorber has some wetness in it. Fluid may be starting to leak slightly. Generally the shocks still in excellent shape.

    One concern I have is the ICE timing mechanism. My local dealer says I do not have to replace it. I assume the Prius engine uses a timing chain. Anybody out there can confirm this?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes all Prius', as well as all 4c Toyota's from 2003 onward, use timing chains iso timing belts.

    All V6s beginning with the GR family of engines also use chains iso belts
    All the new V8's beginning with the UR family of engines will use chains iso belts.

    As of today the only vehicles being made that use timing belts are the 3.3L V6 Solaras, the 3.3L hybrid Highlanders and the 4.7L V8's in the 4R, Sequoia and Tundra's.
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    I have some questions, I keep my cars a long time, just sold our 93 Buick had 114700 miles on it and am looking at the Prius,will be takeing a trip to Fl. once or twice a year from Mi., what kind of expenes can I expect say after 5yrs, how long does the battery go for and what does it cost to replace it.Say after 10yr does it start nickle & dime you. I do take good care of my cars, What are regular maintance expences on this type of car.
    Thanks for your help
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    I have a 2004 since 2004. It's great and I recommend it highly. Great mileage (45-50), no other problems. Watch out for deep snow if you don't have snow tires.
  • You ask alot about, down the road, issues. I can atest to the great satisfaction that the Toyota Prius gives me and it is of the highest accolades. I've owned over 50 cars and rank the Prius as the most dependable, thrifty, and most of all, the most inovative and smart car to come along in yrs. 77K miles and 4 plus yrs of total satisfaction. About the some ways, time will tell but...with a warrantee of 10yrs and everybody seemingly trouble free with them, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find any complaints. Remember this! Toyota says that even if a problem occurs, only the cell that malfunctions need be replaced. This means that $$ costs are reasonable as opposed to total battery replacement costing approx. $3,200.00. (but going down lately). As to maintanance...Same as any other car for the most part. Brakes seem to last forever.(no kidding) As to 10 plus yrs down the road....I'll let you know when I get there. (and I plan on just that). I've driven from near Chicago to Atlanta Ga (720miles) and fill up once each way. Lastly, I've gone 546 miles on a single tank twice.
    P.S. Prius: Car of The FutureToday!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    100,000 miles or so is about young middle age for a Toyota. At 250,000 miles they probably ready for retirement. I've had several that have needed nothing but normal maintenance until well above 100,000 mi.

    Regards the Prius the actual maintenance is probably less than any traditional car; no timing belts, plugs at 100K+, brakes lasting upwards of 200,000 mi. Basically it's oil/filters and air filters on a regular basis. Then wear items.

    But... all new vehicles are just an assembly of mini-computers. These ECU units are just like your laptop. There might be as many as 20-40 of them in any modern vehicle....and the warranty on these units is limited to 36 mos / 36000 miles. The Prius units have been remarkably failure-free. But this is a personal decision of whether to get a 7 yr / 100,000 mile wrap around Vehicle Service Agreement or to self-insure your vehicle.

    At 72000 mi I've done nothing to mine except repair phycial damange from being hit.
  • One major factor that stood out when deciding as to purchasing or not, a Prius in the early yrs, was ..."will the complex and computer filled Prius prove reliable long after the warrantee is expired?" I'm releaved to report (as most other owners) It is a tried & true car of a very high degree of longevity and dependability. I have 75K and nary a problem to report. I just hope the 3rd Generation comes along soon and excites me as much as this one. Those seriously considering one should give the Prius a test drive. It is the key to seeing how worthy the car is.
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    We have a 2008 Prius and the display screen has (of course) lots of fingerprints on it, but also has a real static/dust problem. Anybody have any good ideas to keep that clingy dust off the screen and dash, for that matter? :confuse:
  • I have the same problem. At Costco or other club store you can buy a large box of the small eye glasses wipes. I keep them in my car and wipe down the screen as needed.
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    Thanks! Someone has suggested used fabric softener sheets, but that didn't really do it. I hadn't thought of eyeglass wipes. Great idea!
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    I just found this site last week and I surely do enjoy all of your comments. I know that my new Prius is a very complicated machine and it is a bit scary to think what "could" happen. But so many of your comments are reassuring as to reliability and longevity of the Prius that my mind is now at ease. I can fully relax and enjoy our new car. Love that Barcelona red! We traded a 2005 Corolla that had over 80k miles on it (we bought it new) for the Prius. We really likedthe Corolla, but it was a CE model with no options and the Prius is well equipped by comparison, so It's been a real treat for us. The interior is beautiful, but that upholstery does look fragile, doesn't it? Apparently, from what some of you have written, though, that it's actually easy to clean. We have the biscuit-colored fabric. I kind of wince when I get in to sit down with my blue jeans on. Almost like it's too nice to sit on. Toyota quality is legendary and we are happy owners. Keep on posting!
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    I didn't know that the complete battery replacement charge had dropped to $3200, and sure didn't know that the individual cells can be replaced as opposed to the entire thing. Enjoy your positive outlook throughout your postings. :)
  • The seats are great and the car is easy to keep clean, however be very very carefull of the interior plastics. They scratch very easy. The insides of my doors are all scratched up as well as the plastic in the hatch area. The paint also chips very easy. In defense of the car I drive 100-200 miles a day and get in and out of it many times a day, but the plastic and paint are still cheap.
  • I started this particular "Topic" for everyone to appreciate the perspectives of "owners with high milage Prius's." I found myself very much interested in what owners of high milage cars had to say about this unique hybrid car both pro & con. I first came across owner/operaters of taxi cab Prius's in Vancouver B.C. With very high miles (120K - 150K) They were extreamly pleased with their hybrids. Literally exclaiming how the Prius saved their jobs when gas went ballistic. Recently I met someone actually older than me at a movie parking lot sitting next to my '04 Prius with his '04 Prius (thought they might mate and make baby Prii's ha! ha!). He had 132K and spouted what I always seem to hear...."Great Car!!" I've learned alot from other owners and it seems to be a bottomless pit of happy owners. Seems to be a pattern of smiling folks in "Hybridland."
  • gwmortgwmort Posts: 22
    5-1/2 years and 98,000 miles, no mechanical issues or complaints, but I am on my 4th set of tires.

    I find if I go too fast they fail, so I never push the rated speed anymore. I have always loved it and knew from early on with the Prius that my next car would be a Prius.

    (Hoping for a PHEV model soon, will keep mine a few more years if need be to wait)
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