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Lexus RX 300



  • Just purchased a silver sport this past summer.Called dealer for price,$680 and was informed that using outside shops may void warranty. Called 3 shops and there around$300.Even called toyota dealer and they would install at work or home for$395.Any input would be helpful.Enjoy the bickering, and helpful info.
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    You're amazing... you must not have many friends. Have you looked up bombastic yet?

    I could care less about pre '01 AWD Rex's, that's not what I own. The information I have says that the '01 is full-time 4WD. All I care about whether that is true or not. I'll let you worry about other things since you are so good at it.

    Lexus corporate is working on a response/explanation for me. The customer service folks admitted that they were not a technical resource and kicked it to corporate. The ETA I was given for a response was EOB today. When I know I'll be sure to share with others and try to be helpful. What a concept, huh?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    too big a word is.

    Something I would hardly ever use, people who try to use too many big words probably do so to feel self-important.

    Have you ever seen me dispute that the 01 is full-time AWD? I do wonder if the addition of Trac is really satisfactory to make it "full-time" AWD, my own experience indicates otherwise. But if Trac operates as the factory says it does then I wouldn't dispute the 01 RX AWD argument.

    I assume you have seen my posts regarding enquiries to Lexus. If you have a better contact then what you might want to pursue is the question regarding the 99 and 00 RXs.

    The only instance I had to test TRAC was on a muddy road and it was my impression that it quit on me fairly quickly and turned on the diagnostic light. The diagnostic light seemed to go out if I drove the straight and narrow for about 100 yds. It seemed to have "re-armed" itself at that point, maybe it took some time to replenish the hydraulic accumulator?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    doesn't stretch unless its put under tension.

    A viscous clutch doesn't "slip" if the front to rear roadbed traction isn't disparate. So what Lexus says is logically correct, "under normal conditions engine torque is delivered EQUALLY to both front and rear."

    But, didn't most of us buy these vehicles for their performance in ABNORMAL condition?

    I just went back and looked at post #3098. Tony what SUV do you own?
  • Has anyone gotten curious enough to measure the gas mileage improvement gained by removing the accessory cross bars? I've noticed that the bike carrier alone (no bike) drops my in-town MPG from 23-ish to 21-ish. (2001 FWD.) Since it's no more than a couple of minutes to install or remove, I usually take the bike carrier off if I'm not transporting bikes for several days. Got me wondering how much the cross bars alone cost in MPG. (And, interesting enough, adding a bike to the carrier only drops the MPG to around 20.)
  • psripsri Posts: 6
    After a month of trying to decide between the RX & the ML, finally we bought the white-gold RX300 (wife's choice of color of course!). In the end, the reliability, human engineering, comfort and gas-mileage (of RX) outweighed the off-road abilities, supposedly better handling, couple of extra safety features and a little larger interior (of ML) in our order of priorities. The excellent local Lexus dealership with courteus sales folks and great service (here at Central Jersey) also helped.
    I have learned quite a bit from this forum - thanks to everyone who posted.
    Question: Our sales person was suggesting we use regular gas. The User manual recommemends premium while not requiring it. What are user's experience on this - do most folks use premium. I thought I would start off with premium gas for a few thousand miles and maybe try out regular later on. Any advise?
  • tomjavatomjava Posts: 136
    Please read the lastest Car & Driver magazine issue regarding premium or regular unleaded gas. Great article.

    BTW, congratulation on your new RX300
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    We bought our black '01 AWD with nav on 7/31 and now have about 2300 miles on it. We have always used regular gas with no apparent problems. On a long trip made before we hit the first 1K on the odometer, gas mileage was 24.1 while driving ~65 mph with A/C off. Only other options we got were the rear spoiler, trailer hitch, luggage area mat and net, and Ziebart rustproofing. Car is great so far. Only small annoyance is slight but frequent (for want of a better word) rustling or ticking sound coming from the area of the overhead console near the rear view mirror. Cannot yet figure just where the sound comes from. Dealer said they fixed it by loosening and reattaching the velcro supporting the headliner. This didn't work. Does anyone else have this slight but nagging sound? If radio is on, I don't hear it, so I suppose that would be a solution too. :-)
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Have used regular gas for the 20,000 miles I've had my 2000 FWD and it works fine. MPG average from 20-23.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Drove my 99 RX 70 miles to Rochester yesterday for scheduled maintenance even though my neighborhood Lexus dealer is only a few miles away, see post #3123 of 10/4 above. Very gratifying experience all around and the bill was actually less than their estimate, $376 + tax. That also included new front wiper blade inserts. Had the pleasure of driving a 2001 RX loaner which included the premium package. Lots of goodies I don't have on my own - electrochromic rear view mirror w/compass, memory and heated seats, Homelink transciever, CD changer, moonroof and HID headlamps; but no NAV - sweet. Guess I'll have to go all the way next time if I can finesse it!

  • Sounds dumb, but have you tried removing any sunglasses from the overhead compartment to see if the noise persists?
  • Anyone out there know when the RX is due for a redesign? I am thinking about buying a 2002 now, but if it is going to be redesigned next year, I can wait a few more months for a totally new fresh look. Any advice?
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    Yes, bcjacob1, I did check for any loose items in the overhead compartment, thanks. Nothing there. It seems that if I press on the left rear edge of the overhead console, it often will stop the sound. Now I'll just have to keep my finger pressing on that spot on the ceiling, and voila, no more annoying sound -- kind of like the Dutch boy plugging a hole in the dike with his finger to hold back the sea. I hope my arm won't get tired. :-)
  • I had to cut rear right belt (details below) in my 2001 4WD RX300.
    Is replacement of the belt under warranty?
    How much of a deal is to replace it (seems like a large back plastic panel has to be removed)?
    Will dealer be able to put panel back, so it still looks like new?

    Details. My 3-years old put a belt around himself and then released it, choking himself. I tried to release a tension in orede to pull more belt out, but I had no room to go: the belt was too tight around his belly. Belt woundn't give up, so I had to cut it.
  • alekseyp - I noticed that the belts at the back seats are very easily triggered into locking themselves. I never had a situation when I had to cut the belt but my 7-year old constantly gets stuck under the belt when she as much moves a bit more suddenly.
    Does anyone know if the tension lock sensitivity can be adjusted? Would it be safe to make it a little less sensitive?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I happen to have the shop manual for a 2000 Chrysler T&C AWD, which, like the RX, also uses a viscous clutch to "adaptively" drive the rear wheels. There are two differences between the two drive types that are notable.

    The Chrysler has an over-running clutch in-line with the rear drive shaft so that in a heavy braking situation the rear wheels can/may turn faster than the front. The Chrysler also has a "dog-clutch" around the over-running clutch so the vehicle can still route torque to the rear when in reverse.

    Why the difference?

    I was told by an industry expert that the T&C has a higher "pre-load" on the viscous clutch so the "latent" coupling front to rear would be much greater than the RX. Without the over-running clutch the T&C drive train might be damaged in severe braking situations. With less pre-load on the viscous clutch, the RX's rear wheels could easily over-run the front during heavy braking with no adverse affect to the drive train.


    The Chrysler T&C has a better AWD system than does the RX!

    No doubt that is also why my 2001 RX would not apply very much torque to the rear wheels with the fronts elevated, a lower pre-load, less native or latent torque to the rear.
  • I'm getting jealous from people getting 24 MPG on a highway and 20-23 city.

    Yestarday I only got 21.7 between Portland and Seattle and regularly get about 17 on the city.

    I have checked the tire pressure. Is there anything else I should check? Thanks in advance
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Here's some generic gas mileage tips.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Left Portland for Seattle (home) about 7PM in a 99 blue 911 coupe with the aerokit and got 27.8 MPG.
  • I don't think Kim is really concerned with the gas mileage of a small, light sports car wwest. I think she is more curious about the mileage of a know, the topic of this forum. Maybe if she had asked a question about the viscous clutch she would have gotten a relevant answer. Or probably not...
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