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Lexus RX 300



  • rx300fan & wmquan...
    The Car & Driver test was done on a 2000 model RX 300, cause I didn't see the chrome inside door handles nor the new taillights. What a shame, cause they used the 2001 MDX...

    The Land Cruisers in other parts of the world have other engine options, including a turbo diesel. The one in the USA uses a 4.7L V8(not a 4.5L or whatever engine)
    Also, the suspension in the rear for the US model is tuned for a better highway ride or something(don't know what they changed exactly, if they changed the suspension setup)... Anyway, it makes it drive less like a truck than the other non US models...

    I hope I'm correct, BTW I don't know A thing about suspensions or that stuff so don't be surprised if I wrote something stupid...
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Hi all. While I am still waiting for mine (should arrive by Xmas), I have a few questions.
    Did any of you install (or plan to do so) a protective grill. Is there one fitted for the MDX? How much was it? How does it look? (Pictures???)
    Any MDX stories from the Buffalo area now that they got 2' of snow? How does the car handle in those circumstances?
  • Keep in mind folks, this is not an MDX forum.
  • I think your in the wrong forum.

    Back to RX300. Does anyone know anything about putting white bulbs in the foglights?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I bring you that info for your review to illustrate just how well the Montero now does in comparison to the gold standard, the LC. Take it for what it is worth. I personally felt it was important as Australians really use these SUV and the Montero and LC are heavy favorites.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I appreciate the feedback that everyone puts into this forum.

    We just took delivery of a new AWD 2001 RX 300. It has the Premium Package Plus, Heated Seats, Crossbars, Wheel Locks, Cargo mats, etc...

    MSRP was $41,256 - We paid $37,000 plus tax and license in Northern California. My wife loves it. We just turned 100 miles.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for car wax or polish. We have the Burnished Gold color.

    Thanks, Nascar
  • I use only "One Grand" brand products. Their wax is called "Blitz Wax".....I have been very happy with the results.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    nascarfan3: Congratulation on your new toy. I recommend Zaino wax system, or do a search on zaino in Edmunds Town Hall. Good luck, Swiftm
  • I live in the sf area and wondering about anyone's experience with the pricing for the 4wd 2001 rx300. any helpful hints or what dealer to stay away from ???
  • i have a 2000 rx with about 1700 miles. when should i think about cleaning the leather? is lexol good to use? i have the ivory interior.
  • i have a 2000 rx with about 1700 miles. when should i think about cleaning the leather? is lexol good to use? i have the ivory interior.
  • wayn1wayn1 Posts: 69
    one more time
  • We're looking for an SUV and have narrowed it to the RX300, ML320 and MDX. Any recommendations? The nav system is mandatory in any choice for us. Also, any recommendations on what I can expect to actually pay? I'm really bothered by the shift lever in the RX300, however
  • I think you should have little problem getting a 4wd with NAV for around $40k....assuming it is one with the "Value Package" pricing....msrp showing around $42k.
  • Does anyone know if some of the 2001 RX300 options will be available to retro-fit on older models? I have a 2000 RX300 4WD and want the NAV system, HID lights, and new steering wheel/shift with walnut & leather trim.

    (Too bad I didn't wait until now to buy. When I asked the dealer, early this summer when I bought, what new items were on the 2001 they didn't have a clue)

    I'm also mad that VSC wasn't on the 2000 model and on the 2001.


  • rxcurerxcure Posts: 33
    I second the interest in applying retrofits to older models. Silly as it might sound to most, the move to a shoulder belt in 2001 on the middle seat is very important for me as I have 3 kids and while the RX is not our family car, on occasion I like to take all the kids in the RX and it's not nearly as safe to have only a lap belt. Lexus, are you listening?
  • From my understanding to upgrade to the new nav system and wood steering wheel, ends up costing more or equal to trading in on a 2001.
  • But can it be done? I may want to do it a little at a time. What parts/systems can be added?
  • I was told it can be done, but you have to replace the entire radio, AC, Screen equipment....I think when I priced it here it was somewhere around $12,000 for the nav and wood wheel/knob upgrade.....and that does not include the other changes to the 2001....probably better off selling the 2000 and getting a new 2001 for that expense.
  • Hi all

    I received a price of 4000 off MSRP(including the rebate) om a fully loaded RX300 with Nav (44,300 MSRP) and 3500 off without Nav (41,320 MSRP)

    I am in Boston. How am i doing here??
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