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Lexus RX 300



  • I always just buy the whole blades myself... easier, and.. I figure those blade holders must be a tadworn as well, right?

  • Our 2000 RX 300 with 24000 miles just started making a rather "crunchy" sound when braking with anything other than a feather-foot. The pads were just inspected and are reported to be at only 20% wear. The sound is rather like metal-on-metal, and the pedal feel is nasty. It's almost as if they're wet, but all the time. Very disconcerting. Any thoughts on what the matter might be?

    The other concern is a "clunk" that is heard when first backing out of the driveway and taking off in drive. I know I'll never be able to get the dealer to duplicate it. If anyone knows the likely cause of this clunk (or can point me to the right message thread) I'd appreciate, because the car has got to go in anyway.

  • I have the same noise on my car. It was said to be the brakes automatically adjusting.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    I had a problem that the dealer could not duplicate on 4 visits. It occured early on cold mornings on a particular road. Same road, later no noise. Even leaving it over night. Finally the service advisor came to my house at 7 am with a loaner and we went for a ride. He heard it immediately and took my car in. Turns out it was a strut that had a TSB but they didn't want to touch it without duplicating the noise. Have them come to your house.
  • It is very possible to burn out a blower motor without blowing the fuse. You apparently do not understand the purpose of fuses. Fuses are designed to prevent wiring from over heating due to current overloads, not to protect the device they are providing power to. That said it is unlikely that a "homemade filter" would damage the blower motor. It is just a chance I do consider wise and am unwilling to take. By the way the present filter is already accordion style.
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    Fuses are designed to prevent wiring from over heating due to current overloads, not to protect the device they are providing power to.

    I surely hope you have no saying in electrical questions within NASA, and the condescending statement regarding someone else not understanding the purpose of a fuse is a farce. Where do you suppose the possible current overload originates? Maybe it has to do with a fan motor's inability (due to external influences) to spin at its nominal speed? Geez, that's electrical engineering 101...

    Willard's right!!!

  • what do they make electric motors out of??? wires??? or do they use super high-tech stuff for blower motors nowadays? Anyone ever seen a motor melt itself...FUN!!!

    Fuses are designed to protect a whole electrical system. Blower motor/wires/computer chips/...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I thought they made fuses to light off firecrackers! ;-)

  • jse75jse75 Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    Discovered yesterday afternoon that some ingrate ran a key down two feet of the front passenger-side quarter panel of my SilverSport RX. What a bummer. It's only 6 months old, too.

    The scratch is deep, down to the primer in some parts and metal in others. In addition to being ugly, it ought to be repaired.

    Does anyone in the Bay Area have a good recommendation on who could do this the best? (Should I consider the dealer, or go elsewhere?) Any thoughts on how much it will cost?

  • Has anyone on this thread used the All Data ( It say's it has a complete database on servicing, and the full text of the TSBs.

    I have bought the manufacture's service manuals in the past, but the prices are getting beyond reasonable!! For example prior service manuals cost: 89 caddy $ 180, 92 nissan $200, 97 infiniti $300 (gulp!!), 2002 RX300 over $400 (and still not available).

    The Alldata database appears to be a better solution as it only costs $30, and includes the TSBs, but I have not had experience using it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Left out a word, meant to say compress th existing accordian folds even more, but not tightly, to create a freer flowing filter, in the car's smallish A/C filter "holder".

    Fuses and CBs in you home are rated to limit the current flowing to a wall outlet for which there is, will be, an unknown load. In that case a major part of the equation is wire size.

    Most fuses in an automobile have a known maximum load, in this case a completely stalled dc motor for which the stall current is quite definitive.
  • k2rmk2rm Posts: 205
    I live in Berkeley/Albany area and someone carved a swastica in the hood of my Axiom after it was only one month old. I feel your pain. I took it to cooks collision in Clairmont, they did a superb job, can't even tell the difference now. They were very professional and they detailed the car inside and out afterwards. I was impressed. They have several shops in the Bay Area, their website is:

    My comprehensive deductible was $250 and the total came to $435 which seemed reasonable to me.

    Good luck
  • someone carved a swastica in the hood of my Axiom after it was only one month old.


    Now Im pissed off for the night >:(

    That sucks.

    (who is Jewish)
  • ravlravl Posts: 129
    I've been wondering if this feature might have anything to do with this particular engine's troubles with sludge/oil gelling. I live in SoCal and am annoyed by this feature in our climate, so I can only imagine how annoying it becomes in much colder climates. IMO, having the engine rev at high RPMs waiting for the vehicle to shift out of 2nd is not good for the engine. I've never owned another vehicle with this feature (delayed shifting to allow for tranny fluid warmup is how I understand this function) and got to wondering if this is truly good or is it bad for the engine to rev high rpms when it's cold?
  • cew4cew4 Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase my first Lexus. Have the opportunity to purchase a 1999 in the CPO program that is fully loaded. I just wonder if the VSC, waterproof glass, and other 2001 changes are worth paying extra money for. Can someone help me?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    My Maxima has the same delayed shifting, but it only delays to shift into overdrive (4th gear). I'm in North Cal and most of the time I don't see my 2000 RX delay for a long period, or rev at very high RPM.
    BTW, I received Lexus notice of proper maintenance to avoid engine sludge. That makes me concerned more than before. I don't know if some day I'd trade it for another car. My RX has been driven low mileage, about 16 miles everyday. 20 months now and it's got 11K miles. If I stick to time interval for oil change, I don't even see the oil gets old at all, absolutely no color darkened; if I stick to mileage interval, then it may take one year before next oil change...
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    I don't have the 02 but I have the 01 RX/SE. This is my wife & the baby's suv. Here is my opinion:
    VSC: Did not have enough snow here in New England to test it, or I am chicken to push it when conering. I am sure it is a safety option for suv. I buy it because this option.
    Water proof front driver & pass glass: Help to increase the visibility when driving under the rain. It is a plus to me
    Xenon head light: Yes, this is a great when driving at night. It is a big help for those who wear glasses. Totally different night driving experience compare to regular halogen head light.I buy it because this option.
    Navigation: I do not have it. I rather stop at the rest area to read the map then look at the navigation while driving (not safe). Wife only drive locally.
    Sludge: Not happy to hear it. Decide to switch to Mobil 1 synthetic oil and change oil by myself. Just did it at 9000 miles.
    Sludge is an issue you may take into consideration. Make sure the dealer warranty on the engine or you may buy extend warranty since the car is 1999. Check record to see if the previous owner has all the record to show the car been service from the lexus dealer.
    Or you may wait for 2003. Rumor... the RX will have a new engine 3.3 liter for this model year. I am not sure abou that.

    Good luck
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you have ANY need of four wheel traction then check to see that the 99 has rear LSD. If you are older, like me, you are beginning to lose your night color vision and HID is a BIG help plus it actually does give more overall lightiing coverage.

    If you do get a new 01 or later be sure and get the VSC, TRAC and HID.
  • I have a friend here at work that is interested in buying a 2002 AWD RX300. I don't know the options he's interested in, but I do want to be able to give him an idea of how much over invoice would be the best he can expect.

    Also, I bought a GS430 from Magnussen Lexus and had a very good experience there, would someone agree or recommend my friend go elsewhere?
  • I had the same question, my results were:

    Cost benefit of new 02 vs used 99 caused me to choose the 02. Excellent 99s were going for in excess of 29k. Beater 99s were going for 24k (outrageous)! New 02s going from 37k.

    The Nav system is nice, and the state-of-the-art for built-in systems, but it needs alot of improvements before it is ready for prime time.

    Sludge issue -- on the 99 have a valve cover pulled, and look inside, no sludge, no problem.
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