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Lexus RX 300



  • Getting to 330 discussions is not intuitive. Very poor selection from options; you must have a better solution for those who wish to access 330 discussions without going through several disjointed steps??

    Please take a look to improve.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You can save yourself a lot of time by "subscribing" to a particular discussion! Then all you have to do is click on "read subscriptions" and you'll arrive exactly where you want to be.

    Click on the "Town Hall Help" link at the left of this page near the top to find out how to set up a "subscription!"

    tidester, host
  • I couldn't agree more with the requests to bring back the RX330 board.

    As a prospective RX330 buyer, I found the previous separate board extremely helpful to the research process. I have no interest in reading about $100 car washes, tire selections, fuel octane, steering wheel noises, etc. Prospective RX330 buyers are ONLY interested in accessing information that pertains to the new RX330, without having to weed through 7000 posts on the soon-to-be defunct RX300.

    There are several other future vehicle boards operating. Please count my vote to re-activate the RX330 board! Thank you.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    While you're at it, re-activate the SRX discussion, too.
  • I agree there is probably a place for a separate RX330 board. However, the information contained here should be of value since it gives a sense of problems, owner satisfaction, and vehicle insights that will certainly apply to the new version of the RX. In addtion, I'm interested in any contrasts between the two vehicles.
  • I've totally stopped looking at the "merged" board. Every forum - Mercedes; BMW; Honda . . all separate each forum by the year the specific model radically changed. There's really no crossover between the RX300 and the RX330, right down to a different engine. Please, please, please return to the separation of these two different vehicles. Thanks. Peter
  • Would that be Lexus' new Hemi V-8 that's also in their line of pick-up trucks?

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I thought we had a consensus that a single board was adequate and that a 330 board was premature. Do we need to revisit that issue?

    tidester, host
  • jeff, you mean the IS?? 'Cause ya know it's got a Hemi, too.......(or will).

    I guess it would be good for some posters to have a seperate 330 board; then they can post about the $100 car washes and $75/hr fluid checks (that will remain the standard of Lexus care since they'll be getting them from the same dealers that sold the 300) on their own forum!!

    "Meet the new boss.....same as the old boss......" 1972, The Who
  • Tidester- Consensus of how many about the single board? I was never given an opportunity to "vote." I was involved in discussions on the RX330 board on January 7th, when suddenly this message was posted: "In order to consolidate all of the great discussion about this vehicle, let's continue in the topic, Lexus RX 300/330, which we're sharing with the SUVs board. Thanks!"

    There was no discussion on the RX330 board (only the RX300 board) about combining them. The majority of prospective buyers of the new vehicle are not interested in reading about the very different RX300.

    I don't think a 330 board would be premature, since the vehicle is due to be released in 6 weeks, prototype 330s are now making the rounds at the dealerships, and several previews have already been published. Yes, the issue of seperate boards needs to be revisited. Thank you.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I was involved in discussions on the RX330 board on January 7th

    By a very strange coincidence, that was about the time we had the discussion here! :-)

    Let's revisit the issue - all those in favor of separate boards signify by typing "Aye!" and opposed "Nay!"

    tidester, host
  • A big "Aye!"
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    03 RX AWD still comes with tow package as standard equipment. It's on the window sticker.
  • Aye! Thank you!
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