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Lexus RX 300



  • dingo69dingo69 Posts: 6
    We have a 2002 Lexus that we bought as a CPO. When my wife put the key in the ignition today WITHOUT turning it, there was a buzzing/hissing noise coming from the front of the vehicle. Any idea what this might be?
  • hcu87hcu87 Posts: 6
    Welcome to RX ownership! Most of us get that same sound but it has not been found to affect performance or be a bad thing.

    Check out the postings from the Jan. 31/Feb. 1st timeframe and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  • jrdowneyjrdowney Posts: 96
    For a vehicle as you describe I would think high 20's to low 30's depending on equipment. A fully loaded AWD, NAV, etc. should be in the low 30's. I would buy from a good private party if possible. That is what I did. A dealer will certainly charge you a good bit more.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When buying a new vehicle you get to pick and chose from a "catalog", you can buy the exact vehicle you want.

    When you buy a used vehicle you must first shop around in order to locate the vehicle YOU WANT to buy.

    Personally I would find the vehicle I want to buy, color, AWD, etc, and then go to KBB to check if pricing is reasonable.
  • Cost for a new key is $185 plus tax plus $25 programming. I know this from experience -- the plastic between the screw and the metal key broke, and my key finally fell apart. I was out of warranty by 10K, but I pleaded with Lexus and they funded one key and asked that I replace the other broken one. I taped the broken one and now have a new one.

    I'm wondering if I should have used my Lexus out of warranty credit to get my newest problem fixed -- the "D"rive lightbulb on the dash has burned out. Is that more than $200 to fix?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Mine has burned out for the third time. Hope Lexus has addressed the problem, they should probably utilize LEDs rather than incandescent indicator lamps. Meanwhile I'm giving up on trying to keep it lit! They did replace it under warranty twice, but the bulbs just don't seem to last.

  • mchen70mchen70 Posts: 9
    I had my 'D' light blow out around 55K miles and when I went for my 60K maintenance, I asked how much it would be to fix it and they said approx. $200. I'm not going to open up the dash to fix one light at $200. You might as well wait until one of the larger display lights blow out. I believe sooner or later, the larger lights will blow out so replace everything then because it will just be one charge for opening the dash. Also, if only your 'D' light is out, you know you're in 'D' when no lights are on. Your P, N, and R all work so you'll know which gear you're in.
  • mchen70mchen70 Posts: 9
    I do my own minor repairs and maintenance on my '99 RX and I've been able to make out where all the plugs are for fluids except the rear differential. Does anyone know where the plug is for the drain and filler (if separate) ?
    Chilton doesn't make a manual for the RX, probably figuring that a typical RX owner wouldn't do their own maintenance. Lexus sells the manual, but at like $200+.
  • Is the $185 for the master/keyless entry one? The dealer I bought my 2000 RX from is paying for a new key, but I want to buy a spare, probably just a master without the buttons.
  • slandyslandy Posts: 46
    It takes about 30 minutes to replace the bulb. It is very straight forward. You basically remove the cluster with teo screws, then pull it out, unplug the wires. Remove back of cluster and bingo! There are all the bulbs.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    It takes a contortionist to gain access to the dash light cluster in my opion. Not a DIY project, shop manual lists these steps for disassembly:

    1. Remove combination meter cover
    (a) Remove the 9 screws.
    (b) Remove the combination meter cover.
    2. Remove A/C and combination meter integrated ECU
    (a) Remove the 4 screws.
    (b) Remove the A/C and combination meter integrated ECU and 2 combination meter wire.
    3. Remove combination meter circuit plate
    (a) Remove the 5 screws and 6 connectors.
    (b) Remove the combination meter circuit plate from the meter case.
    4. Remove meter hood
    5. Remove combination meter glass
    6. Remove combination meter plate
    Remove the screw and meter plate.
    7. Remove speedometer assembly
    (a) Remove the 2 screws and speedometer assembly.
    (b) Remove the No. 4 combination meter plate.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Please, no links to other car forums (see Rules of the Road above).


    Steve, Host

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  • mchen70mchen70 Posts: 9
    Thanks Slandy for your post on how to fix the drive lights. I just did it and it took about 30 min. from start to finish because I lost some retaining clips and had to fuss around to find them. I went to your other external posting before it got booted out of here and the directions were great. What I would like to note is that the two small panels (ignition key and power mirror/seat memory) must be removed before removing the black bezel or you'll end up breaking some clips on the bezel. I did just that and am not sure how it's going to affect the dash as in driving noise or squeeks. Anyway, will find out tomorrow. Also, the two small panels have metal retainer clips that pop right out when you remove the cover, so be careful and have a magnet ready to retrieve them. Thanks alot.
  • quaziquazi Posts: 5
    I have the same problem. It burnt out around 45k, and I did not get it in during warranty. I now have 101k, and it is a small but irritating problem. Still, I would expect more of Lexus.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Would member slandy or mchen70 please post on this forum, or eMail me, the detailed instructions for replacing the lamp that are on that "banned" external post? TIA

  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Sorry for the confusion. I was the one who posted the link to the D light fix which in hindsight, I should not have done. It was removed and I was reminded it is against Edmunds membership agreement to post links to other automotive sites. Here are the directions:

    "Follow these instructions and it should take you no longer than 15 minutes.

    1. Remove 2 screws at the top of the black bezel around the cluster.
    2. Pull trim piece straight out on the left of the steering wheel, the trim that houses the seat memory switch.
    3. Pull trim piece straight out that is around the key.
    4. Tilt steering wheel all the way down.
    5. Remove black bezel around cluster, start from the bottom and pull out.
    6. Remove 2 screws holding cluster in. They are on the side of the cluster.
    7. Pull cluster out enough to get your hand behind and unplug the 3 connectors.
    8. Remove cluster from car, you will kinda have to move it around a little bit to get it out, be careful not to scratch the lens.
    9. Lay cluster face down on a soft towel.
    10. You will see a white plastic cover on the back, remove the 8 gold colored screws holding this cover on.
    11. Pull cover off, turn the cluster over and look where the gear selector letters are, on the oppisite side you will see 3 black and 2 green little cap looking things. These are the bulbs. Simply unscrew to remove. you may swap the park light bulb for the drive bulb. Or you can order one in advance.
    12. Put all together in reverse order.
    13. It sounds like alot of steps, but it is all very easy and understandable once you start."

    I hope this provides the info you need without violating any rules.
  • jrdowneyjrdowney Posts: 96
    Could you provide the part number/name for this light?

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Thank you Mike!

    Steve, Host

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  • mchen70mchen70 Posts: 9
    Wow, this is a long subject. The instructions posted by Mikey are excellent. It's exactly what I did except that initially I couldn't get the two small panels off, so I tried pulling the black bezel/trim from the top and sliding it down, DON'T DO THAT, because you'll end up probably breaking some bottom clips on the trim. I did, but so far it hasn't had an bad affects like dash noise or anything. I can only speak for the '99 RX because that's what I have, those two trims (ignition and power mirror) do pull straight out, but they're held in by metal retaining clips that'll probably pop out, so get ready to have a telescoping magnetic pen ready. To remove the instrument panel, you have to remove THREE screws. Two on the bottom and one on top, dead center. They're the three black screws that are on white frames. As for removing the gold screws once you remove the panel, you won't have to if you're replacing the 'D' light. The D 2 1 bulbs are accessible once you turn the panel over. Just turn off and turn back on.
    Now that I know what to do, it definitely would only take 15 min. or less. It took me 30 min. yesterday because I was fishing for the metal retainers.
    Good luck.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Many thanks to mikey00 and mchen70 for the clarification. Is D 2 1 as mentioned in the above post the part number for these bulbs? If so, is this a Lexus or lamp manufacturer's number? TIA

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