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Acura MDX Navigation System Questions



  • I had the same issue with my 2003 MDX and was given a $4,000 estimate. I did some searching on the topic and found that the unit is made by Alpine Electronics and they will fix for a $150 fix fee and ship back to you free, which is 4% of the Acura estimate. See I just called them and they confirmed that did the electronics for my model and year. You should confirm model and year. Not sure why the dealers are not offering this as it is an Arura spec. Good luck.
  • How do you buy the update from Alpine? I can't find it on their site.. If you want to reply private,
    Just got new 08 MDX
  • Thanks for replying. I've seen the update site you list, but the update there is $185, what I was wondering how you got it for $99?
  • OMG, I am at the dealer right now with a broken nav on my Acura MDX 2004. I'm only 6000 miles over the warantee and it's $4000 to replace (mine is shorting out. Of course, that's the same screen that you use to control the air conditioning and heat, so obviously I need to replace--not to mention I need the NAV). I a going to look at the site you recommended.
  • OK, I think Alpine is only for the updated disc--not a whole new system. I called Alpine and they told me I had to do that through the dealer. Does anyone else know a cheaper way to get a replacement NAVI unit for a 2004 MDX? We're in a recession, here!
  • I have an '04 non-nav but with the "trip computer" screen that I plunk my Garmin Nuvi 660 right on. Works great, my wife even prefers it to the factory nav in our '07 MDX.
  • I am completely with all those who have posted about their disappointment of the Navigation system in their MDX. My wife gets so frustrated trying to use the NAV system in our her '08 MDX compared to my 3 year old Garmin. Compared to my Garmin unit the word "intuitive" would not even remotely be an adjective I would use to describe what ACURA is selling as a NAV in their MDX. With the knob it takes at least 3x's as long to get your destination entered. Often times, we just give up because it is too aggravating. Then when you do get it to work, it doesn't even pronounce the same of the streets! Hello Acura...for $2,500 I think you may want to add that to your list of features your GPS system should have.
    The only feature my Garmin model doesn't have that the MDX has is voice recognition, but so far I the MDX hasn't demonstrated that it does a very good job of recognizing voices either!
    If Acura (and other car makers who are trying to reinvent the wheel), would wake up, I think they would realize they could offer a much better, user friendly GPS system to their customers if they would enter partnerships with these companies like Garmin who really do this for a living.
    Overall we are liking the MDX, but this GPS system is very disappointing, esp. when Acura promotes themselves as a luxury line.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    Actually the 07-08 Navi will speak the street name if the navi is set to max feedback. But it is lacking especially when compared to a Garmin. And the Acura navi if partnered with Pioneer who makes navigation software.
  • Grandzu, I will try the max feed back setting. So far the only streets I have heard it pronounce are Interstate Highways. Everything else is turn right or left on "The Road". When I think of cutting edge GPS, somehow Pioneer doesn't come to jump into my head.
  • I bought 2009 navigation update dvds. It comes 1 for set up, and 2 map dvd.
    What i did, i installed map dvd first, and what i suposed to do is to install set up first. Now i got the message. Invalid dvd when i put set up dvd first. Tried to unplug the battery, and still comes that message. It will not recognize my 2005 dvd too. When i put 2009 dvd it will recognize, but will display old 2005 map. Does somebody knows how to fix it.
  • achuprin, my advise would be to return the 2009 maps, tell Acura they didn't work. Take the $200 and buy either a Garmin Nuvi 750 ($200/Costco) or Nuvi 760 ($250/Walmart) you will have twice the GPS unit, plus it will be portable so you can use it in pedestrian mode, rental cars, where ever. Both of these NUVI's speak street names and directions "Turn left on Anderson Street" "Arriving at the Art Museum on left" etc.
    The Nuvi 760 has a FM transmitter, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly play all you music loaded on the MP3 player over your stereo and when someone calls in, their voice will come through your audio speakers. The features of the Bluetooth blows away what the Acura's offers. Phone book, call history, etc.
    Good Luck.
  • I'm in the Army and station in Germany. I would like to know where I can get software for Germany that will work on my Nav system, 2004 Acura MDX
  • My Navi died a few months ago and Acura wanted $3500.00 to replace it or $700 to repair it. The part that broke is the DVD unit under the passenger seat. I have seen these online for a few hundred bucks... Does anyone know where I get get one for my '03 MDX. I always seem to find them for other years. I would love to get the navi working again, we used it all the time. If anyone has any info please pass it along, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • david169david169 Posts: 2
    Considering a 2009 MDX.

    How well does Acura handle technical support to their 2009 MDX navigation system?
    How are GPS updates handled ?
    Is their truth to rumor that several other 2010 Acura vehicles have updated GPS systems and thus MDX make get a upgrade??

    Thank you.
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    Does anyone knows how to download phone # from Blackberry to MDX phone book.

    I am able to receive incoming calls thru blue tooth but not able to make outgoing calls.

  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    The 2010 will likely get the new HDD system found in the 2009 TL. The HDD system is much better and has a 8.0" screen at 800x480 resolution which is much better than 480x234. It comes with a 40 GB HDD and 12.4 GB is allocated to the music server. You can't rip mp3's to it. You can rip audio CD's to it and it has gracenote CDDB. The Gracenote CDDB updates are recommended and they are free or at a very low cost. The Map updates on the other hand you have to pay for them. You insert a DVD into the system and it will ask for a security code. Then you update them. It will transfer the data on to the HDD. It takes about an hour or 2. Maybe less.

    The 2010 MDX will likely have the scenic routing feature where you can choose a more scenic route.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    actually Pioneer makes some of the best nicest all in one nav audio head units for cars. In fact for anyone with a broken nav unit I would suggest maybe just replacing it with one of the newer Pioneer all in one units. you may lose some integration with the mdx but you can gain other features and possibly a larger screen and hard drive etc.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    oh no, I hope the 2010 MDX doesn't get that sweet sounding nav update because I didn't even think about the interior and when I saw spy photos of the 2010 mdx showing its basically just getting a new grill and suspected to just get the Plenium grill of the TL that most dont like. personaly i dont think its that bad on the TL but wouldn't want it on the MDX.

    so with inventory running out of the MDX and a really good deal that I was able to get I went with the 2009. I didnt lease it but might be worse that I bought because I will automatically lose money after I drove it off the lot plus already put 400 miles on it.

    oh well, I guess I would be able to get decent money back for it from the same dealer if i really want the 2010? how much can they really take off if i just have it for like a month till the 2010 comes out and put a few miles on it. I guess a lot, ugh, enough to not make it worth doing.

    I used to have a portable xm player that worked in the car, on the go and in the house all on one device and paying one xm account. otherwise you ahve to pay for your xm/sirius and then for another unit in your house or portable.

    The best feature of it was that it coudl record xm radio so if you heard a song you liked you could record it to its storage and listen to later like when you have no xm signal or going througha car wash or tunnel or something.

    someone told me that bmw had that ability with their integrated sat radio that you could record the song to a built in hard drive.

    you didn't mention this with the 2010 mdx but just the fact alone that it has a Hard drive makes me want to have waited. although iw ould want to store mp3s not just rip cds. i imagine you put the audio cd in the 6 disc in dash cd changer and then an option to pull the tracks off the cd to store to the built in hdd so you dont need to have that cd in anymore to listen to it so you could essentially have 6 cds in and then many others stored to the hdd? that isn't bad but yeah i'd want mp3 storage and playback like a lot of the aftermarket Pioneer units use and i understand that the 2009 mdx is a pioneer unit.

    maybe the 2009 can be upgraded with the 2010 unit or other aftermarket Pioneer nav and audio all in one units with hdd and still work with the integrated mdx controls?

    the higher resolution sounds great especially for when you watch a movie on the front screen which I am still trying to figure out how to do on the 2009 mdx which i could do on my previous 2006 suv.

    Also if the 2010 front nav screen is 8" what is the 2009? it does seem smaller even then TL's prior to 2009 even, like my wifes 2006 TL seems ot have a bigger NAV screen plus its closer to you in the dash not set back which makes the mdx's seem even smaller.

    40gb hdd isn't bad but only 12gb for music?

    it doesn't sound amazing, but def a little bit of an upgrade from the 09. Again I hope there is a way to pu tthe 2010 nav audio unit in a 2009 or better yet an aftermarket Pioneer unit that is even better then what they are putting in the 2010 with other features and larger hdd but still somehow work with the 09's controls. i guess that is asking too much.

    all i know is a few friends of mine have Pioneer aftermarket all in one head units with huge screens and hard drives and it can store music and movie/video files for play back on the screen also so if i can get something like that installed into the 09 mdx that would be great but i know certain dash's just dont lend themself to an aftermarket nav audio all in on head unit and i'm thinking the 09 mdx kind of doesnt'.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    and of course the dealerships claim they dont know anything about the 2010 MDX and if you ask they will just say its not changing or adding anything because they want to sell you the 2009 and not wait for the 2010.

    i kind of just wanted to believe it wasn't adding anything and was afraid it was just getting the ugly Plenium grill so took my chances and got an 09 before they ran out since there are hardly any left instead of risking waiting for the 2010 mdx only to find i didn't like it and could get the 09 i like better for less but then find there are none left in the color and packages i wanted.

    but now i realized I didn't think about the interior upgrades and didn't hear anything about it till now.

    I will just have to check it out when it comes out and if I really really like it better then the 09 will just have to hope the dealer buys it back from me for a good price based on what i bought it for and gives me a similiarly good price on the 2010 but somehow i think that woulnd't work out so well I would lose more money then it would be even be worth changing to the 2010 ultimately just for a larger nav screen and possibly uglier grill.
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