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Acura MDX Navigation System Questions



  • Navteq says that they have only one update disk for the 2010 MDX regardless of the market ( US or Canada). Back to Acura next week !!

  • Just purchases a 2011 Tech MDX. (up from a 2003) Drives and handles like a dream. Bought some DVD audio CDs and they sound great BUT the HDD can't record them. (or apparently any other multi-channel) Just as the owners manual says on p248. So I have a fantastic sound system and to make full use of the sound quality I have to change the CDs manually, one at a time. Is this nuts or what?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    edited February 2011
    newpilgrim, the DVD-Audio disks are not CD's and you are right the HDD will only record CD's. Even then when they do record it will be lower quality audio than the original CD, more or less MP3 quality. This of course allows the hard disk to accommodate more music; in fact it will fit thousands of songs.

    Well recorded DVD-Audio disks sound many times better than the recorded HDD compressed tracks. The problem of course is finding DVD-A disks of artists that you enjoy listening to, as the format unfortunately has been dropped and the price of many of the best disks has skyrocketed. Fortunately I started to buy them when there was a much larger selection readily available at very affordable prices, way before I purchased my MDX. Too bad the format (just like SACD) never really caught on with the masses. Blu-ray discs have the same audio quality potential as DVD-A but there are very few audio-only blu-rays available and of course automobiles don't play those disks anyway (at least none that I am aware of).

    Yes it is too bad you cannot record DVD-Audio disks onto the hard drive (HDD) but even if you could the music would likely be compressed (just like CD's) which would totally defeat the purpose.
  • Acura Tech dept. has acknowledged a problem with the discs for Canadian MDX's. They say have seen this problem in some others. They say there isn't anything they can do at this time but will provide me with a new disc when the updates come out next fall.
  • Acura Tech shipped me a USB stick that corrected the problem with the Climate control voice commands. I noticed that they pulled the update disc from Navteq site for Canada and it can no longer be ordered here.
  • The 2012 update disc will be available in January and I would expect it will be correct this time without all the problems of the 2011 update.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed here!
  • Can't wait. Thanks for the update.
  • I've noticed that the 2012 Navigation update is available for 2010 MDX through Acura USA website but nothing through Acura Canada website. I wonder if we are being left out again.
  • cloviskidcloviskid Posts: 23
    I received the US version yesterday. So far it works fine. However, one of the installation instructions was not correct, and they have removed the disc from the US website. I got a phone call from the Corporate office and was told they will try to put an insert in the booklet to make it correct. Should be listed on the website again soon.

    Canada should use the same disc as the US. Hopefully they will have the problems worked out they had for the last update.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Anyone know when the 2012 update was released? I received an offer in the mail where they are discounting it by $50 so I could get one for $99. I was just wondering how out-of-date it is already, before I purchase it.
  • cloviskidcloviskid Posts: 23
    It was just released in March 2012.
  • I wish I could just buy the newest version for Canada as it so expensive to be doing this every year!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    No joy in Canada? ;)

    Thanks, cloviskid, for letting me know. I'm going to go ahead and get it, and will probably do an update every other year. I have a 2010.
  • My 2009 Acura MDX Navigation DVD player emits a constant, annoying high-pitched whine that's driving me insane. Unfortunately the vehicle is out of warranty and I'm hoping there is a way to send it to the original manufacturer for repair. I can't determine who made it, though. Has anyone experienced this problem, and is there an OEM repair option?
  • Has anyone purchased a Navigation update for their 2010 MDX recently? It seems to appear and disappear from the website for both USA and Canadian spec. MDX's. Last time I checked it says "Our records show that the map that you have in your navigation system is our most recent release." Acura has really dropped the ball on this. I haven't seen an update since the one I did in fall of 2011 and that one was full of glitches.
  • I purchased the last update (2012 year update) on March 9, 2012, the day it was released. Acura 2012 Green DVD Update US v8.110.0. However, I found a problem in the instructions and they pulled the item for a few days in order to make the correction. The 2011 version had operating errors; i.e. I lost some of my addresses, etc., and there were problems with those using the system in Canada. I've had absolutely no problems with the 2012 version.

    I would expect the next version to appear during the first quarter of 2013.
  • Thanks. I'll be checking for the next update on the website.
  • jyde1jyde1 Posts: 1
    my acura MDX navigation is not booting and is always requesting for the disk to be checked. what is the problem?
  • You didn't supply enough information.

    What year MDX do you have? If you have a 2010 MDX, have you tried inserting the navigation dvd in the cd-dvd slot? Have you ever updated your navigation system? Did you buy the MDX new or used?
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