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Mazda 3 Transmission Problems



  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    The AT light now stays on , and sometimes the engine light comes on , but It will go away. Mazda north america has no clue , nor does the dealer.

    Yes, I just say that I just say that , sorry!

    Seems like it's not only Mazda North America and the dealer that has no clue ... :D
  • I fully believe it is a computer problem. I felt uneasy buying a new tranny. When I disconnect my battery it resets and my car shifts thru all 5 gears for awhile. then goes back to the gear 3 incorrect ratio. If it was tranny, wouldn't it not be able to shift at all? Or am I wrong? I took my car out of the shop before replacing transmission, had to pay $450 for this. I STILL have a broken 2007 Mazda 3 that has a Gear 3 incorrect ratio. I am looking for a computer tech for cars who can check this out.
  • siebensieben Posts: 1
    This same exact thing is currently helping me right now, they recommended me replacing my transmission because two of the the bands were missing from the gears. It was going to be 2500 to replace the bands so they suggested a brand new transmission because its 3000. But when they jump started my car, it erased the codes and the light turned off. I'm waiting for the light to turn back on because its still under warranty from the dealership just not for very long. I was wondering, when you apply heavy acceleration does your car take a long time to switch from 3rd to 4th gear, mine will switch when I hit speeds of 75-80 mph?
  • To pay 2-3 k for a trans is not worth it for a 3 k wholesale car. My trans guy says that I should keep dring car. I just replaced all belts and water pump. Car runs strong. Its a madza problem that they dont want to help with. When I dump car I will re set all the codes on car.
  • What you are experiencing is a computer, or sensor failure. The bands aren't missing, and if the codes where pulled, they didnt write them down. Sounds like a bunch of inexperienced techs. When the computer gets mixed signals, it goes into "limp mode" put the trans in a gear, usually 3rd, so you can get to a dealer. If you clear the codes and it shifts fine through the gears, then goes into limp mode, I would say you have a problem with a shift solenoid, or speed sensor, or something like that. if the speed sensors are not functioning properly the will make the computer think it is broke. And most shops, from my experience will try to sell you a transmission, no matter what is wrong.
  • Hi
    My daughter has a 2004 Mazda 3 - When she put's the car in reverse it feels like the bottom of her car just fell out or that she was hit from behind - Also, both the "AT" and "Engine" lights are on... Can you tell me what the AT light means and what is possibly wrong with her car? It has 90K miles on. When I took it for a test ride, it seemed as if the car wouldn't shift gears automatically and her "manual" shifting isn't working either - if I remember correctly, there was a light on displyaing the No. 1 - as if the car was in 1st gear manually
    Thanks for your time and help - Look forward to hearing from you soon
  • brunodbrunod Posts: 5
    This is EXACTLY what my 2004 Mazda3 did to me. Had to replace the transmission.. $3000 sorry!!
  • Hi,

    I've got a similar issues, I'm not seeing what your resolution was. My car is still at AAMCO.

    My issue sounds similar. I am driving on the highway, the car jerks and my transmission lights on the dash turn off. The gear and gear number lights go dark. A few seconds later it all comes on on 3rd gear, the car revs and the AT light comes on.

    They've had my car for 3 weeks. It's been at the shop, a mazda tech looked at it, the computer codes were downloaded, it's been to a dealership and is now back. They think it's a short. But it's become a time life mystery.

    The computer checked out ok. BTW

  • Mark again, this is a mazda problem and they wont own up to it. The person that I need to talk to , the madza techs, mazda will not let you talk to them. Its not a trans problem, its a brain vs senser problem. To buy a new trans is a waste for a 3k for a 2006 (3) with 100kmile car. I not sure what the at light means? Thansk
  • Well, after a long 2 month suffering with my 2007 Mazda 3 which I was ready to trade-in with a $2500 ended up with a new transmission! and it runs like a baby again. I couldn't come to grips that I needed a new transmission at 83,000 miles. I would disconnect my battery it would reset and shift gears for a little while then go back to the 3rd gear stuck ratio so that was why I believed it was a brain/sensor/computer thing. I had changed the pulse generator sensor at home and it still didn't shift. I read every forum, researched, called Mazda mechanics (they wouldn't help).

    I had already mastered the art of driving with 3 gears to work and local driving which was insane. My stepfather finally came to the rescue asking how long was i gonna wait to fix my car or trade it in? He called his mechanic for quote, they found a low mile transmission and fixed it. His mechanic said Mazda 3's are always having tranny problems, he said, "no good". Honda, Toyota, Nissan - no Mazda!! lol, i'm laughing now. MY Nissan ran 250k miles still like brand new when i got new 350z was great til it got totaled, I thought what a great lookin' Mazda 3 this is i had to have it, sunroof, blue...but has cost me this pain in 1 year of having it. Well for now, it is back on the road it is a great looking car and the inside is perfect for me..I have it working as background in television so not a total loss.
  • Hi,
    My '05 Mazda 3 starts on 3rd gear and it is very slow in the beginning as if I am barely pressing on the gas. It goes to 4th gear around 30/35 mph. I see "AT" and the engine light on too. Also when put it on the manual transmission mode, I don't see the gears in the dashboard. Has anybody had this happen to them? Or can anybody help me in understanding what this is about?

  • yes, all of this happened to me. The end result sorry to say was a new transmission. I was in denial for like 2 months, I put in a new pulse generator sensor. I took it to first mechanic he said it was a solenoid stuck, they changed it, one day later it downshifted to 3rd gear on freeway almost making me wreck and wouldn't shift past 4th. Everything you are saying is what happened to my car after I drove it locally in 3rd gear for a month and a half, there wasn't anymore power and I finally had to take it in. My stepdad helped me and I got a new transmission with low miles and it is working like brand new. The mechanic told me Mazdas were known for their bad transmissions.
  • oh man! was replacing the transmission expensive? i know its not cheap...what about getting a new pulse generator sensor and the solenoid, was that expensive too?
  • Yes. The EXACT same thing happen to me. Took it to aamco n they had to tke it apart n said the code reading solenoid was stuck is because mazda cars go into like a "safe" mode n will drive in 3rd gear til u get it fixed. My result was the transmission was slowly coming apart n I had to get a whole new one..well rebuilt one. End cost was $3000. But aamco charged it to an account that u can apply for n make paymnts instead of payibg all at once. My mazda 3 was only 3 years old. The fact that I had to replace the tranny before my break pads is rediculous but apprently im not the only one. Good luck.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Wow, one of my neighboors down the street has a 2006. I hope they don't have this problem too. How many miles on yours before it died? That's another reason that I only buy manual transmissions!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited November 2011
    "That's another reason that I only buy manual transmissions!"

    While my primary reason for driving exclusively manual transmissions is that I never took the time to learn to drive an automatic (can't get used to the whole two-pedal thing); also counting among my reasons is they're more fun to drive, they typically have a lower initial cost for the car, and much lower (often much-much lower) maintenance costs over the life of the car. :shades:
  • I took it to an aamco this morning and they told me that the code was reading that the solenoid was getting stuck and that the car would go into the safe mode and that's why it's starting on 3rd gear. I am not sure anymore if I should go ahead and replace it from all of the feedback that I've been getting. It looks as though that the solenoid getting stuck problem has happened to others and eventually they had to replace the entire automatic transmission. How is the car doing now that it has a new/rebuilt tranmission?
  • Well my car only had 46000 miles whn it frst strtd having a slight jerk in shifting then finally went out at 62000 miles. So far with the rebuilt tranny its been ok. I love my mazda but in the future im never getting another one as much as id like to. Aamco will tell u that there gonna hav to tke aprt the tranny n find out the problem but u have to be sure your gonna go thru with the repair cuz if not your still gonna have to pay for the labor n putting itbck tgether which comes to about 2000. After all my pprwrk came bck my tranny parts only cost about $ 800, it was the labor that raised it to $3000. Unless u have the money id apply fr the credit thing first n see if u get approved before u say yes to repairs cuz if u dnt, your stuck with coming up w that money before they give u your car back.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I've got to tell you, I don't know whether to offer advice or condolences or anything else for that matter. Why? Because if what you wrote is English, it is unreadable.

    Please, if you're coming here for advice, write your posts in such a way that those of us whom might be able to offer some help can read and comprehend your thoughts.
  • Sorry im use to texting n abbreviating my words to respond faster and this email was sent to me so I just thought id reply, which im doing on my phone. Didnt think it would be That hard to read shortened words.
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