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Mazda 3 Transmission Problems



  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    Post a complaint on and print that out as well. I was emailing back and forth with Mazda and the last email from them was saying to document everything and then i had driven the new one and had no problems. I was irate before that and told them that id see them in court, i didn't know what to do either.
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    You need to make sure you complain to the appropriate goverment agency, either NTHSA in the states, or Transprt Canada in Canada, Transprt Canada at least will contact you to ask you about the problem ( at least they did with a problem I had worh one of my cars). If they get enough complaints they will issue a recall, and Mazda will have to ensure that all cars affected are fixed correctly.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    OH ! Okay ill do that also! Cause i was surprised actually with how many people had the same complaint that there wasn't a recall. The dealer said 'Oh they have some problems under warranty but we've never heard of a transmission or acceleration problem.' I was like sure ya haven't.
  • I have this exact same problem. Do you think I could fix the ground wire on my own?
  • I have been having the same problem w/ it not going into 4th gear w/ the AT light on. Did you find a solution?
  • I saw on the link below that the 2010 Mazda3 is having more early clutch failures than other years. Should I be looking at 2011's instead? Or is this just a few bad cars in the bunch?

  • 2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv Grand touring....One year old and at 22,000 miles...

    Last Thursday My Mazda locked up in first gear and would not shift at all. Check engine light on, AT light on, AntiSkid Traction light on, fastest I could get the car up to was about 35, and was pushing 5K rpm. Dropping into manual was no use, the M light comes up, but no gear display...

    Managed to limp into the local dealership...They said the transmision fluid failed and they had more testing to do...

    I called back the next day to check on the status. My transmission is shot! They were waiting on a return call from California corporate office for the "authorization" to replace the transmission. I asked how long my car would be down and they said "at least a week!"

    Of course I asked if they had any intention of putting me in a rental or a loaner. They had to put me on hold to answer that one. Finally they decided that California would also have to authorize a rental...Honda puts us in a rental for an extended oil change.

    I went in yesterday to see if they had solved the dilemma, and of course the service dept was closed. Today marks four days of being stranded...

    I bought the most expensive extended warranty offered, I'm still under the original warranty and at a loss for what kind of authorization they would need for something so clearly covered.

    I will get to the bottom of this one tomorrow, but the length of this blog really worries me.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    I have a bit of an update.

    I got a whole NEW transmission on 12-28-12 at 2,000 miles. Drove well for about two days and i'm back to a now MILD clunking into 1st and 2nd and id say, 90% of the time, REFUSES 4th gear completely. Have to down shift into 3rd if i am on a hill or skip 4th all together and go straight to 5th if i am able to. And even every other gear refuses quite often. SIGGGHHHHH! I wanna push this car off a cliff. So fed up with it. Never had a brand new car before and this is not a fun experience. The techs are saying to bring it in but i'm just TIRED of bringing it in. WHAT COULD MAKE A BRAND NEW CAR REFUSE GEARS WITH A BRAND NEW TRANSMISSION? Beats me. ALSO still surges MORE OFTEN NOW and thats a safe feeling!

    I hope they recall the whole damn thing.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    edited January 2013
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your negative equity? I have made TWO CAR PAYMENTS and i do not want it anymore. I am seriously considering getting out of it and getting into ANYTHING else. Im sick of Mazda's dismissal. Especially since my transmission is new and i have put 700 miles on it and its a piece of [non-permissible content removed] again. NOT FUN. If they'd drive the car for a whole day or more, they would be able to 'replicate' (i hate when they use that term) the concerns. Ridiculous. Im sorry to hear others are in this same boat still.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    Oh i'm sorry, drive OUR CARS and tell us it's good, Must be nice having ONE of the 'good' ones. Keep us updated. We will live vicariously through you.
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    I can understand why you are upset, but it is possible the shifting problem is just something that needs to be adjusted again, the surging though is a totally different issue and sounds like something Mazda needs to figure out. I don't recall where you are, but if there are good lemon laws there I would let them try to fix it the requisite number of times and if it isn't fixed see if you can make them buy it back under the laws.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    I was starting to look into the lemon laws here, i am in WA. The guy today was basically like we can keep it and have a tech drive it home and back to work. And if we can replicate it yada yada if not, i am not sure what we would have to do. And i drove another 2012 and a 2013 NO shifting problems whatsoever and they drove them with me. So i dont think its how im driving it. They think the surging is not a big deal but it is when you're slowing down for traffic and your car isnt wanting to. Its scary. The good thing is that the tech today was like i dont think youd waste this much of your life if you didnt know something was wrong so we will just slowly try to eliminate things. But i dont want to spend that much time in that service department, ya know? Its frustrating.
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    I never thought it was the way you ( and the other posters with the surging issue) were driving, I do think it is some hang-up in the drive by wire settings, making it do some weird thing because it thinks the throttle is still pushed or something, a problem with how it is reading the throttle position, or something, maybe set up a weird for emissions, or maybe the sensor is just not working the way it is supposed to, but working enough to not throw a code, I don't know as I am not an expert ( and it appears no one is, not even the manufactures) but it certainly doesn't sound to me like everything is working the way it I supposed to.
  • Hi Doug. I believe I have a similar problem. I have an Mazda 3 auto skyactiv 2012. I have a grand total of 2900 kms. Had it for just over 6 months. Problem started out with a slight shudder at a light. Didn't think much of it, but it was a new development. I also noticed recently when I accelerated there seemed to be a slight pull back on power. Again, I didn't think much of it and I tried to gun the motor to determine if it had power or not. Last Saturday I was out and about and the traction control light came on and stayed on. I had not touched the off switch. Made it to a gas station for gas and started machine up again. Traction light still on plus check engine light and AT. Drove to a nearby parking lot and called Mazda hotline. While sitting idling and pressing accelerator the tach would not go over 2,000 RPM. Anyhow, tow truck comes in very good time and we take unit to dealership. They had courtesy car waiting which was very nice. Phoned dealership on Monday and they said it was a solenoid problem in the transmission. No part available in Canada because you have to purchase the whole assembly. Be about a week says dealership. Do have courtesy car so that is also nice. But, a new car down with something like this. Hardly acceptable at all.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    No i know you weren't suggesting that i was just stating i didn't think that was it. Its really just a mystery to everyone.. its a nightmare. Last i was told it could be a sensor. But.. they apparently didn't find one in need of fixing. Im not sure.
  • Update: Jan 22, 2013. Touched bases with dealership today. Apparently solenoid is located outside of the transmission so this would not be a transmission problem per se. Service rep says once part is received it is only about an hours job to complete installation of solenoid assembly. A defective part so hopefully newer assemblies have been updated. I recall my experiences with a brand new 1993 Nissan Hustler 6 speed manual transmission. When descending a steep hill the gears would pop out and go into neutral. Dealership did not believe me at first, but I finally convinced them of the defect. They took the transmission apart and fixed the problem. Never had another tranny issue after that. Also, the water pump went early in that vehicle, but once replaced never had another issue with that. Trouble free driving up to to 340,000 km. Great work vehicle. What I am saying is that new vehicles can have issues and still remain good investments. Let us hope that this is the case here with this Mazda.
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    I have been thinking about it, and I really think it has to be something with the throttle, either the throttle position sensor is lazy and not reporting the position of the pedal properly, the pedal itself ( or should I say the electronic portion of it) could be slow to respond sometimes, could be a problem with whatever controls how the engine is responding to throttle inputs, or some weird thing in the programming for emissions reasons. No I haven't helped isolate anything have I? I wonder if the are reports of this happening I other markets with the skyactive engine or just North America? If not I really do wonder if it is some bug in the programming for North American emission controls, if so maybe they could try a European file in the car temporarily to see if it changes anything ( probably not for a variety of reason, but just putting ideas out there). In any case I hope that they can either figure this out for the people havering this issue, or come up with a way to make you happy without hurting you financially. Good luck
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    I do appreciate all the thought you put into it, it does make me think. And i will try to speak with Mazda and the dealer about all of this to see what they think. Its just crazy that you think of it and maybe they're not! I hope we all get our issues figured out. Cause i love the car other than this problem and i never had ANY problems with my 04' 3. I loved it.
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    Well I hope I helped a little bit, but not that sure I did. I haven't been following Mazda fan boards have there been a lot of complaints about this, or just a few? Is you dealer willing to let you use a demo 3 skyactive with a manual for say a weekend to see if it does the same thing? I am just wondering because if it did the same thing it is possible it is what Mazda considers "normal behavior" and then you would have to decide if it is something you could get used to or not, if not I could see you having to take the financial hit and get rid of it and not buying another Mazda, which would be a shame considering like you said you like the car otherwise, and have had good experiences with Mazda in the past. Our Mazdas have given good service as well, but they are not the skyactive models so don't really mean anything with this particular issue, again hope toucan get it sorted out.
  • allyseallyse Posts: 15
    They already had me do that and it drove nothing like mine, it was quiet, smooth driving and shifting. They did offer me that option again and i declined because i KNOW that it will drive better, so what i might have them do is compare the two once again to make sure that the things that are happening now are 'normal' yeah. It has got to be that the skyactiv is new still and they're working out the kinks. Which is unfortunate for those who own the first year but at the same time, its normal for things to have to be worked at i guess. Im going to just breathe easy for now knowing that its under warranty should anything terrible come of this.
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