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Hyundai Dealers Closing



  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 245
    I agree with you 1000%. Hyundai’s problem is not with there cars, I think we can all agree that they now make great competitive cars; it’s with their dealer network. Here I live in the nation’s second largest city and the closest Hyundai dealer is 30 minutes away when there’s no traffic. Within that same 30 minutes I have my choice of four Toyota and three Honda dealers.
  • retail102retail102 Posts: 10
    Try it this way.
    Saturday, Sunday Hyundai.
  • ll0923ll0923 Posts: 3
    i just bought a hyundai. the salesmen were such conartists in NJ. They are horrible and don't explain everything to you. The prices they give you aren't the bottom line. They forget to include fees and taxes in the prices they are giving you. Walk away now, or consider yourself lucky for not having to deal with these disgusting people at Brad Benson dealerships. Sadly, it was only until after I was fooled that their Hyundai dealership is the worst of them all!
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    Aren't you the same guy complaining about the high price of having your Hyundai serviced at the dealership?

    Maybe you can try Jiffy Lube to honor your Hyundai Warranty....or better yet, maybe you can buy your next car there!
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