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Isuzu Trooper



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Its the same on the '01 as the '96.

  • I recently replaced my OEM shocks with Edelbrocks at 94k miles.

    I thought about doing it myself but Manny Moe and Jack offered to do it for $12 each. So
    $48 later my knuckles were good as new and my shocks installed.

    I did hang around and watch and it looked like a [non-permissible content removed]. But I am not real confident that the
    kid mechanic doing it had much experience in shock replacement....

    Don't really like letting guys like that touch my car but the price was right and so far
    everything looks good.

    As I said before the Edelbrocks are good so far, but were $$ at $69 each.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    Lots of talk about suspension lately. I've got a question for 96' and 97' model Trooper owners. When you put your vehicle in Power Drive, does it stay in after you turn the vehicle off? Does it revert back to Normal Drive? My 01' model stays in Power Drive, my 88' model stays in Power Drive, but my 97' does not if the power is off. What say ye?? Happy Trooping!!
  • Hi guys, I'm in the market for an utility vehicle. I'm trying to decide between the 4-Runner and the TrooperLS. I'm for the Trooper except for, I'm worried about the longevity of the TOD system and the effectiveness compared to the part-time systems (4HI-4LO.) Are the Electro-Magnetic-Clutches and the rest of the TOD system covered under the power train or Bumper to Bumper warranty. Any help is appreciated.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My '97 Rodeo had a power switch and it would revert every time I turned off the ignition. My '00 Trooper stays in power after turning off the ignition.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I wouldn't worry about the longevity of it. It *is* however covered under the powertrain warranty IIRC. Borg and Warner made it and they are well known for tough durable products. As for effectiveness, it's going to be 1000s of times more useful. 1) cause you probably don't off road on a daily basis, or even weekely, so the TOD will help with on-road stability 2) There is still 4wd Lo that is the traditional 50/50 split with low range gears. IMHO it's the best of both worlds. 4wd Lo for extra torque, TOD which will get you through mud, snow, and a multitude of other on and off-road situations with ease. I find the TOD to be better than 4wd Lo in most off-road situations.

  • Thanks Paisan for the quick response. If I do go with the Trooper (which seems more likely now with the peace of mine of the 10/120 warranty) I would be putting the Calmini 3" lift and would change to 15" rims with possible 32"-33" tires. How would that affect the TOD and would it cause any problems with my warranty on the TOD? I already know that a suspension lift will void my suspension warranty.
    Thanks again,
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well, they are very subjective. It's not a cut and dry type thing. Depending on your dealer changing tires, rims and a lift *can* void different parts of the warranty. Basically if a dealer can prove that your change contributed to the failure, then they can refuse to cover the warranty for that item. You might not even need a lift to put 32" tires on a trooper. Also I'd go with the OME rear springs for a 2" lift rather than Calmini (I'm not a big fan of anything Calmini, mostly due to their customer service)

  • Why would 15 inch rims be better than 16 inch rims? It seems to me that smaller rims would allow more slop in the suspension due to the tires sidewalls being taller. More slop = less control. How is less control good for a Trooper? Or what would 15 inch tires give the Trooper that would be worth puting up with the extra slop in suspension?
    Thank You
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Boxtrooper, when off roading you want to have more side-wall, that allows you to air down and have a bigger grip patch. He already said he'd be lifting it 3" so this means he's planning on taking it off-road often. Most off-roaders I know use 15" steel wheels and big 33 or 34" tires.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    not to get into one of those truck debates, but each vehicle has its merits. If you are deciding between the 2 it really depends what your applications are? The 4-runner is great off-road, and a lot like a pickup, very good, low HP but a lot of torque, and doesn't have the rollover stigma, but has a tiny back seat (being built on a pickup truck frame). I think the 4-runner appeals to more of the younger demographic, and I dare say more "sporty". The Trooper on the other hand is great off-road too, has more HP and Torque, and I believe more competent tow vehicle. The Trooper is also a more useful people mover, the back seat is huge, and very comfortable.

    So it is really what you are looking for, I don't either is a bad vehicle. I can't say Toyota dealers are better, because all vehicles have bad dealers, but there are definitely MORE Toyota dealers out there.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    there is probably more aftermarket stuff for the yoda v. trooper. But stock to stock, the Trooper is probably slightly more competant off-road and it's much more comfy. I found the 4-runner to have a very small cabin and the windshield was too close to my face.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hey guys I hear ECB has extended the order date to Nov 10 for the nudge bars. check em out at I have the regular nudge but wish I had gotten the series 2 one.


  • I wrote an earlier post regarding the Helm manual for the Trooper. I received two defective manuals from Helm(problem with the printing). Isuzu folks just called me and here is report; There is a problem and they are checking with the printer for an answer. Dont know when it will be resolved. When they find out what went wrong, they will send a new replacement . My best advice is to wait a while longer before ordering one. Will jump back here as soon as I find out anything new. Have Fun!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110

    Will jump back here as soon as I find out anything new. Have Fun!

    Thanks! We'll look for you.

  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    lots of folks see this page and are familiar with Trooper accessories. Anyone got a factory CD player that will work with a 2001 Trooper radio/head unit, to sell at a reasonable price?

    Other news. My engine tapping continues to quiet down with time and use. That Mobil 1 0W-30 seems to slowly be doing the trick. I thought there would be quicker results than this, several hundred miles now. The varnish levels must have been really bad. Anyone else out there tried this method to cure the problem? Any feedback? I still have the option of taking it back to the dealer service dept. before 60000 miles and see if they honor the warranty or not. I'm starting to waffle on that idea a bit. I'm not sure I want them to open the engine up, if they won't guarantee they can cure any remaining tapping noise. Happy Trooping !!!
  • I just traded a couple of emails with Brian at He said they finished their design work on a folding third row for the Trooper and should produce the first one in a couple of weeks. The seat fold flat and then the whole thing flips forward (forward facing). It has shoulder harnesses, but unfortunately no head restraints. They have other models with head restraints, but they don't fold forward. Price - $795 (includes lap belt for a 3rd person). They claim that an person up to 5 ft 9inches can sit back there.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I wonder why no head rests. They could easily build in removable ones. That's cool to know though, especially cause it's folding.

  • I made the same comparison before I bought a 2000S Trooper. I owned a 4 Runner at the time and initially thought I'd just get a new one. That was until I drove both the Trooper and the 4 Runner on the same day and began to compare them feature by feature. It wasn't even close for me. For the same money I would rather have the Trooper - and the Trooper I bought was more than $7000.00 less than a comparably equipped 4 Runner ($24K vs 31K).

    The Trooper has much more usable interior room, a better ride, more power / torque, more towing capability, an awesome TOD system, great standard equipment on the base model, etc., etc. There are some killer deals out there right now on year end closeouts. I'm tempted to buy another one!
  • I've lurked here for a while, and took the plunge yesterday. I purchased a 1998 Trooper with 25K in perfect condition (no dings, no scrapes, looks new in and out) with everything but leather, for $16,700. Did I do okay? You can be honest with me.

    It was love at first drive. The dealer is acting like I stole it from him, but they always do. I think I did okay, but I'd like some other feedback.
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